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Lubin Kerhuel (English Version)

Lubin Kerhuel (English Version)

Signal Processing - Embedded system - Matlab Expert

39 years old
Driving License
Bayonne (64100) France
Employed Just looking around
    - Responsible for Rapid prototyping tools interfacing Microchip dsPIC with Matlab/Somulink environment.
    - MATLAB-Simulink modelisation and optimisation of data fusion algorithm (complementary filter, Extended Kalman Filtering...) combining rate gyro information with acceleration and magnetometers measurements
    - Real-Time implementation of algorithms on STM32 target (CORTEX-M3, ARM) using the Mathworks Real Time Workshop Embedded Coder. Adaptation of the mathworks toolchain for working with STM32 target
    - Studies of new signal processing algorithms for sport article (involving Mathematical analysis of data, SVD, vibration analysis ...)
    - Prorotype the first racket "Play & Connect" (Babolat) (Detecting forehand, backhand, service, racket speed at impact, Ball position on the racket surface etc...)
    - Studies for Podometers.
    - Review and Test adapted sensors
    - Electronic design and build electronics prototype boards (with EAGLE) endowing microcontroller, sensor, radio link for real time prototyping and evaluation of algorithms.
  • SCIENTIST LEAD (From March 2011)
    - Help R&D team on incoming scientifics questions.
  • Doctorate degree in CONTROL ENGINEERING and MICROELECTRONICS from the University of Montpellier II.
    Ph.D research on visual and micro-aerial vehicle adapted control laws within the Biorobotics Laboratory, Institute of Movement Science, National Center for Scientific Research, at the University of Aix-Marseille.
    realisation of a 100g aerial robot endowed with a visuo-inertial guiding system.
    - Electronic design (microcontrollers, sensors, numerical buses,... )
    - Signal processing & automatic : Identification of robot's dynamics ; control loop; visual sensor & guidance systems; fixed point...
    - Optical Position Sensing Device (PSD) with an hyperacuity : the sub-pixel resolution multiplied by 900. A two pixels device can locate a contrasting edge with a resolution 900-fold greater than the static resolution of the two pixels. Ref : EP09/306237.0 - BET-09P1075;
    - Optic Flow (OF) sensor for visual guidance of autonomous robots in unknown environment without need for GPS or active sensor. Ref : EP09/306239.6 - BET-09P0958.
    Embedding simulation models onboard microcontrollers (dsPIC) using the mathworks Real Time Workhsop Embedded Coder and a custom made blockset for dsPIC.
    list available on
Detailed Description
  • Design of a complete Visuo-Inertial reflex that locks the robot's gaze toward a visual target making the robot capable to accuratly follows the moving target despite strong perturbations (wind, slap) applied on its body
  • Embedded software completly realised thanks to rapid prototyping tools coupled with the blocksed I realised. This blockset allows programming Microhcip microcontroleur from a simulink model with a one click button procedure
  • Training course (2008) : Creation of small buisness
  • Training course (2008) : English Scientific and Professional Communication
  • Training course (2007) : Numerical control of electromagnetic systems
Company Description
National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) - Biorobotics team, Marseille
Company website
  • PSA (Paris)
    Realisation of test bench for reliability testing of embedded car calculators for car through LIN and CAN buses. (Testand, Labview, CVI)
  • ROCKWELL & COLLINS (Toulouse)
    Programming on DSP Texas Instrument TMS6711 a VDL mode 4 receiver
    Design and realisation of an electronic board (sensor, signal processing, data transmission) and its related HCI for measuring human head's 3D acceleration.
    Linear Analysis (PCA, LDA) to extract relevant information from large measurement database. Script to generate automatic report throught matlab and LaTeX.
    Design and realization of a miniature vestibular implant for small mammal.
  • Data fusion algorithm for intelligent mixing of camera and sonar's data embedded onboard a Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)