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Juan Manuel Gómez Ramos

Agile Coach - Trainer - Facilitator

Juan Manuel Gómez Ramos
42 years old
Madrid (28250)
Professional Status
About Me
As an Agile Coach I assist people, teams and organizations reaching more efficient models based on Agile methodologies
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  • Facilitation & Organization
    During last years (2012-2015) I took part in the organisation and facilitation of several events in Spain. Here are some of them:
    • Big Agile Open Space (2015 & 2016): I co-oragnized and co-facilitated this open space for sharing experiences regarding Agile adoptions in big companies in Spain (bigagileos.org).
    • UX Open Space (2014): I co-oragnized and co-facilitated this open space for User eXperience professionals in Spain (http://uxopenspace.com/).
    • #JugemOS and Games2LearnMadrid (2013 and 2014): I co-oragnized and co- facilitated this couple of open spaces regarding new ways of learning using games (http://youtu.be/wRnTy9ZDHpw).
    • #ScrumForAll (2014): I co-oragnized and co-facilitated this open space for Scrum professionals in Madrid, creating the best conditions for them to share their knowledge and experience using Scrum and Agile methodologies.
    • Coaching Dojo (2013): like in the coding dojos developers improve their technical skills, we wanted to do the same but in the world of agile coaching. We celebrate this dojo in the Odigeo Madrid office.
    • Open Space QA + Agile #QAlidad (2013): With two more people we are organising this open space realted to quality assurance in software development.
    • CAS 2012 (2012): 2 days event that houses all kind of conferences and trainings related to Agile methodologies in Spain. Web: http://conferencia2012.agile-spain.org
    • Odigeo Open Space (2012): This was the first open space organised in the Odigeo Madrid office. It was open for people from outside of our company, and it was related to motivation, creativity and innovation inside companies.
    • Global Day of Code Retreat 2012-2014 (2012-2014): Programming event celebrated in all the world simultaneously. I organised the Madrid event and helped the assistants guiding them through the whole exercise. Web: http://madridcoderetreat.wordpress.com
  • As speaker
    I love participating in conferences as a speaker. I took part in some of the most important
    Spanish conferences regarding software development:
    • CAS 2012: “How to make better decisions”
    • UPC Barcelona (2013): “Introduction to Scrum for Computer Science students”.
    • CAS 2013: “Scrum in 10 minutes” http://youtu.be/r6C1Cl0UrKM.
    • Agile Madrid: “Introduction to Scrum” http://vimeo.com/95871880.
    • AOS 2014: “I make my own Scrum and other bad tales”, “How to write great user stories” and “Improving your retrospectives” http://aos2014.agile-spain.org/.
    • Codemotion Madrid 2014 (November 2014): “Scrum Bad Smells” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hs2FDjtKTRA and “Improving your retrospectives” http://www.slideshare.net/juanmagomezr/mejora-tus-retrospectivas-codemotion-2014.
    • Codemotion Madrid 2015 (November 2015): “Agile Maturity Model for Scrum Teams” https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/18J1g6IDTus2u36BT5eNb_nFQ6tDpC2NE5TsAwedN_hY/edit?usp=sharing.
    • Agile Spain Conferences Madrid 2015 (December 2015): “Visual Management Tips” http://www.slideshare.net/juanmagomezr/cas-2015-visual-management-para-facilitar-tu-trabajo
    • CAS 2017: "Scrum and SAFe in practice: roles landing in a bank daily basis" https://youtu.be/KCSsmx_z9HA and "Agile from the trenches: an Agile Coaches story" https://youtu.be/cMRa5iAW7Mk
  • Agile & Lean Practitioner
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Training
  • Facilitating
  • Technical aptitudes
  • Business aptitudes
  • Organizational change aptitudes
  • Java
  • TDD & BDD
  • Clean Code