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Resume template for career changes

You are starting to build your new career and you need to deliver your resume. Despite being a beginner in this area, how can you convince that you already have experience and the job is a perfect match for you ? This resume template may help you.

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Resume template structure

For this resume template, we bring out the big guns ! Your professional experience will be in the spotlight (an essential part proving to the recruiter that you are the best candidate for the job), but we will also focus on three other sections : Presentation text, training and skills (optional).

We have built this resume template according to the following principles

Resume template divided into 2 columns with photo, keywords and presentation in the left column and the desired job title, training courses, skills and experiences in the right column.

How to complete this template

As it is the case with each resume template, some sections are essential : A passport photo (recommended to make great first impression, but it's not an obligation if you are ill at ease !) ; the desired job title ; keywords (3 or 4 major points to be remembered by recruiters), and your contact details of course (email and phone number should be enough).

. One of the main sections of this resume template is your presentation text. How to present your career path, and your desire for a career change in an encouraging way to the company you are applying for ?Here, just tell a coherent story. This resume template allows you to write a couple of paragraphs about that story.

The next section, maybe the most important one (this is why that it's placed in the center of this resume template), is about your professional experience. And the single most important question  here is : How to present my career path? 

How to explain my professional experiences with this resume template ?

This is our advice (unfortunately, these are only common recommendations which applies to a very large majority of cases, your situation may be slightly different and could need a couple of specific adjustments).

Of course, as for each resume template, you will include your (potential) experiences and internships right at the top which are a perfect match for the position requirements.

. This first part might do, but most of the time you don't have enough experience to highlight. If that's the case, we recommend that you work on analyzing your career path and see which experiences are related to the job (you can watch this video tutorial which offers a methodology for this particular situation).

Finally, if you have experiences that just don't match, you can either leave them out or cut them down in one single experience. Example :

Example of experience presentations

Other sections : Training and Skills

In the column on the right you will show your training courses and skills. For your training, we generally recommend adding your last training course (the one that shows you meet the job requirements) as well as another general training course that you have completed in the past (if it does not match at all, you can just skip it, it's up to you).

Finally, you can add your skills, on this resume template as for all other resumes, we will try to demonstrate your skills in the experience core rather than listing them. However, if you feel the recruiter may have doubts about your mastered skills, take back control by clearly indicating all elements you do master   — If possible, by providing any kind of proof of such expertise, such as a training certificate or a result from an evaluation method for this skill.

How to use this resume template ?

To use this resume template, simply create your DoYouBuzz account and choose this template !

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