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IT Freelance, ScourGE

41 years old
Driving License
Professional Status
About Me
Mathieu Deschamps
Your Linux Partner since 2008
Resume created on DoYouBuzz
  • Help maturation next-gen product's BSP
    - Existing Analysis, product analysis, interviews
    - Study & prototyping on SnapDragon 810/820
    - Expertise/Qualification official open source BSP versus community CyanogenMod 13 & LineageOs
    - Personalization/Provisioning industrialization
    - Industrialization scripts development
    - Proposals tools/workflow configuration management
    - BuildMachine installation, configuration for a CodeFactory
  • Prototype Energy Optimizer
    - Study USB 2.0/3.1, Power Delivery & QuickCharge : energy/memory profiling
    - Developement/Debug drivers USB and Charge control for innovative UV Camera
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  • Software engineering Antivirus solutions : Viral innocuousness of a secure terminal
    - Existing analysis, Product lines synthesis
    - Antivirus Architecture on CC-EAL5+ secured virtualized environnement
    - Scalability & Memory optimization under high loads
    - Updating and Deployment strategy
    - Appliance dev. for autopackaging and release/update deployment
    - Virus signatures and policy configuration
    - Products tracability, versionning and synchronism
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  • R&D software architect and prototype designer
    - Distributed architecture and embedded design
    - Mobile multi-band infrastructure network study, P2P M2M mobile network
    - Private IPv6 mobile network sutdy
    - Architecture, requirements, interfaces specifications,
    - Functional design, wireless network protocols engineering
    - Distributed multi-task multi-network application prototype development
    - Agile documentation configuration management & communication
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  • R&D Management new crypto-system, technical strategist and project ownership/partnership referrer
    - R&D support & guidance , follow-up
    - Cryptography system modeling and designer, Cryptanalysis
    - SIMD architecture engineering
    - Crypto API Specifications
    - Existing analysis, documentation
    - Crytosystem Benchmarking & Optimization strategist
    - Crytosystem Portage Ios → Android
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  • State of the art CAN featured product key-enabler, RTOS advisor & advocacy, subproject ownership in multi-site international team
    - Need follow-up , existing analysis, documentation
    - R&D recommandations and reports
    - Study DES301 – DES 402, conformance test, specifications
    - Design, Integration and Analysis CANOpen stack : iterative proof-of-concept
    - CANOpen Virtualization
    - Testbench Master/Slave, simulation
    - Performance synthesis under RTOS Micrium-III
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  • R&D Management new crypto-system, technical strategist and project ownership/partnership referrer.
    - Client framework fiability study, OpenSource methodology
    - Linux crytography architecture under IntelCE
    - Study CryptoAPI, DMcrypt : Prototype driver DMCrypt Hardware SEC
    - R&D cipher performance : Full encryption
    - R&D GRSecurity & Linux Containers : high-end isolation, rugged security
    - Testbench UAT, Robustness/Performance
    - Configuration and revision managment recommandations
    - Linux infrastructure recommandations
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  • Detached R&D Partnership, Mobile connectivity key-enabler.
    - Integration of WL1272/WL1283 ComboChips on MOORESTONE & MEDFIELD platforms.
    - ShareTransport and MCP portage OMAP and ATOM
    - Batch Testing UAT , Robustness / Performance upon AC (WIFI,BT,GPS)
    - ELP and PS on WL1283 setups
    - Delivering process and Android Froyo and Gingerbread codelines synchronization advocacy, recommandations
    - Bugtracking and CSR main support towards customer/supplier R&D teams
    - R&D Automation & Industrialization process related to revision management recommendations
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  • Multi-site Project owner France
    - Existing DSS Analysis, opensource integration
    - Detailed requirement specifications in plant/stocks manager « lightning meetings »
    - Consulting/Expertise MCD Oracle and Mysql linked to SAP ODI, heavy loads/volumes optimizations
    - LAMP design and development
    - Test/production server Deployment
    - Software engineering consulting, Extensible Core application framework, response time optimization
    - Revision management, continuous integration, project ownership, bugtracking
    - Sturdiness Tests and uploading monitoring.
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  • R&D management, Code factory methodologist
    - R&D auditor (architecture, projet communcation) for a multi-localized various availaiblity team (a dozen).
    - Ownership and change management via projects boards and « lightning talks ».
    - Code Factory design and deployment.
    - Expertise on software engineering and development iterations.
    - Releasing Synchronism analysis due to integrated open source projects considering their communities
    - Production Analysis and recommendations for software distribution traceability
    - Automation Prototype of software production and of the validation test framework.
    - Configuration management reorganization to meet industrial edition process workflow.
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  • Code factory methodologist, workflows optimization
    - R&D dept.'s (30 persons) software production process Analysis (SPPA) . Reorganzation based on ITIL principles.
    - Audits on code revision management (SCM, software code management), and configuration management (SCM, software configuration management), and on the industrialization process (code factory).
    - Ownership and process/quality/technical interviewer of team leaders (6 persons).
    - Recommendations to Integration service (5 persons) in a Lean-Manufacturing perspective.
    - Usage of Stand Meetings, Techs-Stories.
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  • Realtime Industrial Embedded Linux
    Theory and individual case studies, development tools, cross toolchain & debugging, emulation/virtualization, Kernel and nanokernel, drivers, Real time. Architecture & RT design, RT constraints specifications, licensing & innovation, Co-design based R&D FLOSS , deployment and optimal upkeep.
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  • Technical Referrer BSP
    - Experimental methods codifier
    - Retroengineering and technology survey
    - Firmware R&D for a interface card based on DSP Blackfin
    - Kernel Linux refereer in order to design drivers
    - IP telephony dedicated software
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  • R&D embedded engineer
    Software development and Board Support Package (BSP) Responsible.
    - Fully integrated solution architecture
    - Design of a dedicated embedded Linux
    - Linux Device Driver development
    - Home-grown optimized toolchain setups
    - Firmware design and development
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  • R&D engineer
    Autonomous Prospective Research on Free Software firmware BIOS (aka linuxbios, now Coreboot).
    - Design of a replacement bios for 8086 machine
    - Specified a derivated project from father project
    - Project & Community Survey
    - Technical writter : deployment protocol
    - R&D prospective for company thin client market strategy
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  • R&D Engineer
    Autonomous Prospective Research on GNU/Linux releasing process & quality. Implemented a N-tier load-balanced architecture to test various quality metrics (kernel, IP stack, etc..) with Cerberus notably.

Licence Professionnelle

Caen I.U.T

2003 to 2004
Specifications & low level programming in Electronic Banking and Real Time Embedded Computing.
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Diplome Universitaire de Technologie

Le Havre I.U.T

1999 to 2000
Computer Analyst/Programmer
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  • Embedded Systems
  • Security
  • Conception / Integration / Development / Portage
  • Free & Open Source Software
  • Architecture & Design
  • Coaching , Training, Value Engineering
  • Test , Validation
  • R&D Management, Project Ownership/Partnership
  • Business Consulting
  • Telecoms, Data transmission, Networking
  • Français natif
  • English fluent speaker, writer & lecturer
  • Deutsche, Praxis zu verbessern
  • Boot : redboot/ecos, uboot, coreboot
  • RT : LinuxRT, Xenomai, Micrium
  • Merise, UML, OMT, Graphs
  • Perl, Python
  • Agile , XP
  • SQL, MySQL
  • Web CMS
  • Java
  • GNU/Linux
  • Micro-circuits, DSP, SoC 8/16/32/64 bits (with/without MMU/VFPU) : Intel, Motorola 68k, ARM7/9, ARM Cortex M/A, PowerPC8260-80, Ti, CYGNAL, ATMEL, Blackfin
  • C / C++, Assembly, Make
  • Version control : SVN, GIT, Mercurial, vcsh
  • Packaging / WMS : RPM, YUM, EMERGE, APT/DPKG, Buildroot, OpenEmbedded, LFS
  • Virtualization : VMWare, KVM, Qemu
  • Security : RNS, RSA, SHA, HDCP
  • JTAG, Wireshark
  • Sciences, Maths, Physics, Astronomy
  • Philosophy, Psychology, Live/Human sciences, Archelogy, Communication
  • Business, Economics, Strategy
  • ... about nearly everything...
  • Ligue de Football de Basse Normandie (LFBN) Official Referee