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Geology, Planetary and Astrobiology Scientist

33 years old
CERGY (95800) France
Professional Status
About Me
Fascinated by Astronomy, I am at present in doctorate in LISA (Paris) where I work on the capacity of the ChemCam instrument aboard the Curiosity rover to detect the organic matter in mineral samples (phyllosilicates) and on the photostability of the organic matter contained in mineral matrix, in irradiation, temperature (55°C) and pressure (6mbar) conditions of the Martian surface with the MOMIE experiment (Martian Organic Molecules Irradiation and Evolution).

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  • Topic : Exploration of Mars by the Curiosity rover. Data processing and interpretation in term of content in organic matter.
  • SAM (Sample Analysis at Mars) and ChemCam (Chemistry and Camera) team collaborator
  • Use of the MOMIE (Martian Organic Molecules Irradiation & Evolution) experiment to work about the photostability of organic molecules and/or clay minerals in martian environment.
  • Use of ChemCam testbed (IRAP - Toulouse) to see if the ChemCam intrument aboard Curiosity is able to detect organic molecules.
  • Synthesis of samples of astrobiological interest (organic and mineral interaction)
  • Topic : Simulation of Gaia type spectra from spectra obtained by in situ telescopes
  • Gaiatisation of the spectral library (visible) of asteroids
  • Writing of a technical report (Gaia DPAC) : Test of the unsupervised classification algorithm
  • Topic : Remote sensing on Mars : Compared Analysis of orbital and in situ spectro-imaging data acquired on the Curiosity rover route
  • Compare the various data of the instruments of Curiosity by the study of the diffetent types of spectra
  • Attempt to connect the in situ measures with those orbital (CRISM hyperspectral imager)
  • Topic : Hyperspectral mapping of the Curiosity landing site
  • Classification and merger of the CRISM and HiRISE data (given by the MRO spacecraft) on the landing site of MSL
  • Creation of a 3D display of the studied zone (mineralogy and morphology)
  • Participation in the elaboration of a GIS on the Gale crater (Mars)
  • Teach mathematics, chemistry, physic, geology, biology and human physiopathology (Middle and High School)
  • Prepare structured courses, exercises and evaluation tests
  • Writting of pupil individual follow-up notebooks and quarterly reports
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  • Teach mathematics (Middle School)
  • Transmit a knowledge and methods
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  • Creation of 3 news guided tour in the Earth Sciences gallery
  • "Face to face with rocks"
  • "Minerals & Crystallisation ..."
  • "Geology history of Armorican Massif"
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Scientific guide

Voyage Planétaire exhibition
October 2011
Student Project
Cité International des Congrès de Nantes
  • Guided tours about Planetary field to pupils and general public
  • Animate the Martian stand
  • Realization of an automated model of the next Martian rover (Curiosity)
  • Realization of 11 posters illustrating the parallel between the vision of Jules Verne and Camille Flammarion of the planetology to that current on the occasion of international congresses (DPS-EPSC)
  • Welcome
  • Supervision
  • Scientific informations
  • Technical service
  • Running the Library
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  • Mentor young people
  • Prepare trainings
  • Transmit a knowledge and technics
  • Do a personalized follow-up of pupils
  • Perform better the teams
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  • Contact the president of the association
  • Creation of an exhibition about famne in the World
  • Organisation of a Run-for-Food race
  • Manage fundraising
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