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Ludovic Wagner

Engineer in Structural Mechanics

Mobile Hydraulics
Numerical Simulation
Mechanical Design
Ludovic Wagner
31 years old
Driving License
Blagnac (31700) France
Professional Status
About Me
Graduate of a Master of Sciences, I’m an engineer specialised in Structural Mechanics such as the ones found in aeronautics.

I've gained a overall understanding of the industry and applied research. I studied material shaping processes and stepped in mechanical design. I also developed transverse skills when I sold electrohydraulic systems for British and Irish customers during my previous position.
  • Conducted mechanical fatigue analyses on the A380 nose, centre fuselage and wing box sections (fail-safe, safe-life and widespread fatigue damage).
  • Computed equivalent mechanical stresses for different flight missions.
  • Modelled crack initiation and propagation on mechanical joints.
  • Analysed experimental results based on full-scale fatigue test.
  • Updated maintenance tasks in respect to airline feedbacks.
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  • Developed B2B sales in mobile hydraulics in the UK and Eire.
  • Retailed components (motors, valves, fittings, workshop equipment, etc.) and looked for spare part replacements.
  • Designed electrohydraulic systems along with design department (power packs, control boxes, proportional spool valves, hydrostatic transmissions, multiple gear pumps, auxiliary lines, power take-offs, etc.)
  • Determined component requirements (mechanical driven-power, flow rate, pressure losses, hydraulic accumulator relaxations, cylinder buckling).
  • Took part in agricultural shows (SIMA, LAMMA and Midlands Machinery).
  • Followed up repairs (piston pumps), order shipments and provided after-sale services.
Detailed Description
  • Sold hydraulic components (pumps, actuators, steering units, spool valves, accumulators, filters, heat exchangers).
  • Dealt with hydraulic manufacturers (Bosch Rexroth, Danfoss, Eaton, Parker, Poclain, etc.)
  • Designed electrohydraulic kits (hydrostatic transmission, load sensing, power beyond, etc.)
  • Studied physical phenomena (back pressure, pump cavitation).
Company Description
Hydrokit UK are an England-based subsidiary of Hydrokit which have exclusively dealt with all enquiries from both UK and Eire since 2005.

Hydrokit UK are composed of two people.
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  • 3-month training at the headquarters prior to expatriation to the subsidiary based in the UK.
Company Description
Hydrokit are specialised in the supply and design of electrohydraulic systems for mobile equipment. Hydrokit belongs to the Vensys Post-Equipment group which also include:
■ Hydrokit UK (UK subsidiary based in Woodbridge).
■ Rau Serta (German subsidiary based in Stuttgart).
■ Sofydra (dealt suppliers based in Eastern Europe).
and for specific requirements:
■ Soerma TP (implements for construction machinery: earth-moving, demolition, long reach, material handling, etc.)
■ ASE based in Agen (forestry machinery).
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  • Wrote technical instructions for customer deliveries and manufacturing of agricultural machinery and subsequent upgrades.
  • Projected CAD views of complete machinery and exploded views of sub-assemblies on CREO Parametric.
  • Annotated assembly steps (bolt tightening, slinging, greasing, etc.) on Illustrator.
  • Updated BOMs on Windchill PDMLink (spare parts catalogue).
Detailed Description
  • Dealt with tedders, windrowers, mowers, rotary harrows, seed drills and mulches.
  • Respected specific layouts for industrial partners (John Deere and Maschio Gaspardo).
Company Description
Within 5,000 employees and 10 factories worldwide, Kuhn Group design and manufacture agricultural machinery for soil working, hay harvesting, seeding and spraying.
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  • Simulated tyre axisymetric inflation.
  • Validated Python scripts to post-process local landmark element on Abaqus/Explicit.
  • Simulated compression of orthotropic rubber samples reinforced with metal rods on Abaqus/Standard.
Detailed Description
  • Provided expertise in numerical simulation using Abaqus.
Company Description
MFP Michelin are a worldwide leader in tyre manufacturing. The project took place on their Research and Development centre based near their test tracks where experiments are conducted.

MFP Michelin develop their own numerical solving algorithm to simulate complex tyre mechanisms. They also perform specific simulations thanks to the explicit solver integrated to Abaqus for:
■ Dynamic solicitations.
■ Finite strain deformations (hyper-elastic behaviour of the rubber).
■ Advanced contact modelling.
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  • Identified chemical, thermal and rheological constitutive models with global non-linear optimisation on Scilab.
  • Simulated preheating and filling of highly-reinforced thermosetting materials with mid-long discontinuous fibres (reshaping of epoxide resin / carbon fibre prepreg remnants with metallic inserts) on Moldflow Insight.
  • Simulated moulding process (curing, injection, cooling and mechanical behaviour).
  • Conducted statistical analysis and extrapolated manufacturing parameters.
  • Highlighted process enhancements on aeronautical parts (secondary structures).
Detailed Description
  • Studied non-linear global optimisation methods.
  • Formulated constitutive models.
Company Description
The project was carried out in partnership with Equip'Aero at the Clément Ader Institute based at the Mines d'Abli-Carmaux high-school. Researches in plastic and metallurgical shaping processes are conducted at their lab.

The process consisted in moulding 3D thick parts with uncured prepreg remnants (woven fibres bond with thermosetting material) and mechanical parts. The study was supervised by a PhD student in charge of the moulding of mechanical tensile specimens.

I analysed his results to model the material behaviour and simulate the whole process. The simulations helped him design cavities to mould industrial parts and conduct more advanced characterisations.
  • Studied constitutive models of titanium alloys for hot forming applications (process temperature from 600 to 800°C) in partnership with AIRBUS.
  • Optimised elasto-viscoplastic parameter with thermal depedency on Scilab.
  • Modelled surface contacts and structural non-linearities.
  • Analysed residual stresses, thickness variations and elastic springbacks.
  • Simulated forming of industrial parts on Abaqus/Explicit.
Company Description
Aurock manufacture forming dies made of refractory concrete and reinforced with metallic fibres, characterise materials and conduct multi-physical analyses with numerical simulations.
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  • Motorised horizontal movement of integrated deck oven lifter on PRO/Engineer Wildfire.
  • Supervised fabrication and experimentation of a prototype.
Company Description
Bongard design and manufacture bakery ovens and appliances.
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  • Supervised maintenance traceability of the bogie drive axles.
  • Replaced defective parts (needle bearings, seals, bolts, etc.)
  • Performed ultrasound non-destructive experiments on sumps.
Company Description
The SNCF maintenance site is specialised in:
■ Interior design coach innovation.
■ Annual operating maintenance of the motives (replacement of wear parts, etc.)

Moreover, additional maintenance works are carried out every year (approximately a million of km service):
■ Passenger trains are renovated.
■ Locomotives are completely disassembled and refurbished on.
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