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Kristian Kampfer

Kristian Kampfer

Managing Director & Graduate Lawyer - Madiba Group

Bonn (53175) Germany
Consultant Available
Experienced in programme building, monitoring and evaluation, as a GIZ coordinator in South Sudan.

Skilled in capacity and institution building, as a senior research fellow and EU twinning expert in Morocco.

Involved in programme management, communication campaigns and in mediation between governmental and other institutions.

Fascilitating course on state reform, decentralisation and local governance, as a university teacher in governmental theory.
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  • Consulting on Administrative Reform, Decentralisation and Governance
  • Evaluation of international development programmes
  • Staff secondment in the field of State & Administration Reform
  • Support for Head of Unit
  • Workshop for approx. 200 mayors and Local Government Officers
  • University teaching position for Governmental Theory
Detailed Description
  • • Facilitating the course for graduate students
    “Setting up federally organized countries – from Decentralisation to Local Governance”
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  • Implementation and technical coordination of the Programme on Local Governance Reform in South Sudan
  • (“German Programme on Support of Administrative Reform and Decentralisation in South Sudan” of GIZ and KfW)
Detailed Description
  • • Was instrumental in drafting and implementation of the programme and planned 15 new project places in a participatory way (together with local authorities of South Sudan);

    • Supervised and briefed 20 national and international experts on administrative reform (e.g. in support of participatory planning and decision making processes on local level) and decentralisation;

    • Facilitated expert-trainings on monitoring and evaluation policies and strategies (OECD-DAC) / train the trainer;

    • Reported to headquarters on behalf of all experts.
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  • Coordination and strategic support to Research Institute ZEI
Detailed Description
  • • Coordinated a team of 10 professors in the framework of an international research project (“Designing Globalism”) and was instrumental in fund-raising;

    • Was instrumental in the drafting of the curriculum for the master programme “Comparative Regional Integration”.
  • University teaching position for Political Theory
Detailed Description
  • • Facilitated the course for graduate students

    “Policy and Philosophy of federalism” (federal systems of governance worldwide).
  • Supporting the Moroccan Government in the installation of a Competition Centre for Morocco
  • (“German Programme on Support of Administrative Reform and Decentralisation in South Sudan” of GIZ and KfW)
Detailed Description
  • • Drafted the feasibility study on the installation of a Competition Centre for Morocco (finances, management and areas of activity);

    • Gave advise to the Ministry of Economical Affairs and the University Mohammed V;

    • Presented results to Moroccan Competition Authorities as well as to steering and funding partners such as World Bank, OECD, EU;

    • Supported the development of the communication strategy “Benefits of economical competition in Morocco”; drafted publications on the benefits of economical competition for the wider public.
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  • Support to German Foreign Office during the EU Presidency 2007
Detailed Description
  • • Was instrumental in the multi-media campaign of German EU Presidency 2007 (as member of the Internet Editorial Office of the German Government);

    • Covered “on-site” more than 10 informal Council meetings of EU Ministers and Heads of States and Governments as well as multilateral conferences;

    • Drafted reports and more than 15 press releases on behalf of Foreign Office and other German Ministries;

    • Maintained the EU website and conducted final editing as Deputy Editor.
  • Preparation of the communication campaign for the German EU Presidency 2007
Detailed Description
  • • Developed and realised the project “How the European Union is changing the world” (see publications!), an exhibition presented in 70 countries and 23 languages;

    • Published the tender, selected and supervised the marketing agency during realisation phase (budgetary responsibility: 50.000 EUR);

    • Drafted all texts and discussed them in working group meetings.
  • Policy analysis for German ambassador, assisting in EU Council
Detailed Description
  • • Drafted position papers for the German Ambassador;

    • Monitored the process of legal and administrative reforms in the Balkan States;

    • Wrote telegraphic reports and summaries on EU Council working group meetings for German Foreign Office.