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Raychel Jones

Executive Assistant

Professional Status
About Me
I am a dynamic, solution-focused,and self driven professional with sturdy experience optimizing business performance through innovation management, marketing strategy development, increased client retention, and project management. Adept at leading complex marketing operations and generating customized solutions for diverse companies
I have built and maintained lasting relationships, leveraging excellent communication skills to converse with clarity and diplomacy with individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise. I am an out-of-the-box thinker committed to making continuous improvements in program management, content production, and digital media marketing.
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  • Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, Country
  • Dressing Room Coordinator for Byron Allen’s inaugural Grio Awards
  • Maintain a top-tier hospitable and accommodating environment for artists and touring personnel in all backstage spaces
  • Making experience personal or customized to artists interests, various touchpoints for both the artist and crew, celebrations/milestones or appreciation
  • Work in tandem with venue team to identify under-utilized backstage areas that could be transformed into spaces of comfort
  • Responsible for all expenses through maintaining a cash rectification sheet and keeping a log of all receipts of expenses
  • Responsible for all expenses through maintaining a cash rectification sheet and keeping a log of all receipts of expenses
  • Assists touring crew with set-up/tear-down of dressing rooms offices; including moving of tables, lamps, chairs, etc.
  • Advance and coordinate between tour production and catering staff to ensure rider requirements can be met at needed time on budget.
  • Assist local and tour production teams in meeting rider specifications by production and performance artist.
  • Set up the artist catering within green rooms,upkeep rooms as well as stock all back stage areas according to advanced hospitality rider at requested times.
  • Keep track of catering inventory for advances and billing purposes.
  • Consistently communicate between caterer and production staff for such changes as requests pertaining to rider, timing and or added tasks or special needs for the day.
  • Ability to be flexible and quickly interchange positions depending on staffing and needs of artist and/or production team.
  • Planning and organizing quarterly Songwriter Bootcamp and Masterclasses
  • Coordinating Gifting Suites for VIP Guest
  • Handling accommodations for music industry guest
  • Connect songwriters to music publishers
  • Coordinate monthly educational events for producers and songwriters
  • Coordinate Bi Annual “Pen Game” Songwriters Retreat
  • Coordinate Songwriter camps for major and independent labels
  • Creating strategic marketing tactics to reach songwriters across the country
  • Event Planning
  • Event Budgeting
  • Responsible for ensuring the best possible experience for the artists during the duration of the award show
  • Setting up and maintaining the dressing rooms décor, garments and the accessories used by the artists.
  • Utilizing time management skills to resolve issues for clients, and deliver favorable results.
  • Setting up stage waters, towels, after show towels, etc.
  • Ensure a hospitable environment for artist at the venue.
  • Fulfilling all band, and personal requests for food/beverage while at the venue to ensure the best possible experience for the artist.
  • Under the direction of the production manager, I assisted in fulfilling the needs of the artists.
  • Running errands and filling hospitality contracts.
  • Followed and taught lesson plans assigned, by a permanent teacher for students' in grades Kindergarten through the 12th grade.
  • Increased reading level scores for standardized testing
  • Managed a class of 25 - 30 students.
  • Guide students through planned activities and tend to their physical needs.
  • Maintained effective classroom management strategies and applied advanced teaching capabilities in all subject areas.
  • Determine appropriate consequences for inappropriate student behavior and write a report for the teacher about the class's events.
  • Proven track record of increasing standardized
    test scores among my students
  • Mentorship and training leadership skills
  • Planning and organizing monthly Producers Competition; “I Beat Daily” The Official Producers Battle, and Behind The Beats.
  • Train and manage staff responsible for event coordination activities
  • Promote the event using flyers, cold calling, and social media as examples of ways to spark attention
  • Marketing and Promotions
  • Set up, maintence, and break down of show equipment.
  • Event Budgeting
  • Book venue and negotiate fees.
  • Maintained a high level of familiarity with production trends, presenters, and current events, responding to phone calls and promotional appearances.
  • Managed a wide range of weekly shows and coordinated guest meetings, including production crews and sub-anchoring and production duties.
  • Oversaw celebrity and expert guest’s live interviews in addition to researching, editing topics and current events.
  • Created and implemented an effective content calendar, coordinated live interviews promptly, ensuring proper standards and requirements.
  • Booking of guest

A&R Executive Assistant

April 2012 to September 2015
United States - Georgia
  • Executive Assistant to Ray Daniels, Senior VP or A&R at Epic Records
  • Liaise between supervisor, artist, primary contacts and primary clients.
  • Screen and prioritize incoming calls
  • Managing and prioritizing demo tape submissions
  • Arrange all travel for VP and clients
  • Calendar management
  • Showcase coordinating
  • Organize expense reports
  • Track and process invoices
  • Assist in booking studio sessions for every phase of the project (recording, mixing and mastering)
  • Confirm and coordinate personnel and equipment needs for each phase of recording
  • Attend studio sessions when necessary
  • Prepare AFM (musicians’ union) session reports
  • Obtain necessary forms from musicians and singers
  • Created invoices for proceed payments
  • Acting as link between Clients and engineers