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Professional resume template
(5 to 15 years of experience)

You are a professional with a couple of years of experience and need to showcase your work experience effectively.

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Resume template structure

The key to this resume template is to present your experience in the most effective manner possible. You need to go straight to the point and facilitate the reading of your last experiences for recruiters (why the last experiences ? To reassure the recruiter !)

We have built this resume template according to the following principles

Resume template divided into two columns with photo, keywords and presentation in the left column and experience and training sections in the right column.

How to complete this template

The right column presents experiences, training courses and (potentially) skills. Right at the top, add your most recent experiences (DoYouBuzz automatically reorders them for you by default).

Then, you will include your most pertinent training courses (continuing education and maybe your highest degree for formal education). And you can complete this information with skills which set you apart from other candidates.

In the left column: Four things to focus on :

  • Resume title : Indicate the title matching precisely the position you are applying for. Then you can add your "Key Assets", such as your experience (example : HR manager — 12 years of experience)

  • Your photo : This is not an obligation, but we recommend to add a good quality one (no wedding picture, but a photo with a neutral background, zooming on your face, and smile please !). A nice photo can give a great first impression — it might not make a difference, but you will stand out from the other candidates !

  • Your keywords : What are the 3 or 4 most important things a recruiter should know about you ? They will be all over your resume, but use the keywords area to emphasize these points. 

  • Your contact information : Email and phone number are essential. Sometimes, it might even be important to add your city of residence

  • Your presentation text : This section can be left out but may help support your application. If you wish to write a sincere text explaining the real reason of wanting this job and/or joining this company, you will have all the space to express yourself here.

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Graphic variations

With DoYouBuzz, change the graphic variation of your resume template in just one click.
Here are some of the possible variations :

How to use this resume template ?

To use this resume template, simply create your DoYouBuzz account and choose this template !

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