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Stephane Portha

  • Mobile Games
  • Game Development
  • Online Gaming
  • MMO



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Stephane Portha is a passionate video game developer with years of experience developing modern video games and applications. Since the 1980's, Stephane Portha has been a pioneer in the video game industry with several great accomplishments under his belt. Over the years, Stephane Portha took part in creating some of the most innovative gaming products which are still available today.
Stephane Portha first discovered his passion in 1972 after playing the ever-popular Pong and was able to showcase his talents in 1980 when he developed the game Tanks. Thanks to his development of Eurocenter in 1989, Stephane Portha was able to focus his attention onto developing new video game projects. In 1998, he successfully launched with Stefan Knorr one of the first massive multiplayer games ever on Windows PC called "GraalOnline Classic". This MMO game allows you to interact online with thousands of other players in a medieval world, but keeps it simple with its animated design. All the players can customize their characters and their surroundings in an ever-expanding world. In 2007, Stephane Portha created Eurocenter Games, which successfully launched Graalonline Zone as the first ever MMO game for smartphones.
Stephane Portha's passion continues to flourish as does his accomplishments. Still to this day, Eurocenter Games continues to run revolutionary games designed for a variety of desktop and mobile applications. GraalOnline has expanded to three different games available on multiple iOS and Android platforms. GraalOnline Classic+, Zone+ and Era+ are all available for download on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. GraalOnline Era+, the newest of the three games, lets you immerse yourself into a modern city life where you can create your own gangster empire and coordinate with your friends. Stephane Portha is still the owner and CEO of Eurocenter Games and continues to develop new innovative games for the masses.



Eurocenter Games
Depuis janvier 1989
  • Développement de jeux en réseau.

Co Founder

1997 à 2000
  • Creation of the company LINUX / work on the LINUX system

Project Manager

1995 à 1996
  • Project manager of the platform France Telecom, creation of Wanadoo
  • Utilization of the satellite to link American and French networks => launching the Internet in FRANCE

Pioneer of networks

Channel 4
1986 à 1988
  • Pioneer of networks working with the company channel4 on the first version of Minitel


  • Management
  • Développement