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Joseph Ashford

Joseph Ashford

Owner and Founder, K4 Global

Advertising & Branding
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Joseph Ashford is an established entrepreneur and a global investor, having held interests in Europe, Asia and South America and is based in the United Kingdom. Over a 20 year period, Joseph has successfully identified and nurtured numerous businesses, with a particular focus on the UK service sector. Through these endeavours Joseph has amassed a considerable personal wealth and continues to invest across many asset types, including other businesses and properties.

Joseph has been instrumental in the initial seeding and ongoing development of a number of enterprises. Joseph worked in a range of industries during his early career, providing him extensive experience in marketing and business development at all organisational levels. His primary expertise is in implementing scalable solutions for small and medium sized businesses, allowing them to achieve consistent growth and realise their enterprise value.

Surrounding himself with highly talented and experienced professionals, Joseph continues to provide growth capital to new and existing UK ventures, whilst branching out into select international markets, to the ultimate benefit of all its stakeholders.

Maintaining client focus and business integrity is essential to Joseph’s commercial ethos and this philosophy ensures that Joseph’s businesses are always looking at how to go above and beyond for clients, which often means creating a bespoke strategy for them. Joseph encourages his team members to always do their best to exceed client expectations and ensure this client-focused mindset remains a priority at each level of his companies and is a skill he demonstrates himself on an ongoing basis. Joseph is also an avid philanthropist and he and his businesses support numerous charities.

With a wealth of expertise under his belt, Joseph Ashford is a multi-faceted entrepreneur where his primary wealth accumulation has been grown through various industries such as real estate investment, capital support for new and existing companies, investment in marketable securities, trading in luxury and rare motor vehicles and direct management of property development.


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  • Advertising
  • Branding

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