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About Me

As an Agile Coach I assist people, teams and organizations reaching more efficient models based on Agile methodologies


CEO & Agile Consultant

Enciende la Luz
Since September 2017
Responsibilities completed
  • Main strategist in the Agile culture adoption at our clients. Some of them are: Toyota Spain, Payvision, Tinsa, Grupo DIA, NITT, Agencia Reinicia, Seres, Niuco, Colba Technologies.
Company Description

Enciende la Luz is a company focused in making emerge the potential hidden in people and companies. We design evolution processes that mean a rich, pleasurable and tempting experience for our customers.

Company website


Agile Coach, Agile Strategist and Facilitator

May 2015 to June 2017
Responsibilities completed
  • Elaboration of Agile implantation strategy at BBVA Transactional Services business unit (BBVA Corporate Banking).
  • Managers and software development teams assistance.
  • Facilitation of teams and business unit sessions.
  • Design of maturity tools for Agile software development at both team and roles levels.
  • Exclusive in-house trainings for product development using Agile including people from teams, managers and stakeholders (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FotqFRRULKU).
  • Agile Unit development at UST Global Spain with my team mates from UST Global Spain.
Detailed Description
  • I also collaborate with other companies like Amaris Consulting (punctual collaborations since May 2015) and Poun Studio (punctual collaborations since April 2014) in their Agile implementations and Agile units.

Agile Coach and Trainer

November 2014 to April 2015
Responsibilities completed
  • Normalize Agile practices between different projects at BBVA Internal Ventures business unit.
  • ScrumMasters empowerment as change agents at the unit.
  • Train people from teams and stakeholders on Agile tools for design products based on customers such as User Stories, User Personas and User Story Mapping.
  • Inclusion of Extreme Programming techniques into their Agile approach.
Detailed Description

Agile Coach and Trainer

August 2013 to October 2014
Responsibilities completed
  • ING Bank Spain Agile teams launching and assistance.
  • Scrum and Kanban trainings for teams and middle management.
  • Kanban system implementation for software maintenance teams.
  • User Stories, User Personas and User Story Mapping trainings for teams.

Agile Coach and Trainer

Odigeo eDreams
December 2012 to August 2013
Responsibilities completed
  • Assistance to the whole Madrid development center teams in their Scrum adoption.
  • Introduction and facilitation of new Agile tools like Agile Inceptions in order to collaborate during the product conception phase.
  • Design and facilitation of Agile trainings at the Barcelona and Madrid centers.


Odigeo eDreams
June 2012 to December 2012
Responsibilities completed
  • Assistance for teams in improving the way they were working, attending to the process (we looked for improvements together).
  • Assistance for teams in improving the way they were creating software, developing with extreme programming techniques like pair programming and TDD.
  • Assistance for team members in improving personally and professionally with activities aimed towards motivation and building up their self-confidence.

JEE Developer

Odigeo eDreams
April 2011 to May 2012
Responsibilities completed
  • Development and maintenance of the backoffice tool. It was developed using Spring 2.5, Hibernate 3 and Grails 1.1.
  • Adoption of Scrum framework and Extreme Programming techniques.

JEE Developer

September 2010 to March 2011
Responsibilities completed
  • Development of the new Gas Natural invoicing tool using Java and Power Builder

PHP Developer and web designer

Grupo ICM
January 2010 to August 2010
Responsibilities completed
  • Built ICM and CNOO sites upon some CMS like Joomla and Drupal.
  • Develop plugins for Joomla and Drupal
  • Built official sites for CNOO special events such as their annual congress.

JEE Developer

Oxxigeno Networks
March 2008 to June 2009
Responsibilities completed
  • Maintenance of the old NH-Hoteles e-Commerce site and the development of the new one
  • Redesign of the Venca site (product view and shopping cart).
  • Other minor projects for NH-Hoteles