Ludovic Simon

Founder and CEO

A graduate of ISTIA in innovation management and totally passionate about the web, Ludovic Simon is the founder and CEO of DoYouBuzz.

Ludovic has always had his eye on new ways of applying of digital technology to the real-life situations. That's why in 2006, while working in web marketing at the Benchmark Group, his intuition told him that the resume could not remain shackled to the word processor! At 25, Ludovic created DoYouBuzz with the mission to provide the best resume service on the market.

Ludovic orchestrates the company strategy, specifically leading product design and business development.

Ludovic is also the founder of the Cantine numérique (Digital Canteen) in Nantes and is president and cofounder of Atlantic 2.0, a network of 200 innovation actors in Western France.

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Jéremie Pottier

Co-founder, COO

Jérémie graduated from the University of Versailles, where kings and queens go to study web strategy. He is a specialist in product development and management. Over the last 10 years, Jérémie has played many roles: graphic designer, video editor, developer, journalist, web marketer and product manager.

Jérémie is COO and joined the DoYouBuzz adventure at the very start. His versatility, expertise in designing web applications and his top managerial qualities make him the operational linchpin of the company. He also coordinates the company's R&D projects.

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Julien Maleinge

Co-founder, Business developer

Julien graduated from ESC Bretagne Brest. He's always been interested in new technology and design. After spending two years at Benchmark Group, he joined DoYouBuzz at the very beginning, leading marketing and sales. Today he heads up the company's B2B and B2C marketing and business development efforts.

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Erwan Busnel

Administrative and Financial director

Erwan graduated from the Ecole des Mines and the Institute d'économie et de management in Nantes, France. After serving as CFO in several companies, he came to DoYouBuzz to guide the company's growth. His specialties: financial strategy and organization.

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Ludovick Sauvaget

Web designer and Front End Developer

Do you think DoYouBuzz is a sexy app? Have you ever had such a classy resume? You can thank Dolu, web designer and associate. Dolu has been trained in a school of applied arts and brings us his designs and creativity for a great User XP.

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Eric Cambray


Virtuoso of PHP, master of the database, advocate of Clean coding and disciple of Zend, Eric is the CTO at DoYouBuzz. Special skills: he fixes bugs in the blink of an eye.

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Thomas Belin

Symfony2 Developer

Versatile developer and Symfony2 expert, Thomas is insatiable, his mission is to get through as much code as possible.

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Let's not forget to thank all those who were part of this project at one point or another : Manu, Evy, Florent, Romain, Vincent, Bobby, Papatte, Thomas, Leny, Arthur, Andry and Dalou...

Amazing mentors and shareholders

Jerome Ternynck, SmartRecruiters

Jerome is CEO of SmartRecruiters, which means he is an entrepreneur with his heart in recruiting and his soul in technology. We learn from him week after week and he helps us get eyes and ears in the Silicon Valey where he lives.

@jerometernynck SmartRecruiters

Stéphane Distinguin, faberNovel

Stéphane is the founder and CEO of faberNovel. As a French entrepreneur and activist in the field of new technology and innovation, Stéphane played an important role in the creation of the co-working spaces of the ‘Cantines” network, is chairman of Cap Digital and member of the French Digital Council and honorary chairman of Silicon Sentier. His advices are priceless since the very launch of DoYouBuzz since he wass one of the first to believe in us.


Bertrand Bailly, Davidson Consulting

Successfull entrepreneur as CEO of Davidson, Bertrand had his mind blown by DoYouBuzz's resume and decided to become first a customer then a shareholder. He has this down to hearth practical mind of someone who went from 2 to 1000 employees in the eight years of existence of his company and his always keen to help us with business and administrative issues.

Davidson Consulting

And let's not forget Vincent Guillois (Abab, The Links), Pierre-Yves Platini (PinK), Clément Alteresco (faberNovel), le trio AVS (Intuiti), Thomas Neveux (Clipperton Finances), Thierry Petit (Showroom privé), Laurent Thibaut (Oscar), Pierre Voillet (Bambou, Océanet Technologie), Cédric Meunier (Bambou, Cissel) et Franck le Breton (Abab, Qos Energy).<br>Finaly, we'll always keep in mind two co-founders : Eric Simon and Jérôme Maleinge.

All together, we are a 7-member band with an average of 30.5 years on the planet. Our passion is technology and our method is simple. We observe how things work and we imagine better solutions. We came around to creating DoYouBuzz because we realized that recruiting is still shackled to tools that no longer make sense given current technology and emerging practices. Our team is based in Nantes, France and San Francisco.


Webby Awards 2011

iHR Awards 2011