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Jean-Michel Guillaume

Software Engineering Manager

39 years old
Driving License
Cannes (06400) France
Employed Open to opportunities
IT is all about challenging your skills, learning new things, get your hands dirty implementing them with joy, then, become a master and finally, do it again. An endless quest for global efficiency with only one final goal: Customer Satisfaction.

As the Software Engineering Manager of a multicultural team of 10, my role is to provide enough comfort, visibility, and leadership (by example) to the product owners and individual contributors (DevOps/SREs) so they can fully enjoy accomplishing their mission, in a continuous improvement manner.

As a curious individual, it's mandatory for me to be involved in extra-professional activities such as:
  • Graduate from Coursera courses
  • Co-found startups for creating awesome services or search for Business Development activities
  • Play hard: a lot of sport and diet discipline for a good balance
  • Parenting :)
    With no surprise, it brings even more efficiency to my professional activities.
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  • In the context of one of the biggest CI/CD setups Europe Wide, for the operation of 2 backbone services: Artifactory & Jenkins Pipeline
  • Lead People
    • Lead by example to build trustworthiness.
    • Help people grow in their roles by empowerment.
    • Facilitate interactions during events, bring motivation and cohesion, ensure knowledge sharing.
  • Build Efficiency
    • Identify potential gains (ensure supervision/monitoring of all the processes, reduce debt & decrease recurring costs).
    • Prevent any incidents or manage them with ITIL principles. Show and stimulate problem-solving capabilities.
    • Optimise contributions through Agile methodology with SAFE/Scrum/Kanban today.
    • Implement Conformity (PCI-DSS/CIS/ISO27K/etc).
  • Give Visibility
    • Report challenges and achievements to the management.
    • Build roadmaps/sell the activity with/to the customers.
    • Organise contributions to projects to make the activity grow/evolve with upcoming trends.
  • Manage Budget
    • Negotiate with providers (internal/external).
    • Forecast of the activity.
    • Elaborate Business Cases in order to identify possible savings or opportunities.
  • Pipeline and Deliveries
    • Jenkins Pipeline Product Owner: Provide users (>6K developers for >7K projects and dozens of technologies) with the best experience; maintain, transform and scale the service.
    • Core contributor to the transversal CI/CD Pipeline as a Service: architecture/design/implementation with the scrum team. 2nd level support.
    • DevOps advocate: be the lead of meetings/forums and spread the word about the tremendous service we are building and its coming evolutions.
  • Performance Optimization
    • Performance tests campaigns / Investigation
    • Chaos Monkey testing
  • Application Operability and Operational Concepts: Technical Policy contributor (non functional requirements/technology standards/operational criteria definition)
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  • Contractor for Amadeus S.A.S
  • Developer Support - Improve & maintain company's process'
    • Developer workstation / tools development
    • BI / Support statitstics
  • Vacance Repit Familles (www.vrf.fr) backend development on IBM System Z
  • Software architecture advisor
  • Java, J2SE, J2EE, RCP, advanced concepts of distributed and concurrency programming
  • Virtualization platforms administration (& APIs)
  • GCM ETSI normalization, FP7 TEFIS project, FUI Compatible One project contributor

Master's degree 2nd - Ecole Polytechnique Universitaire de Nice-Sophia Antipolis

EPU Nice - Sophia Antipolis

September 2008 to September 2009
Ubiquitous Computing
Graduated with honors, top ranked student
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  • J2SE,SJCP 88points, Docker, Ansible, Jenkins, Artifactory, Git, Bash, Scrum, Jira
  • Python/Puppet/BitBucket
  • Everything Else
  • Linux: Ubuntu/RedHat/Centos/Openshift
  • Microsoft: WMI, WinRM, Batch
  • Eclipse, Netbeans, VS, SVN, GIT, Hudson, JIRA, Confluence
  • Fitness, Anatomy, Physiology
  • Sport challenge in general
  • Reading
  • Motorcycle
  • Greece, Egypt, Astrology