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Chris Delepierre_en

3D Printing Entrepreneur

34 ans
Permis de conduire
Villeneuve d'Ascq (59650) France
Situation professionnelle
Ouvert aux opportunités
Hi everybody !

Recently graduated from Iteem, my goal is to mix my passion for entrepreneurship, business strategy and sustainable development. I am very sensitive to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), new social business models and collaborative economy.

Passionate about Web 2.0 and mind mapping, I follow the new collaborative and communication tools on the Internet which can bring a real added value for companies and projects for an collective intelligence.

Currently, I am interested in the circular economy and 3D printing, which seems to be the next Industrial Revolution.

Thanks for your visit and see you soon !
CV réalisé sur DoYouBuzz
  • Editing of Best Practices from companies in terms of Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSR)
  • Contacting with other networks
  • "Alliances Responsible Economy Awards" ceremony 2012 & 2013 (support for the organization)
  • World Forum Lille 2012 & 2013 (Inventory of CSR measures of partners)
Détails de l'expérience
  • Enrichment of the CSE Best Practices data base
  • Improvement of the Best Practices web search engine (ergonomis, visibility)
Description de l'entreprise
The objective of the Alliances Network is to assist companies so that they improve performance while better respecting people and the environment.
  • Worldwide, Chinese and French market study, competitive environment analysis
  • Sourcing and factories visits, choice of the product range (e-bikes and electrical scooters)
  • Marketing and sales in the North of France (tax management, registration, distributors)
Détails de l'expérience
  • Importation of a container 40’ HQ (about a hundred products) from China to France, international logistics
  • Creation of a brand called “Easymove” and a commercial brochure
Site web de l'entreprise
  • Organization of conferences, workshops, business games
  • Partnerships with other associations and companies
  • Intern management, communication
Description de l'entreprise
JUMP acts on 3 main work lines: skills, networking and entrepreneurship. Its objectives are to change students’ views due to contacts with companies, to be a special link between the students and other professional associations and to encourage entrepreneurship.
  • Project Leader for Upstream Platform Project
  • Setting up of the manual sorting in the picking warehouse area
Détails de l'expérience
  • Lead a project within a Chinese way of thinking environment
  • Obtain from his colleague and partner clear commitments
  • Manage functionally the export supervisor
  • Share local and Global Logistics Vision
  • Be able to handle all the process within the logistics basis field (Reception and picking process)
  • Be the link in between all the department managers who have to work for these projects
  • Guarantee the planning
Description de l'entreprise
The purpose of Oxylane Logistics is worldwide and locally, to ensure availability by storing and delivering components and finished goods for the chosen lead-time and level of service with the best price.

You can fin a video about my experience in China on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dluu5XIKOn8
Site web de l'entreprise
  • Methods to create a business plan
  • Project management and task distribution
Description de l'entreprise
IBD is an association, which proposes business plans carrying-out for project owner. It aims also to promote Iteem to entrepreneurship society.
  • Coordinator of the advertising campaign
  • Partnership with a florist
  • Project management and distribution of tasks
  • Logistics and delivery of roses and messages
  • Management of the budget
Détails de l'expérience
  • Creation of communication media: films, website, flyers, posters, Prez, Twitter, Facebook Event
  • Creation of media-planning
  • Communication between all the partners and the actors of the project
  • Human Resource Management and Delegation
Description de l'entreprise
The "Day of Roses" is an event, organized by the student humanitarian association Human' Iteem, which suggests all the stakeholders of the school the possibility offering roses, accompanied with a personal message to the people of their choice in the school in a humanitarian and united purpose. "Let's flirt with the roses for a good cause!"
Site web de l'entreprise
  • Work on architectural design of buildings
  • Optimization and energy consumptions report of buildings
  • Real Estate Report
  • Presentation of a commercial offer
  • Result : 3rd position of the competition
Détails de l'expérience
  • Work in a team of 6 students
  • Meeting with professionals of the sustainable construction
  • Environment sensitisation
Description de l'entreprise
Norpac is a regional company in the building and public works sector. It is a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction.

Since 2006, Norpac has established a partnership between engineering schools and french and belgian universities where it is asked to think about sustainable construction problems. In 24 hours, students have to propose innovative solutions for the choice of materials, construction ways and environment protection...
Site web de l'entreprise
  • Assistant manager of the international maintenance
  • Studies on an evaporative cooling system
  • Setting up of an energetic and environmental referential
  • Information, legal and technological monitoring about maintenance and Sustainable development questions
  • Certification on energetic savings
Site web de l'entreprise
  • Brainstorming and ideas of setting-up companies
  • Business Plan
  • Presentation face to a panel of experts
  • Result : 3rd position
Détails de l'expérience
  • Work in teams of 10 students from different education types
  • Meeting with professional of the creation
Description de l'entreprise
The fair "Salon Créer" is the first euro-regional exhibition for entrepreneurship, organized in Lille every year.

The student competition "30 hours to Create" is an entrepreneurial competition. For 30 hours, the teams have to present a creative project.
Site web de l'entreprise
  • Management accounts, treasury of the association
  • In charge of the actions of self-financing
  • Elaboration of the budgets
  • Internal organization of the association: recruiting, knowledge management
  • School project between a French school and Burkina Faso children
Détails de l'expérience
  • Missions realized in the Burkina Faso in August, 2008 of implementation of an agricultural cooperative
  • Management of a budget of more than 15000 euro
  • Creation of folders for demand of grant and for the return of mission
  • Organization of a return of communication for the donors
Description de l'entreprise
Human' Iteem is a student humanitarian association which sets up international projects of solidarity in the Burkina Faso
Site web de l'entreprise
  • President of the club WinStrat at Iteem in 2009 - 2010: research for sponsors, recruitment and training of the pupils for the competition
  • Team leader ( 4 students) in 2008 - 2010: communication, project management, teamwork
  • Results in 2009: team semifinalist (18th / 95 teams)
Détails de l'expérience
  • Deploying a strategy of international development
  • Control of multiple dimensions of the company (production management, stocks, investments, marketing, logistics, ...)
  • Implementation of adequate tools of piloting and simulation
  • Identification of the control levers of profitability
Description de l'entreprise
Winstrat is a challenging game of business. The game confronts several teams in a competitive world. Through decisions in all areas (production, sales, marketing, human resources ...), teams create their virtual society, build a strategy to penetrate the market and ensure the sustainability and profitability .

At the controls of virtual enterprises positioned in a hyper competitive world, students organized into teams of 3 or 4, will have to go beyond their limits to conduct their business successfully.
Site web de l'entreprise
  • Search ideas of articles
  • Writing of articles
  • Interviews
  • Layout with the software Scribus and Quark Express
Description de l'entreprise
Student newspaper