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Thierry Agagliate


Lausanne Suisse
Visionary, innovative & strategic leader
Social entrepreneur with high impact program's achievements
Transformation manager with solid experience in digital transformation
System thinker at ease with complex and multi-factor problem solving
Lausanne, Switzerland
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Terre des hommes foundation
Since April 2005

Head of Innovation

Terre des hommes foundation
Since September 2016
  • As part of Tdh 2030 vision I'm leading the implementation of a strategy to bolster our global impact through innovation. The unit I've built works as an in house incubator stimulating, scouting and accompanying most promising ideas addressing key needs or challenges met by children, youth and professionals we work for.
  • Activities includes a yearly ideation challenge, an innovation fund and two laboratories, one in the domain of big Data & Artificial Intelligence for health and the second on digital innovations for youth empowerment. I've the privilege to lead a team of a dozen of talented persons with solid expertise in the domain of ICT4D, business development and design thinking.
  • Our flagship innovation, Integrated e-Diagnostic Approach improves quality of health care for two and half million children every year in Burkina Faso hanks to an ambitious digital strategy (www.ieda-project.org) funded by Bill
  • & Melinda Gate Foundation, the Global Fund, Cloudera and GIZ (+20 million USD raised).

Head of Eastern Europe Sector

Terre des hommes foundation
August 2012 to August 2016
  • In charge of supervising the development of 5 countries programs in the field of child protection, child migration and juvenile justice (Albania, Kosovo, Romania, Moldova & a regional hub led from Budapest).
  • Led the development of a 5 years strategy for Europe. Created the conditions to reinforce both quality intervention and fund raising performance (multiplied two-fold during my mandate). Restructured the entire region for higher agility and responsiveness to program's needs, including the 2014-15 refugees crisis hrough-out up to 16 countries of interventions.
  • Led the development of a strategy and a digital platform transforming the way we build local capacities in the region (www.childhub.org)

Country Director, Burkina Faso

Terre des hommes foundation
2009 to July 2012
Burkina Faso
  • Led Tdh country team and programs in Burkina Faso.
  • Health and Nutrition: In support to 2 sanitary districts, prevention and management of acute malnutrition (CMAM). Management of an innovative eimbursement scheme ensuring free primary health care access for
  • 100,000 children under 5 & pregnant women. With the support of Tdh, this scheme was then adopted by the Government of Burkina Faso and scaled for the all country.
  • Designed and introduce successfully the first digital diagnostic job aid in Africa in 100 rural clinics (see www.ieda-project.org). IeDA is currently rolled ou tin
  • 800 clinics improving quality of care for two milion children under 5.
  • Child Protection: Direct assistance and protection to +4000 children exploited in gold mines and in main towns as domestic workers or beggars. Leading ole in the development of local and national child protection systems in partnership with the Ministry of social welfare and key international child protection players.
  • Juvenile Justice: piloted the first alternatives measures to imprisonment for dozens of children in conflict with the law (CSO, penal mediation etc).
  • Funding: ECHO, UNICEF, ILO-IPEC, Bill & Melinda Gate Foundation, Taiwan
  • Liechtenstein and Swiss Aid agencies (Fund secured multiplied by 5 during my mandate)
  • Team: 97 persons (3 expatriates).

Country Director Albania, Greece

Terre des hommes foundation
April 2005 to December 2008
  • Child Protection/child trafficking: Management of a transnational program against Child trafficking between Albania, Greece and Kosovo targeting more han 1000 suspected victims of trafficking and thousands of children at risk, mostly children Roma on the move.
  • In partnership with a coalition of NGOs, 6 municipalities and 3 Ministries development of a multi-actors strategy aiming at building a national Child protection system able to address child trafficking and other child protection issues. The system involved municipal social services (creation of Child Protection units), schools (development of Child protection mechanisms and referrals mechanisms) and communities (empowerment of Roma and Egyptian parent groups).
  • We experimented one of the very first digital experience for Tdh with the development of a case management software for social services.
  • Juvenile Justice: Prevention of juvenile delinquency and development of restorative measures for minors in conflict with the law.
  • Funding: USAID, Hellenik Aid, Swedish, Norwegians and Austrian Aid agencies, UNICEF and Oak foundation (multiplied twofold)
  • Team: about 50 persons in Albania and 15 in Kosovo +1 partner in Greece.

Head of Post Tsunami

Handicap International
2005 to March 2005
  • Bandah Aceh
  • Led the first emergency response for the victims of the Tsunami in Aceh through a direct medical intervention in the fields of physiotherapy and orthopedic devices.
  • Ensured the ground for the longer term presence of the organization in the country, including its registration and the initiation of three longer term projects:
  • Capacity building for two medical rehabilitation national schools
  • Development of Community Base Rehabilitation services at primary health care level
  • Accessibility standards in the reconstruction effort (in partnership with UN- Habitat).
  • Funding: ECHO-HI
  • Team: about 50 persons with up to 16 expatriates in short term missions

Regional Director South-East Europe

Handicap International
2002 to July 2004
  • Serbia
  • Elaborated a five-year strategy for the equalization of Rights and opportunities for people with disabilities in the region. Re-orientation and merging of
  • 7 country based programs into a single regional platform (large scale restructuration impacting +200 staffs). Conducted transition from post emergency actions towards longer term Development projects.
  • Development of a regional campaigning and capacity building project (Share- See) with more than 200 Disable People Organization (DPOs) in Serbia
  • Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Romania. Focus on Human Rights, empowerment and policy making.
  • Funding: DFID, US State Department, US Marshall Fund, EIDHR, UNICEF
  • Luxembourg and French Aid agencies
  • Team: From +200 to about 35 staffs (including 6 expats), located in 6 countries.


Handicap International
April 1998 to August 2001

Regional director for India

Handicap International
September 1999 to August 2001
  • Implemented a three-year project aiming at mainstreaming disability issues into existing Development programs (Community Approach of Handicap in Development, CAHD). A community based program developed in partnership with a wide range of local and international actors including Action Aid
  • Plan International, SCF, UNICEF. Implementation in 2 countries Nepal and
  • Bangladesh.
  • Management of projects supporting the development of Orthopedic workshops using appropriate technologies.
  • Coordinate HI limited scale emergency responses in Bangladesh (after floods) and in Gujarat (earthquake). Coordinate the setting up of a Country
  • Representation in Bangladesh and in India.
  • Funding: EC (DG8), DFID, AUS-AID, SDC.
  • Team: 30 local staff + 7 expats

HR Project Officer

Handicap International
April 1998 to August 1999
  • Région de Lyon, France
  • Coordinated the creation of a professional statute for HI expatriates (from volunteers to salarees) + assisted the South Asia Desk manager in the establishment of HI strategy in Nepal, India and Bangladesh

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Leuphana University of Lüneburg

December 2019

Master's degree - Management

Marseille Université

December 1997 to December 1998

Master's degree - Law


December 1989 to December 1994

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