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Eric Menze

Senior Programmer / Analyst

Computer Programming
Database Design and Architecture
Eric Menze
Driving License
Minneapolis (55014) United States (Minnesota)
Professional Status
Open to opportunities
About Me
I am an eager, energetic and creative software developer specializing in C# and SQL Server, but enjoy learning and using a wide array of languages and technologies. I enjoy tackling tough challenges and using disparate areas of my expertise.
HashCompute is a .NET Console application (executable) that calculates the value of hashes with selectable algorithms and numerous options. It can also read the contents of the file(s) and calculate the hash of each, making a very convenient addition to cmd. It can be run natively on Windows or on Linux and OSX with Mono.

Technologies Uses: C#, .NET, Visual Studio, Cryptography.
Creation date
01 Apr 2015
A map of bicycle repair stations, bike shops, and other bicycling attractions in the Twin Cities. It has a responsive design to provide a seamless, performant experience on desktops and mobile devices alike.

Technology Used: HTML5, JavaScript, Leaflet.js, GeoJSON, MapBox, SVG and OpenStreetMap data.
Creation date
17 Jul 2013
This is a website launched by myself and a friend to meet a need we had for pausing and resuming videos. Available as a Chrome Extension, Firefox Add-in, and cross-browser Bookmarklet, it saves the current position in your video playlist, and allows them to be resumed later at that very position or shared with short links.

Technology Used: ASP.NET, Javascript (cross-site scripting), bookmarklets, MVC4, C#, and SQL Server 2012.
Creation date
20 Dec 2011
This is a collection of helpful context menu items, including "Start PowerShell Here" and "Git Bash Here". What the installers do is add these and other selected options to your Windows right-click menus for ease of accessing command prompts and mapping drives right to the current directory.

Technology Used: .inf and .bat scripting, Windows Registry, WIX, WScript, HTML Application (.hta).
Creation date
01 Oct 2011
This website allows bicycle (and motorcycle) wheelbuilders to specify the measurements of their rims, hubs, and desired lacing pattern. Not only does the site then display the required lengths and build details, but it draws an interactive wheel that can be zoomed into and animated.

Technology Used: C#, .NET 4.0, ASP WebForms, Javascript, SQL Server 2012, HTML5 Canvas.
Creation date
09 Feb 2012
A comprehensive system to support Alaskan politicians, legislators, and public officials to e-File their paperwork APOC's online system both eases their burden and allows the public to have faster, searchable access to catch errors and conflicts of interest.

Technology Used: C#, .NET 4.5, ASP WebForms and MVC3, Telerik Controls, SQL Server 2012, log4net.
Creation date
20 Jul 2011
This is a live demo site to try out the new HTML5 controls and features. It uses HTML5 local storage to save your last update and load it just like you had it when you left!

Technology Used: HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, Swapr.js, localStorage.
Creation date
05 Jul 2013
ArduinoMonitor is a set of programs that will report sensor data to a connected computer, which can then Graph it data in Processing or log it to a file, database or both with a C# Windows console application that can be installed as a service with via TopShelf. The data model is scripted in SQL Server, but can easily be ported.

Technologies Used: Arduino IDE, Wiring language, C#, .NET, TopShelf, SQL Server 2012, Serial Communication (USB).
Creation date
24 Jan 2014
EfficientTax is a site that uses multivariable calculations to optimize your after tax wealth from your investment portfolio, and advises on the best times to buy, sell, or hold your stocks.

Technology Used: C#, .NET 3.5, WebForms, MVC2, Pagos, Excel, Ruby on Rails, MySQL.
Creation date
13 Apr 2012
These are Arduino shields made of LEDs that spell various names and each letter (and the dot of the 'i's) can be controlled individually. The code and schematics are available on my github account, and I have so far created versions for 'Eric' (myself), 'RDI', 'Bill' and 'Matt' (my workplace and friends).

Technology Used: Arduino IDE, Wiring language, AT Mega 328, Fritzing Fab, Circuit design.
Creation date
08 Feb 2013
I led the developed and host this free tool which will give detailed analysis on GPS Data exported in the open .gpx format. It gives specialized results based on the type of activity that was performed.

Technology Used: C#, .NET 4.0, ASP WebForms, SQL Server 2008, GPX data format.
Creation date
17 Nov 2011
This is a scheduling and management system for both hospitals and medical providers to view and manage their EMTALA duty, as well as trade days and maintain a comprehensive history.

Technology Used: .NET 3.5, ASP WebForms, Javascript, jQuery, SQL Server 2008.
Creation date
20 Aug 2010
SotaPitcher is site devoted to making glasses and pitchers in the shape of the state of Minnesota.

Technology Used: HTML5, jQuery, PHP, 3D Printing.
Creation date
25 Oct 2013
An invaluable tool for quilters, tilers, arts and crafts hobbyists and image manipulators alike - ColoredIn allows you to simplify the color palate and resolution of your complex digital images and create patterns that could be replicated with tiles, cross stitching, or crocheting.

Technology Used: C#, .NET 3.5, MVC3, SQL Server 2008R2.
Creation date
21 Sep 2012
This website will privately allow mothers and other family members to post images, videos, diary entries and other items to timelines custom built for their children.

Technology Used: C#, .NET 3.5, MVC3, jQuery UI, SQL Server 2008R2.
Creation date
04 Jun 2012