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Juan Manuel Gómez Ramos

Agile Coach - Trainer - Facilitator

Juan Manuel Gómez Ramos
42 years old
Madrid (28250)
Professional Status
About Me
As an Agile Coach I assist people, teams and organizations reaching more efficient models based on Agile methodologies
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Kanban Systems Improvement

Kanban University

May 2021 to June 2021
Understand the basics, motivation, and benefits of evolutionary change. Scale out your system in multiple directions – upstream, downstream, connected to other systems. Kanban cadences to manage and scale your system across your organization. Sources of delays, variability, and what you can do to effectively manage them. Identify bottlenecks in a workflow and take actions to improve flow and reduce time to deliver or time to discover. Key metrics such as Lead Time, Run Charts, and Cumulative Flow Diagrams to guide your continuous improvement using evolutionary change.