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Wilfried Jeanniard


Wilfried Jeanniard
43 years old
Driving License
Lyon area France
Professional Status
About Me
I am the guardian of the technological evolutions of the companies by supervising the technical teams.
Resume created on DoYouBuzz

Deliverability Manager then Technical Manager

December 2013 to June 2015
  • Management of the Emailing team
  • Agile transformation management
  • Taking over the entire hosting of Numerik-Art
  • Redesign of the platform in microservices mode
  • Redesign of data storage, removal of mysql+drbd and implementation of a Master<->Master->Slave replication architecture
  • Server management with Chef.io
  • Centralized backup management using Bacula
  • Monitoring with Nagios + CheckMK
  • Mass emailing tool development (LAMP + AWS)
  • Email delivery uses the Amazon SES platform and automatically processes invalids and complaints
  • The tracking client is based on elasticsearch
  • Addition of a scenario engine to automate reminders (welcome process, upsells, autoresponder,...)