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Lubin Kerhuel (English Version)

Lubin Kerhuel (English Version)

Signal Processing - Embedded system - Matlab Expert

39 years old
Driving License
Bayonne (64100) France
Employed Just looking around
  • Doctorate degree in CONTROL ENGINEERING and MICROELECTRONICS from the University of Montpellier II.
    Ph.D research on visual and micro-aerial vehicle adapted control laws within the Biorobotics Laboratory, Institute of Movement Science, National Center for Scientific Research, at the University of Aix-Marseille.
    realisation of a 100g aerial robot endowed with a visuo-inertial guiding system.
    - Electronic design (microcontrollers, sensors, numerical buses,... )
    - Signal processing & automatic : Identification of robot's dynamics ; control loop; visual sensor & guidance systems; fixed point...
    - Optical Position Sensing Device (PSD) with an hyperacuity : the sub-pixel resolution multiplied by 900. A two pixels device can locate a contrasting edge with a resolution 900-fold greater than the static resolution of the two pixels. Ref : EP09/306237.0 - BET-09P1075;
    - Optic Flow (OF) sensor for visual guidance of autonomous robots in unknown environment without need for GPS or active sensor. Ref : EP09/306239.6 - BET-09P0958.
    Embedding simulation models onboard microcontrollers (dsPIC) using the mathworks Real Time Workhsop Embedded Coder and a custom made blockset for dsPIC.
    list available on
Detailed Description
  • Design of a complete Visuo-Inertial reflex that locks the robot's gaze toward a visual target making the robot capable to accuratly follows the moving target despite strong perturbations (wind, slap) applied on its body
  • Embedded software completly realised thanks to rapid prototyping tools coupled with the blocksed I realised. This blockset allows programming Microhcip microcontroleur from a simulink model with a one click button procedure
  • Training course (2008) : Creation of small buisness
  • Training course (2008) : English Scientific and Professional Communication
  • Training course (2007) : Numerical control of electromagnetic systems
Company Description
National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) - Biorobotics team, Marseille
Company website