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45 years old
Driving License
Papeete (98713) French Polynesia
Professional Status
Just looking around
About Me
Extensive experience in the tourism industry as CFO and previously in the investment banking sector.


Hotel Group Hilton & St Regis
2014 to 2017
  • Developing and implementing short term, intermediate and long term strategies to improve the value of the portfolio.
  • Financial analysis, performance tracking and ongoing review of all data and documents (revenue management data, forecast and P&L).Monthly reviews with all hotels in order to discuss monthly data and the strategies to improve performance.
  • Complete property reviews for each asset.
  • Responsible for ensuring that property specific compliance requirements are completed including accounting and quarterly reporting of financial statements, requirements of ground lessors, third party lender requirements, local taxing and zoning authorities.
  • Also responsible for supporting both internal and external counsel,accountants and other consultants in property specific issues that may occur.
  • Responsible for assuring that capital projects are completed on time and within budget in cooperation with the design and construction group or third parties.


Hotel Group Hilton & St Regis
January 2008 to January 2013
French Polynesia
  • HOTEL GROUP HILTON & ST REGIS - €40M - 650 people French Polynesia
    Owning Company of four 5-star hotels : 3 HILTON under Franchise Agreement &
    1 St REGIS under Starwood Management Contract

    • Finance: audit et restructuring of the Group’s debt (€70M- reduction of financial costs by €800k). Analysis and achievement of capital increase operations. Profitability analysis and follow-up of investments projects. Companies financial valuation (Net Worth value, Goodwill calculation)
    • Projects: financing & follow-up of renovation & construction projects: renovation of Hilton Moorea (€8M) in 2009-2010, Renovation of St Regis Bora Bora (€6M) in 2011-2012. Construction of 56 apartments for St Regis staff (€5M) in 2012-2013
    • Treasury: negotiation of short-term credit lines. Implementation of cash flow budgets and reporting. Anticipation of cash needs. Management of a Group cash pooling company: legal framework, follow-up & accounting of financial movements
    • Owner representative: Exclusive interlocutor of Licensor and Management Companies. Negotiation with Hilton (400k€ annual reduction of fees, implementation of Redemption Program). Control of Management Companies performance.
    • Operational Management: monthly Owner meetings with General Managers and Management Companies: supervising of key operational decisions, hotels financials, accountings and procedures, capex.
    • Legal: negotiation and follow-up of Franchise and Management contracts, loans and mortgage contracts. In charge of the legal files and suits of the Group with Group’s lawyers. Merger analysis between affiliated Group companies.
    • Accounting: Bi-yearly closings of the Owning Company financial accounts. Elaboration of the Group companies’ financial statements and review with auditors. Elaboration of management reports and financials appendix
    • Taxation: structuring and funding of investment operations to benefit from the French Tax Incentives (3 operations, €20M). Collection of VAT credits (€8M on St Regis construction cost, 600k€ on Hilton Bora)
    • Insurance: management of the insurance file related to St Regis building damages and operating loss after OLI cyclone in February 2010: communication with the insurance company and collection of the €3.5M indemnity
    • Liquidation: closing of Hilton Tahiti in 2010: supervising of the redundancy program of 180 employees (legal & financial), take-over of the hotel accountings and clearing of accounts, termination agreements with Licensor & Management Cie
    • IT Systems: launching & management of a project aimed at harmonizing the Group general and analytical accounting system Navision (2008). Launching of a project aimed at using Navision stocks module (2011)
    • HR Management: recruitment and supervising of the hotels’ financial controllers. Participation in the recruitment of managers over €50k annual salary (Hotels’ GM mainly). Evaluation of GM’s performances and annual bonus
    • Other activities: supervising of a boat transfer company dedicated to the hotels ‘clients and staff (€1.5M annual turnover, 25 employees). Recruitment of the company manager, financing of new boats. Control of operating costs


Tahiti Nui Travel
September 2005 to December 2007
  • Inbound Tour Operator) - 80M - 200 people French Polynesia
    · Finance: funding of the transport fleet investments through the French Tax Incentive system, recapitaliza-
    tion of companies, loan contracts negotiation, investments in local financial operation to benefit from local
    tax credits
    · Reporting: implementation of a monthly reporting system. Financial analysis of the results and recom-
    mandation. Analysis of the cost centers' profitability
    · Budgets: conception of the Group companies' budgets and cash flow forecasts
    · Accounting: management of the project aimed at using the accounting functions of the reservation sys-
    tem (Tourplan). Modernization and harmonization of the working methods accross departments. Interface
    tools development
    · Management: Group insurance files, implementation of inter-company invoicing, definition and implemen-
    tation of new processes for the ticketing activity (AMADEUS front-mid-back office), improvement of internal


Bank of Scotland
June 2003 to 2005
  • BANK OF SCOTLAND ­ 21 connections - 400M Madrid
    · Management of operations: 6 LBO operations and 1 acquisition finance transaction. Communication with
    Private Equity Funds, with the syndicated banks and the companies' management teams. Analysis of the
    companies' performance : monthly financial analysis, attendance to executive committees, analysis of wai-
    ver requests, review of legal issues (covenants, undertakings)
    · Analysis of the investment risk in syndicated operations: analysis of sectors, financial results, business
    plans of the target companies. Risk assessment of the operation
    · Reporting : implementation of reporting and portfolio management tools. Implementation of a new system
    for risk rating
    · Financial analysis: quarterly analysis of the portfolio connections : corporate, projects (real estate, tele-
    com, utilities), structured and acquisition finance
    · Internal communication: montly reporting to the Scotland-based European management team, attendan-
    ce at meetings to create a pan-European portfolio, intermediary for internal and external auditors


BNP Paribas
January 2001 to 2003
  • BNP PARIBAS Madrid
    · Elaboration of credit proposals for Spanish and international companies (energy, public works, media,
    services). Sector, strategy and financial analysis. Info Memorandum of syndicated operations
    · Risk assessment : analysis of indebtedness ratios, risk/revenues ratios
  • Performance tracking and ongoing review of all data and documents (revenue management data, forecast and P&L).Monthly reviews with all hotels in order to discuss monthly data and the strategies to improve performance.
  • Monthly Owner meetings with General Managers and Management Companies: supervising of key operational decisions, hotels financials, accountings and procedures, capex.


ESSEC Business School

September 1997 to June 2001
Finance, Accounting, Law

ACA (Professional Training)

French Diploma of DCG

September 2008 to June 2011
Accounting, Law, Finance,