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The DoYouBuzz team

DoYouBuzz is a company founded in 2007 that now has 7 employees.
We are developers, designers, salespeople and writers and our mission is to help our users create their resume in a way that is as smooth and enjoyable as possible ! Our ambition is not to change the world or transform people's lives, but simply to offer them reliable, intelligent and powerful applications that will support them when needed.
We develop two products: DoYouBuzz, an app to help job seekers create their resumes and Showcase, an app to help consultancy companies and computer services companies manage their consultants' resumes.

Julien Maleinge
Christelle Malidan
Eric Cambray
Jérémie Pottier
Aude Bouillot
François Kielbasa

Corporate Philosophy

Just like creating resumes, we believe that work should be simple and enjoyable. Working together should create beautiful things, without any hassle or power plays and should be enjoyable. That's what we're trying to do on a daily basis.

A company controlled by its employees

Employees hold almost 40% of the company's capital. This is because we want it to be put to the service of its users rather than guided by financial criteria.
Based on the principle that the one who does is the one who knows, our decisions are made close to each person's expertise and always collectively.

Teleworking and flexible schedules

To make work smooth and efficient, we believe teleworking and timetable flexibility are both paramount. Everyone can therefore, if they wish, move to the other side of the world without any problem !

To learn more, you can read our article on teleworking.


When everyone's mission is clear, it is not necessary to hold many meetings. We have a weekly meeting (1/2 hour) and a monthly meeting (1.5 hrs). The rest is devoted to doing “real work” (some discussions during the project are obviously necessary, we won't pretend otherwise !)

Want to get to know us better?

To learn more about our corporate philosophy, see section "Changing jobs" on our blog or read this interview from WE Demain on "The End of Command & Control".

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