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Joseph Ashford

Joseph Ashford

Owner and Founder, K4 Global

Joseph Ashford
Joseph Ashford Ellis
Bournemouth United Kingdom
Employed Available
Joseph Ashford is an established entrepreneur and a global investor, having held interests in Europe, Asia and South America and is based in Bournemouth, United Kingdom. Over a 20 year period, Joseph has successfully identified and nurtured numerous businesses, with a particular focus on the UK service sector. Through these endeavours Joseph has amassed a considerable personal wealth and continues to invest across many asset types, including other businesses and properties.

Joseph has been instrumental in the initial seeding and ongoing development of a number of enterprises. Joseph worked in a range of industries during his early career, providing him extensive experience in marketing and business development at all organisational levels. His primary expertise is in implementing scalable solutions for small and medium sized businesses, allowing them to achieve consistent growth and realise their enterprise value.

Surrounding himself with highly talented and experienced professionals, Joseph continues to provide growth capital to new and existing UK ventures, whilst branching out into select international markets, to the ultimate benefit of all its stakeholders.

Maintaining client focus and business integrity is essential to Joseph’s commercial ethos and this philosophy ensures that Joseph’s Bournemouth businesses are always looking at how to go above and beyond for clients, which often means creating a bespoke strategy for them. Joseph encourages his Bournemouth-based team members to always do their best to exceed client expectations and ensure this client-focused mindset remains a priority at each level of his companies and is a skill he demonstrates himself on an ongoing basis. Joseph is also an avid philanthropist and he and his businesses support numerous charities.

With a wealth of expertise under his belt, Joseph Ashford is a multi-faceted entrepreneur where his primary wealth accumulation has been grown through various industries such as real estate investment, capital support for new and existing companies, investment in marketable securities, trading in luxury and rare motor vehicles and direct management of property development.
Stories by Joseph Ashford Ellis on Medium
Joseph Ashford Works Hard to Drive His Vision of Success
29 Mar 2022

Joseph Ashford always has a goal or vision he’s working towards consistently. The founder and Non-Executive Chairman of K4 Global is quite successful, and it comes from the hard work he put into building his business and leading people to better outcomes. He has the unique ability to identify people for their talent and nurture them to achieve their goals.

An Entrepreneur at His Best

There are many ways to describe who Joseph Ashford is. He’s a family man, his passion for everything else in his life. He’s a strong leader capable of making the most out of people while helping them to achieve their own goals. He’s also an investor with a keen ability to pinpoint exceptional opportunities that no one else sees. At his heart, he’s an entrepreneur always looking for the next opportunity.

Leading K4 Global to Success

At the core of Joseph Ashford’s success is his company K4 Global. He launched the company in 2014. It’s a multi-dimensional company based in Bournemouth, though it meets client needs throughout the world. Each of the services K4 Global offers reflect the personal expertise Ashford brings to the table. His extensive knowledge and passion have led the company to success in numerous ways. Whether it is public relations, VIP concierge service, global connectivity, crisis management, strategic marketing, or any of the other provided services, K4 Global continues to be at the top of its game.

The company’s backbone is the simple plan to bring the team’s expertise and passion to create custom investment opportunities in numerous industry spaces.

What Helps Set Joseph Ashford Apart from the Rest?

Defining the success K4 Global requires an understanding what makes Ashford unique from others in the investment industry. He has a reputation built over years as the person people can trust. This trust comes from a foundation of respect and loyalty that Ashford places on others and often returns to him.

He’s also the type of person that can spot differences. He has meticulous attention to detail, whether in a deal or a person’s talents. This attention to detail helps many individuals and businesses seek him out when they need support for event management, PR, or strategic marketing. He’s able to see things in a way that other people often do not. He’s used these skills to help shape his vision of K4 Global, making it quite unique in what it offers and how it offers those services.

These skills come from a long history of building success. He has a solid foundation in terms of his passions and interests. His background wasn’t easy, having come from a rocky start. Yet, he worked his way from the bottom up, learning and growing with each opportunity that came his way. It all stems from his determination and commitment to hard work.

Joseph Ashford’s successes have not gone unnoticed. He achieved the status of Bournemouth Marketing Guru and best small business analytics in Bournemouth because of his desire to do better than others in the field. That’s not to say it was an easy path. Through shrewdness and strength of will, he achieved the goals he’s mastered thus far.

Where People Go to Get Advice and Guidance

One of the foundations of Ashford’s success comes from his willingness to support the success of others as he works on his own. That’s one of the reasons so many people come to him for guidance and advice, along with his unique perspective and creative eye. His knowledge and experience help him to offer that insight that so many seek with confidence.

No two companies or problems are the same. Therefore, no two solutions can be the same. Ashford works from the premise of being able to cater to the specific needs of each person or company that comes to him. He takes the time, with his team, to get to know each situation and provide proper assessment before designing a solution for growth.

Often, this type of work requires a fresh idea, a new solution to an old problem, or a fresh take on what is not working. K4 Global prides itself in offering this opportunity, a way for companies to produce results from a new look, better funding, or a fresh perspective.

Explore What It Took to Become Joseph Ashford

From a humble beginning, Ashford worked to build K4 Global after years of meeting the needs of others and building his entrepreneurial skills. Today, he manages reputations, develops an awareness of perspectives as they change, and builds public relations gold for its clients. He’s also worked hard to develop a team of professionals he believes in, each of whom has extensive experience, tenacity, and dynamic capability to achieve the goals he sets.

Where does it all come from? Early in life, he lost a lot, including his mother, father, sister, and brother-in-law, in a short period of time. These adversities laid the foundation of what would come. He appreciates the time and the relationships he’s formed over the years. From that beginning, through the building of extensive experience through a range of financial investment solutions, he was able to create K4 Global.

The company’s unique structure lends itself to meeting the needs of each organization it works with, whether in the property sector, media, technology, or services. His process of building success focuses heavily on a changing model, where the strategies deployed to overcome challenges are updated and changed as they need to be to position the company for the best results possible.

Joseph Ashford has a great deal of talent and passion for helping organizations and individuals to achieve their best. It comes through in his professionals, each of whom has extensive marketing backgrounds and skills that align with the company’s goals. Those seeking a true representation of hard work, passion, and vision can easily find that in Ashford.

Originally published at on March 29, 2022.

Spotlight on Joseph Ashford of K4: A Look at Company Culture
29 Mar 2022

Joseph Ashford is the owner of K4 Global, located in Bournemouth, UK, a dynamic firm that’s managed to foster a unique atmosphere that is as efficient as it is profitable. Above all else, though, the firm’s employees are hopeful about the future and all its prospects. This successful business was born from a man who faced a rough start in life, but who would eventually identify the meaning of those struggles and turn it into something that would touch the lives of employees and employees and clients alike.

A Firm with Purpose

There’s no doubt that money drives people to give up their time and energy. For Ashford, though, he’s more interested in the larger purpose behind the work his employees are doing. When Ashford was young, he would lose his mother, father, sister, and brother-in-law in quick succession. It taught him the value of the so-called ‘simple’ pleasures of life. People can be driven by all kinds of motives, but he ultimately wants people at K4 to find value in what they do, much like he learned to find value after his loved ones were gone. It’s how he retains his best talent — even in the face of stiff competition.

K4 Global: Serving Businesses Across the Board

Property, technology, media, services: since its start in 2014, Ashford has managed to stretch his team’s expertise across a number of sectors. His faith lies in the disruptors of the market. When the status quo is shaken up, that’s the time when investment opportunities and profit margins go through the roof.

He couldn’t do this without his innate sense for staffing. When he decides to hire a professional, he ensures that they know their industry inside and out. Under his leadership, K4 Global has expanded its portfolio to new heights. One of its most exciting and lucrative ventures is called Opulence by K4. This development sector recently took on a residential project in Bournemouth, UK, one that is expected to see a 125% bump in value once completed.

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A Commitment to Clients

When companies commit to K4, they can expect to be thrown into the spotlight immediately by Joseph Ashford and his team. This isn’t about meeting their needs, it’s about giving them a level of service that will spoil them beyond all expectations. Going above and beyond doesn’t just serve the clients, it serves everyone at K4.

If the goal is to get ahead, everyone has to believe in that mission and the work that’s needed to get there. This is the kind of inspiration that Ashford has become legendary for as a leader. From the front-line account managers to the accountants who never set eyes on the client, the ethos is instilled in every layer of the organisation.

A Sustainable Lifestyle

Joseph Ashford has been all over the world, and he’s seen plenty of evidence of climate change during his travels. At K4 Global, the emphasis is as much on the individual as it is on everyone. Real social responsibility means looking after the welfare of his employees, the community of Bournemouth, UK, and the environment in which he operates. When K4 makes a change or hits a milestone, he’s the first to update his employees.

Ashford encourages public transportation or biking whenever possible. He’s reduced the paper usage of the office by changing to an e-memo system and printing on both sides of the paper when electronic communication isn’t an option. In addition to protecting precious resources, this is also a way for businesses to sustain themselves in the inevitable wake of tightening regulations and expectations.

Company Culture

When employees have such wildly diverging to-do lists, what holds them together is their company culture. This goes beyond buzzword descriptions like ‘laid back’, ‘driven’, or ‘exciting’. What Ashford had to do is get everyone on the same page when it comes to the goals, values, and best practices of K4 Global in Bournemouth, UK. As any leader can tell you, that’s far easier said than done.

This is why recruiting and hiring is so important to the founder. If his employees aren’t open to learning and growing alongside their colleagues, no amount of lecturing is going to help them get there. He selects his team members very carefully and ensures that they understand that the companies are bespoke, depending on the client and their ultimate goals.

Ashford understands that companies rise and fall based on the strength of the people at the top. If they aren’t there to serve their employees, the revenue will eventually reveal the lack of concern. Instead of taking the easy way out, he’s learned to leverage his past and expertise to build a business that people can believe in.

Originally published at on March 25, 2022.

5 Essential Pieces of Advice for Every Entrepreneur
01 Mar 2022

Joseph Ashford is the founder and owner of K4 Global, an investment firm specializing in the properties, services and technology sectors. K4 Global is based in Bournemouth , where Ashford grew up under difficult circumstances. His childhood has been a driving factor in Ashford’s personal and professional success and is also the basis for his advice to prospective entrepreneurs.

Ashford lives and works in Bournemouth, which is a coastal resort town in Southwest England. It has a population of more than 180,000, and virtually all its economy is based in the services sector. K4 Global is a true passion for Ashford, who views it as an opportunity to elevate businesses and bring value to them, especially in Bournemouth. He takes a hand-on approach to the companies he invests in, working closely with their leaders to unlock their full potential. K4 Global’s staff includes a team of experienced business troubleshooters who can offer creative solutions to solve the challenges facing the companies they invest in. These strategies generally involve keeping the agile, so it can respond quickly to changes in its market.

Joseph Ashford considers three factors when deciding to invest in or acquire a company, including staff, leadership and culture . A company’s staff is by far the most important factor for Ashford, who says, “If the people who work within the business do not believe in the product or don’t share the values and goals of the company, then it is doomed for failure.” He also looks for leaders who are communicative, engaged and transparent with their staff, ensuring they set examples for their staff to follow. Culture is also a crucial factor in Ashford’s investment decisions, as “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” according to management expert Peter Drucker.

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the growth potential of companies in many sectors. The use of conferencing platforms like Zoom exploded in 2020, when the pandemic began spreading across the globe. Food delivery services also experienced record growth, as did property investments. These are long-term changes, as the pandemic has altered the expectations of both businesses and consumers in the products they use.

Climate change is also a major factor in determining the companies will grow in 2022. It has the potential to affect many sectors, some in ways that may not be immediately apparent. For example, property owners performing renovations are more likely to make additions that reduce their carbon footprint, including insulation, heat pumps and solar panels. Environmental concerns are also leading more consumers to consider plant-based diets, which have greater sustainability than meat-based diets.

Ashford has always been upfront about the fact that his difficult childhood has resulted in mental health challenges that he still struggles with. He was diagnosed with complex PTSD after all his close family members passed away within a short period and found that he had suppressed his feelings about it to avoid appearing weak. He also discovered that small life changes can make a dramatic improvement in his happiness and wellbeing.

Ashford wants to set an example for others who are suffering from poor mental health by showing them that it doesn’t need to hinder their personal and professional development. Everyone has a unique journey towards mental health, but seeking help is usually the first and most challenging step to take. Ashford has great sympathy for anyone struggling with mental health problems. No one is immune to them, as they can often be triggered by events such as a hormonal imbalance or personal loss.

Ashford firmly believes that his personal experiences have directly contributed towards his success as an entrepreneur. They have provided him with a mind-set that drives him to succeed, so that his children never experience the problems he did when growing up. Ashford says that he still has highs and lows, which caused him to take medication for a short time. However, he stopped because he didn’t need medication to understand who he was. Instead, Ashford found that a healthy lifestyle provided better results.

Ashford’s advice to entrepreneurs suffering from mental illness is to follow a healthy fitness and diet program. In addition to the physical benefits, regular exercise also develops dedication and self-discipline. Ashford exercises every day and enjoys being drenched in sweat after a workout. He has also found that pushing himself out his comfort zone helps give him a sense of accomplishment, making it easier to cope with the stress of growing a new business. The scientific benefits of increasing the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine is also important to an entrepreneur’s success.

Proper diet and hydration are also important for improving mental health. However, this change can take time, causing some people to struggle with this long-term commitment. Another factor to consider when pursing a better diet is that it generally costs more, so a healthy diet can be prohibitively expensive for people with a low income. Joseph Ashford looks forward to addressing this issue as one of his future philanthropic endeavours.

Originally published at on February 19, 2022.

The Importance Of Mental Health for Entrepreneurs
01 Mar 2022

Joseph Ashford Ellis is the founder, owner and non-executive chairman of K4 Global, an online marketing and sales agency based in Bournemouth. His firm provides digital marketing services, especially for the property, motoring, services, sports and technology sectors. Ashford’s diverse portfolio of companies is currently valued at over £200 million, providing him with unique insight into becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Bournemouth is a coastal resort town in Southwest England with an economy based almost entirely in the services sector, which employed 95 per cent of that town’s workforce in 2010. Ashford also grew up in Bournemouth under difficult circumstances due to the loss of his immediate family within a short period of time. He also earned his undergraduate degree in Bournemouth and started his career there.

Ashford has a strong desire to invest in his hometown, where his company provides property management and security services. He seeks growth opportunities by reducing business costs through technological innovation. One of K4 Global’s first acquisitions was a property in Bournemouth that increased its value by over 100 per cent after the completion of the project. This success is based on Ashford’s leadership that drives employees to value service over profit.


The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly affected the sectors that hold the best growth opportunities, according to Ashford. Zoom meetings became standard practice at many companies, and people started investing in their properties at record rates. These trends illustrate long-term changes in the expectations businesses and end consumers have regarding the products and services they want.

Climate change is another area that’s becoming increasingly important in property investments. Ashford believes that companies addressing this issue are well-positioned to grow significantly in the coming years. For example, homeowners who renovate their properties often add features that reduce their carbon footprint, including more insulation, heat source pumps, and solar panels.


The people in a company are the more important factor in Joseph Ashford’s decision to invest in that company. He says that a company is doomed to failure if its employees don’t share its values or believe in its products. Ashford also looks for strong leadership “that sets the standards for the rest of the company to follow.”

Mental Health

Ashford’s childhood has resulted in mental health challenges as an adult. He was diagnosed with complex PTSD after his immediate family members passed away and bottled up his feelings about it for most of his life. Ashford took medication for a brief period but didn’t like it. He found that a healthy lifestyle that includes physical fitness and happiness was a better solution for him but adds that everyone needs to find their own path towards mental health.

Ashford says that he wants to set an example for people with poor mental health by showing them that it shouldn’t be a hindrance to their personal and professional success. While everyone’s challenges are different, it’s important to seek help and open up to someone. This is the hardest and most significant step in dealing with mental health issues. Ashford sympathizes greatly with anyone struggling with mental health. No one is immune to them, as they’re often triggered by common events such as personal loss and hormone imbalances.


Joseph Ashford says that his experiences with mental health have helped him become a successful entrepreneur because they give him a different mindset from most people. He clearly remembers the obstacles he faced as a child, including scouring for food in bins and feeling guilty about it. These experiences have fueled his will to succeed so that his children will never be in that position. His background has thus given him a greater drive than most people, which is why he is a serial entrepreneur.


Ashford’s advice for entrepreneurs suffering from mental illness is to pursue physical fitness. In addition to the physical benefits, it also promotes other desirable qualities such as dedication, motivation, self-discipline, and a sense of pride in achieving goals. Joseph Ashford trains every day and pushes his body during each session, ensuring he is drenched in sweat after a workout.

Physical fitness is directly linked to mental well-being because pushing yourself out of your comfort zone gives you a feeling of accomplishment. It also provides scientific benefits like increased levels of dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins, helping you feel naturally happy. In addition, Ashford is a strong believer in a healthy diet as a way to maintain mental health. He says that a clean diet and proper hydration can greatly improve mental health. However, many people struggle to make the necessary commitment, since this benefit isn’t always obvious.

Unfortunately, following a healthy lifestyle with a good diet is prohibitively expensive for many people. Those from a lower socio-economic background often have no choice in eating unhealthy food. Ashford is looking forward to addressing this issue, both personally and professionally.

Originally published at on February 18, 2022.

7 Helpful Tips for Prospective Entrepreneurs
17 Feb 2022

Joseph Ashford is the founder of the investment firm K4 Global in Bournemouth, UK, a company with assets that stretch across multiple industries. As a marketing expert and PR guru, he makes it possible for leaders to find their footing and target their ideal audience. His history as an entrepreneur is rife with lessons that he learned from the frontlines. He opens up about his experience and shares tips with anyone considering jumping into the fray.

1) Consider Where You Add Value

This can be one of the more difficult objectives for any entrepreneur. If you’re just getting started, generating revenue is likely at the top of your mind. So how can you really think about your business in terms of giving rather than getting — particularly if you’re under pressure to succeed immediately?

Ashford says as tough as it can be, his success came from scouring opportunities where his expertise and talent would mesh well with the venture. K4 Global is built on a foundation of helping other companies reach their full potential.

2) Surround Yourself with the Right People

This means more than just finding people who are technically qualified. While skills and experience are extremely important when it comes to hiring, it’s equally important to find people who believe in the venture. If an entrepreneur is surrounded by people who are showing up only because they ‘have to’ and not because they understand the vision behind the company, it’s very unlikely to be successful.

3) Track the Growth Sectors

The pandemic has revealed plenty about the economy, including just how adaptable the human race can be. Ashford says that the effects of staying at home have sparked trends that are unlikely to fade anytime soon. How we buy, how we work, and even how we eat has fundamentally changed, and it’s critical for leaders to remember these shifts when they’re making big decisions.

In addition, solutions for climate change, including products like solar panels, meat-free foods, and quality insulation, are going to see continued traction for the foreseeable future. Entrepreneurs who can find ways to service these emerging needs will undoubtedly hit the ground running. Some of today’s best technology, like the rideshare and delivery-apps we use everyday, simply didn’t exist a decade ago. Staying on top of growth sectors can give you a product or service idea that can take off in the future.

4) Don’t Be Afraid of Asking for Help

Entrepreneurs, by definition, can be intense people. They’re tasked with building something from nothing, taking little more than raw materials and spinning them into success. There’s no tried-and-true recipe for it and the frustrations that come from failure can be more than just a setback.

Joseph Ashford had a difficult childhood, one that landed him a diagnosis of PTSD. He has been extremely open about his struggles with mental health because he hopes to encourage people to ask for help when they need it most. No matter what challenges a person comes up against, there are ways to navigate them without letting it destroy you or your business.

5) Focus on the Small Things

No matter how much money Ashford makes, what he values has nothing to do with what he can buy. Exercising and living a healthy lifestyle are there to battle the doubts in his head. Happiness and laughter are there to carry him through the darkest parts of the day.

Entrepreneurs can often get wrapped up in what their profit margins are, but this can ultimately blind them to the true value of what they’re doing. Ashford of K4 Global in Bournemouth recommends keeping an eye on who’s stepping up to the plate, how employees are interacting with one another, and when you’re starting to feel dejected. Sometimes it just takes a short walk around the block to break a negative cycle.

6) Put Fitness First

While certainly everyone’s entrepreneurial experience will vary, Joseph Ashford’s number one tip for leaders or entrepreneurs is to concentrate on fitness. Exercise opens a host of benefits to the body and mind, including chemical rushes of endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. It’s a way to feel naturally happy and give yourself a much-needed boost when it seems like the whole world is keeping you down.

Joseph Ashford says that clean living has the power to transform a person who is depressed into someone with the self-discipline and motivation to keep going. There’s nothing easy about committing to this kind of lifestyle, but the benefits couldn’t be more convincing. When you step outside your comfort zone, you remind yourself that you can do things that you didn’t think you were capable of.

Being an entrepreneur comes with a slew of potential complications, any of which can stop quality companies from getting off the ground. However, as a successful leader, Ashford would tell anyone that the risk is worth taking.

Originally published at on February 4, 2022.

Advice For Prospective Entrepreneurs From K4 Founder Joe Ashford
21 Jan 2022

Joe Ashford, founder and non-executive chairman of consultancy firm , speaks to CEO Today about his company, mental health, and offers his advice to prospective entrepreneurs.

1. You are the founder of K4 Global, an investment company with a portfolio of businesses in the property, services, motoring, sport, and technology sectors. Tell us more about K4 Global.

K4 Global is a real passion for me — it is all about finding opportunities in areas where I feel I can bring value and help elevate businesses so they can realise their full potential. I take an active and hands-on approach with the companies I get involved with, working closely with those who have invested time in the business to really unlock its true potential. Backed by a skilled and experienced team of business troubleshooters, K4 Global aims to innovate by offering different perspectives to challenges companies are facing and delivering creative solutions. It’s all about creating a new way of thinking to ensure a company remains agile and competitive.

2. What are the three most important factors you look for when investing in or buying a company?

Without a doubt, the people who are in the company are the most important factor for me. As Peter Drucker says, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. If the people who work within the business do not believe in the product or don’t share the values and goals of the company, then it is doomed for failure. I look for a leadership team that is engaged, communicative and transparent. This ensures there is a strong leadership team that sets the standard for the rest of the company to follow.

3. Which sectors do you think hold significant growth potential post-pandemic?

The pandemic demonstrated the resiliency of humankind. Almost overnight, the way in which people ran their daily lives changed fundamentally. This also had enduring consequences for all sectors. “ “ became a household name overnight, “HelloFresh” started delivering meal boxes across the country and people invested in their properties at record rates. Importantly, these trends are not short-term — consumer and business preferences have changed, and this has affected what they expected from products and services they are seeking.

Looking more mid-term, the impact of climate change is becoming more and more pressing. I believe that companies seeking to address it are well-positioned to see significant growth. This is unique and something companies from all industries and sectors can benefit from.

Think about property as an example — when homeowners are renovating their properties, they are thinking about solar panels, heat source pumps and effective insulation to reduce their carbon footprint. A similar observation can be made around food — when families are preparing meals, there is greater consciousness around the sustainability of certain food sources, leading to more interest in plant-based diets.

4. You are very upfront about your tough upbringing as a child, and the mental health challenges you have faced. Why is that?

I have always been open and honest about my mental health challenges. I want to set an example for people who are suffering from poor mental health and show them that it is not a hindrance to their professional and personal development. Everyone’s challenges are different, but the important thing is to seek help and to try and open up to someone. That first step is the hardest but also the most significant one.

I sympathise massively with people who struggle with mental health . The important thing to remember is that no one is immune. Sometimes people can be of completely sane mind. The next minute, they’re really struggling because of something as simple as a hormone imbalance or sudden personal loss.

I have complex PTSD due to a difficult childhood. It was not until all my close family had passed away that I sought help and was diagnosed. I had bottled it all up for most of my life because I did not want to show any weaknesses. Even small, simple life changes can make dramatic improvements to people’s wellbeing and happiness.

5. Do you think these experiences have been integral to your success as an entrepreneur?

Without a doubt, these experiences have helped me become the successful entrepreneur that I am today. That’s because I have a completely different mindset from most people. I still clearly remember the daily obstacles and stresses I faced as a child. One that stays with me is having to regularly scour for food in bins and feeling guilty thinking that I was stealing from somebody. However, that experience has also fuelled my will to succeed. I have always strived, so my children are never in the position I was. My background and childhood helped to give me a drive that is more forceful than for most people. I believe that is why I grew up to become a workaholic and a serial entrepreneur.

It has not always been a straightforward journey. I have fallen down many manholes along the way. Like anyone who suffers from mental health issues, we are susceptible and vulnerable to highs and lows. That is something I’ve had to battle. There have been periods of my life where I have taken medication for a very short time, and I didn’t like it. For me personally, I don’t need to take medication to understand who I am, or to cure an issue. I find that the gym, fitness, healthy lifestyle, and happiness and laughter make for a far better cure. But everyone needs to find their own path.

6. What is your advice for business leaders and entrepreneurs who are suffering from a mental illness?

Based on my personal experience, I believe the biggest antidote to mental health issues is fitness. It not only offers the obvious physical benefits, but it also promotes self-discipline, dedication, motivation, and a sense of pride when the goals we set are achieved.

For me, when I go to the gym, I like to come out drenched in sweat, whether it’s a 10 minute or 10-hour workout. I train and exercise every day, and I make sure I push my body during each and every session. The reason for this is linked directly to mental wellbeing — I have found that the more you push yourself out of your comfort zone, the more you feel accomplished. And of course, there are the scientific benefits — as your endorphins, serotonin and dopamine levels increase, you will naturally feel happy.

I am also a passionate advocate for healthy eating and dieting. If you put someone on a clean diet with the correct hydration, you’ll soon see a massive improvement in their mental health. It may not seem obvious, and some people can really struggle to make that commitment.

Sadly, though there is a cost to eating clean and healthy. Unfortunately, the ability to diet properly and adopt a healthy lifestyle can be prohibitively expensive. As a result, people from lower socio-economic backgrounds will resort to unhealthy food. Looking to the future, this is something I am keen to address in the coming years, both personally and through my business ventures.

Joseph Ashford is a leading entrepreneur and businessman from South West England whose interests span a diverse portfolio of companies valued at over £200m. Investment company K4 Global has founded, acquired and taken stakes in businesses in the property, services, motoring, sport and technology sectors. Joe had a difficult and unconventional childhood but has utilised those experiences and learnt how to channel his energies into his career and personal self-improvement. Joe is a strong advocate of a healthy lifestyle through fitness and diet — and the importance of focussing on mental health. Joe’s companies repurpose combustion engine vehicles to electric, undertake complex property developments, develop innovative technology in the retail sector and support emerging elite sportspeople through his gyms. Joe is also an active philanthropist and set up the Butterfly Foundation to support children who suffer from epidermolysis bullosa.

Originally published at on October 26, 2021.

What does the Stamp Duty Holiday ‘Phase Out’ mean for Property Investment?
01 Dec 2021

The recent Halifax House Price Index (HPI) revealed that house prices in the UK have risen by 0.7% in August, surpassing the forecasted 0.4% monthly rise.

If you’ve been following house price indexes over the last year, monthly property price growth is hardly new.

However, what makes this stat particularly interesting is the fact that house prices have continued to rise even as the Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) holiday begins to be phased out.

The SDLT holiday has effectively pushed house prices higher, leading to the average UK house price hitting a record high of £262,954 according, to Halifax.

The rise in prices in August can be attributed to a limited supply of new properties appearing on the market, meaning a rise in competition between buyers for existing homes.

As the dust settles and SDLT holiday comes to an end, the question beckons — will house price growth be long term? And what does the lifting of the SDLT holiday mean for property investors?

The SDLT was a success

With SDLT holiday now entering its latter stages with the upcoming deadline of the 1st October — the date that it will revert back to standard rates, there is some uncertainty surrounding the future of the market from critics.

Many have alluded to a crash, or at a minimum a sharp correction and a drop in transactions.

Whilst there will be a readjustment and price correction as buyer activity eases over the coming months, I believe speculations of a sudden crash is overstated.

Moreover, the expected price correction signals great news for first time buyers.

The stamp duty holiday led to booming house prices, meaning first-time buyers, were priced out of the market.

If the prices start to level off or decline this enables first-time buyers to re-enter the market.

It is also worth noting that first-time buyers can still benefit from SDLT relief on houses priced under £500,000.

Despite the stamp duty holiday providing a much-needed support to the housing industry, the inadvertent impact was the financial exclusion for many first-time buyers.

Ensuring access to new property opportunities

Despite the SDLT holiday coming to an end, property remains a popular asset class for investors, offering capital growth and security in times of volatility.

In my opinion, the holiday has successfully encouraged transactions to occur at a time when so many industries were stagnant.

This has helped the UK economy and demonstrates the importance of residential and commercial property in supporting productivity and wider economic growth.

Simply put, the rate of house price increases over the last year has been remarkable.

One feels it would be a mistake to overlook the role the SDLT holiday has played.

While in many respects an emergency measure as part of the government’s COVID-19 response, the question is whether we should consider a permanent type of property tax reform to ensure the real estate market remains fluid.

This is a question I’m sure Chancellor Sunak will be contemplating over the coming months as the country overcomes the challenges posed by the pandemic.

For now, it will be interesting to see whether house prices will continue to rise over these coming months as the final elements of the SDLT holiday are phased out.

Depending on how this plays out, there could be a bigger discussion to be had about property policy reforms in the UK post-pandemic.

Author: Joe Ashford, founder and non-executive chairman of consultancy firm K4 Global

Originally published at on September 22, 2021.

What does the end of the SDLT holiday mean for property investment?
01 Dec 2021
“The important question is how long this period of correction will last and whether it will lead to house price drop growing.”

The last 18 months have been tumultuous time for the entire economy, yet the resilience of the property market during the pandemic has been nothing short of impressive. The recurring lockdowns meant property developments were temporarily paused, estate agents were unable to conduct in-person viewings, and buyers and renters had to put their moves on hold.

However, despite this, the property market has proven to be one of the UK most resilient sectors, weathering the challenges posed by Covid and Brexit. This compounded with the stamp duty land tax (SDLT) holiday pushed up house prices and led to the average UK house price hitting a record high of £237,000, according to Zoopla.

Despite this strong activity, the market is now preparing for a series of changes, including the end of the SDLT holiday. Given the success of the relief, the question beckons — what does the lifting of the SDLT holiday mean for property investors?

Measuring the success of the holiday

On 8 July 2020, the government introduced a temporary SDLT holiday. The stamp duty holiday raised the minimum threshold to £500,000 until the end of March 2021. It was then extended to the end of June, and based on its success, extended once more to the end of September this year. The aim was to help homebuyers and to boost the UK property market during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result of the holiday, property transactions rose, leading to robust house price growth. Nationwide revealed that house prices across the nation have accelerated to 13.4 per cent in June, the fastest recorded growth in house prices since November 2004. Moreover, transactions in Q4 of 2020 were 16 per cent higher than the correspondent quarter in 2019. This data demonstrates how the holiday has contributed to an active property market.

For the economy to pick up, the government needed to encourage confidence in consumer markets; a healthy housing market is a good guide. Moreover, freeing up the housing market generates economic activity as buyers and renters spend money on moving into and improving their new households. Furthermore, on top of the benefits that would flow through the housing market, the holiday has inspired older people to move into retirement accommodation listing their homes in the process. A new report by the Homes for Later Living campaign group illustrates how helping senior citizens to access specialist retirement housing generates jobs and boosts spending in the local area.

The economic figures clearly show the positive impact the SDLT holiday has had for the property sector and the UK economy since its introduction. Of course, it has received some criticism due to rising house prices for first time buyers. Nonetheless, we shouldn’t let this overshadow the fact that the stamp duty holiday has helped hundreds of thousands of landowners. According to the CPS’s research, 87% of people buying a primary home avoided the profoundly disliked tax thanks to the Stamp duty holiday. Overall, the holiday should be viewed as a success.

The end of the holiday

The end of the stamp duty holiday on the 1st October has led to some uncertainty surrounding the future of the market. On this date, the ‘nil rate band’ will return to its pre pandemic level of £125,000. This is expected to lead to a house price correction and a drop in transactions. Last month, UK home sales slumped by 62%.

The important question is how long this period of correction will last and whether it will lead to house price drop growing. Whilst many critics have erred on the side of pessimism, with some alluding to the 1989 house crash, there is good grounding to believe activity will remain at good levels as despite July’s slump, purchases were still 1.8% higher than the year before. This is also coupled with the fact that mortgage rates are being offered at some of the lowest rates ever.

Buyer demand will remain strong

Property still remains a popular asset class for investors. Simply put, it offers capital growth and security in times of volatility. Moreover, the demand for housing has been boosted by many people reassessing their needs due to increased remote working. These factors mean buyer demand should remain strong, and the government should continue to offer support some form of support for homebuyers and those seeking to invest in property.

Due to the economic success of SDLT holiday, the government should consider reforming the SDLT system, offering buyers the security they need whilst ensuring the property market and other interconnected sectors of the economy don’t suffer a sharp shock, though undertaking large scale, drastic measures, may be best delayed until there is more certainty regarding the end of the pandemic.

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Financial Solutions to Help Clients Achieve Investment Success
20 Aug 2021

As the founder and current , Joseph Ashford understands that selling time and skills for a one-time payment is not the most efficient way to make money. While regular income is essential, it typically has little impact on increasing wealth. Working for wages paid by someone else also reduces the time available for people to pursue activities that can build their own wealth such as writing an eBook or creating an online class.

People who become wealthy over time also tend to create businesses for themselves rather than working as an hourly or salaried employee for someone else. Ashford has been a successful entrepreneur for many years because of his business and financial strategies.

Joseph Ashford’s Bespoke Financial Solutions

Ashford has developed a keen sense for identifying unique investment opportunities over the years. This is true of the investment opportunities he engages in for his own business and the advice he provides to clients who want to mimic his success. The strategies Joseph Ashford has developed after years of successful entrepreneurship have enabled both he and his clients to improve profit margins, drive continued growth, and reduce business risk. Ashford has invested in the media, property, technology, and service industries across the globe.

How Innovation and Forward Thinking Have Helped K4 Global to Succeed

Joseph Ashford is never one to feel content with what he has already achieved. He credits much of the company’s success to innovative thinking at every level of the organisation. Ashford himself does most of the talent scouting, recruiting, and development of highly qualified individuals who work together well as a team. The ability to attract and retain the best people in the United Kingdom has been instrumental in allowing Ashford to create a successful investor experience for clients.

Industry segment experts at always seem to be one step ahead of the competition when it comes to implementing technology to increase profit and decrease expenses. Ashford and his team have taken the time to build long-term professional relationships for the purpose of establishing profitable partnerships. For the , strong partnerships ultimately lead to high-performing investment opportunities.

K4 Global already operates in the following business sectors:

Despite the company’s success in each of these areas, Joseph Ashford and his team are innovative and hardworking enough to continue searching for new opportunities. No matter what the size or scope of the project, K4 Global employees hold themselves personally accountable for its success from start to finish. The team communicates progress and expectations clearly without resorting to industry jargon.

The Values Employed by K4 Global Drive Its Success

Openness is an important at K4 Global. Clients who work with Joseph Ashford or any of his employees can expect them to be respectful, honest, and honourable regardless of whom they interact with during project completion.

Passion for helping people make good investment decisions is the key trait that Ashford looks for when hiring new employees. He expects everyone who comes on board to share the company’s belief system and practice transparency with clients. The team never opts for the easy way out because they desire to provide clients with service that inspires them to keep coming back.

Joseph Ashford and His Employees Are Solution-Oriented

Working across a wide range of industries, K4 Global employees understand the need to offer personalized service and bespoke financial solutions that meet each client’s needs. The team knows that each project deserves a fresh approach and solutions because no two are ever the same. They spend considerable time assessing each project at the front end to ensure they can offer clients accelerated growth. Ashford’s teams continually produce results that no other company has been able to offer, and their solutions bring results that often surpass client expectations.

About Joseph Ashford Ellis

Ashford is a and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience. He currently holds business assets in the United Kingdom, Asia, Europe, and South America. Throughout the course of his career, Joseph Ashford has successfully identified and nurtured several companies within the United Kingdom business sector.

Prior to his current business pursuits, Ashford worked in a range of UK industries to gain experience in business development and marketing. His early experiences provided him with the in-depth skills he needed to create and implement scalable solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. Thanks to his input, client businesses their enterprise potential and achieved significant growth.

Ashford’s greatest areas of success have included providing capital support for new and expanding businesses, investing in marketable securities, real estate investments, property development, and trading rare and luxury motor vehicles. is also an active philanthropist, and K4 Global supports numerous charities in the UK and worldwide.

Originally published at on August 19, 2021.

Joseph Ashford Provides Insights on Business Strategy and Investing — Business Case Studies
20 Aug 2021

Joseph Ashford Provides Insights on Business Strategy and Investing — Business Case Studies

Joseph Ashford is a global investor and entrepreneur. He is based in the United Kingdom but holds investments and other interests in Europe, South America, and Asia. He is the founder and non-executive chairman of K4 Global, a consulting firm with an expansive portfolio of investments.

Over the past 20 years, Ashford’s investment methods and strategies have paid off significantly. Most of his investments focus on businesses and properties rather than individual securities or other investment methods. When Ashford finds a project he thinks will be successful, he dives in headfirst to create an outstanding customer experience.

K4 Global Portfolio and Projects

K4 Global and Joseph Ashford, have an array of ventures that operate under one umbrella. K4 Global is further divided into several segments.

Opulence by K4

This property development firm provides services related to both commercial and residential properties. They pride themselves on having extremely high standards, whether it is creating new buildings or remodeling existing structures. This high-end property development company has several ongoing projects, including one fairly recent project in Poole, England.

K4 Media is a marketing firm that offers a wide range of speciality services for both companies and individuals. They are more than just an online marketing firm, with reputation service for VIPs, asset management and security, and overall strategic marketing. It also offers services related to event management, including corporate gatherings and product launches. It even holds some interest in music and film, with an international talent agency and production team.

4-Star Classics

4-Star Classics is a passion project for Ashford. They buy and sell modern classic cars and sports cars from the 1970s to the 1990s. The firm often purchases vehicles, puts them through a rigorous testing and evaluation process while addressing any concerns, and resells them. Restoring cars to their former glory is always the goal with any vehicle that 4-Star Classics acquires.


QJunkie is an app specifically designed to provide electronic queuing services to barbershops. They offer real-time data to customers so they can pick and choose the best date and time to receive services. Customers can monitor wait times, make advance bookings, and receive notifications with updates about time slots. QJunkie is explicitly marketed to barbershops which can then customize the app to fit their business.

The Butterfly Foundation

Although the Butterfly Foundation is a separate venture from K4 Global, it still has a very dear place in Ashford’s heart. The Butterfly Foundation educates and raises funds for research related to epidermolysis bullosa (EB), a condition that makes the skin very fragile. Those who have EB have skin that is so delicate that certain actions and exposures often lead to life-long disease and disfigurement.

Joseph Ashford’s Views on Business Strategy and Choosing Investments

Business development is Joseph Ashford’s passion. While he started much of his services as providing marketing tools to clients, his interests sometimes shift to get a deeper stake in a particular business or venture. Instead of only providing marketing, he occasionally jumps headfirst into a project as an investor or owner.

Choosing which investments make sense for Ashford is a very personal and in-depth process. While some products, like The Butterfly Foundation and 4-Star Classics, are clearly very personal for Ashford, others are simply good investments for other reasons.

Focusing on Holistic Value

Ashford’s stance on providing value is more than just increasing the bottom line. Instead, whatever investment or venture he pursues has much of the same focus as his media firm provides to clients — a holistic service that does a deep dive into the firm as a whole.

“Value” means creating happy customers, a happy workforce, and a solid foundation. Ashford’s investments either have or strive toward this holistic health approach, often from the inside out.

For example, Ashford will frequently remind employees to “behave as owners rather than employees,” so everyone is focused on the long-term goals and health of the firm. He also treats his employees as owners by sharing and creating big-picture goals and strategies with them.

Understanding the Past to Move to the Future

Picking the right investments (or client opportunities) should be based on, in part, prior performance and past dealings. Ashford prides himself on doing extensive research on clients and potential investment opportunities long before meetings or pivotal decision-making moments. This background allows Ashford (and K4 Global) to deepen the understanding of the firm’s goals and strategies.

Keeping Eyes on the Long-Term Prize

Ultimately, long-term relationships are almost always the goal. Ashford understands that it takes time and effort for an investment to come to full fruition, so he often holds interests for a significant amount of time. Growing together and making adjustments as needed are important parts of each investment’s overall success.

Providing Hands-On and Steadfast Investments

Every investment that Ashford touches involves a hands-on, consistent approach. He is not one to simply throw money at a project and walk away. Instead, he will invest time and effort into every project to give it the best possible chance for significant success. Ashford understands the value of hard work provided consistently over time.

Unwavering Values

Joseph Ashford values consistency, clear communication, honesty, and integrity. Respect combined with knowledge and passion is often the key to his success in various ventures. He will never sacrifice his values to make a few extra bucks — and that has served him very well over the past 20 years of creating successful businesses and maintaining lucrative investments.

High standards are the bedrock of everything Ashford does. He finds that simple hard work and integrity can go a long way in business. As Ashford notes: “With hard work, determination and foresight, nothing is impossible for individuals and companies that want to achieve. Nothing should be left to chance, and nothing is responsible but you as a person.”

Originally published at on August 19, 2021.