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Geology, Planetary and Astrobiology Scientist

33 years old
CERGY (95800) France
Professional Status
About Me
Fascinated by Astronomy, I am at present in doctorate in LISA (Paris) where I work on the capacity of the ChemCam instrument aboard the Curiosity rover to detect the organic matter in mineral samples (phyllosilicates) and on the photostability of the organic matter contained in mineral matrix, in irradiation, temperature (55°C) and pressure (6mbar) conditions of the Martian surface with the MOMIE experiment (Martian Organic Molecules Irradiation and Evolution).

Good reading...
  • Topic : Hyperspectral mapping of the Curiosity landing site
  • Classification and merger of the CRISM and HiRISE data (given by the MRO spacecraft) on the landing site of MSL
  • Creation of a 3D display of the studied zone (mineralogy and morphology)
  • Participation in the elaboration of a GIS on the Gale crater (Mars)