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Ludovic Wagner

Engineer in Structural Mechanics

Mobile Hydraulics
Numerical Simulation
Mechanical Design
Ludovic Wagner
31 years old
Driving License
Blagnac (31700) France
Professional Status
About Me
Graduate of a Master of Sciences, Iā€™m an engineer specialised in Structural Mechanics such as the ones found in aeronautics.

I've gained a overall understanding of the industry and applied research. I studied material shaping processes and stepped in mechanical design. I also developed transverse skills when I sold electrohydraulic systems for British and Irish customers during my previous position.

Engineer in Structural Mechanics

ISAE-ENSMA (Postgraduate school in Mechanics and Aeronautics), Poitiers (France)

September 2008 to September 2011
ISAE-ENSMA is an engineering school focused on mechanics and aerotechnics (fluid mechanics, heat transfers, energetics and propulsion), as well as embedded systems in the field of transportation and more specifically aeronautics. The school provides a degree equivalent to a Master of Sciences.

I specialised in structural mechanics during the third year:
āœ” Experimental stress analysis, compound durability, damage, fatigue, finite strains, aeronautical structures.
āœ” Finite element modelisation, plasticity and viscoplasticity, material mechanical properties, rupture, compound materials.
Details and Extracurriculars