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pot meter


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Potentiometer is a type of variable resistor, it is usually composed of a resistor body and a rotating or sliding system, that is, a moving contact moves on the resistor body to obtain part of the voltage output.
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Rectifier and lead end, potentiometer collector, also known as conductive ring, collector is an electrical connection component between lead end and contact reed. The collector has good conductivity, low contact resistance, high mechanical strength and good wear resistance with the contact reed. Usually brass, aluminum or aluminum alloy; Some materials need electroplating protection layer.

The collector of metal glass glaze potentiometer is formed by burning the silver layer on the porcelain substrate. The collector of organic synthetic solid core potentiometer can be pressed by low resistance conductive powder. Lead out end, potentiometer lead out end is the resistance of the two fixed end and a variable end of the brush lead out and external circuit connected components. The potentiometer that takes switch still has switch lead rui. Tap type potentiometer and tap lead end, it is in the effective electrical travel on a point of the lead wiring.

All leads and internal should have good electrical connection. Potentiometer lead end should have good electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, and has a certain bending, tensile mechanical strength and good weldability.

The leading end of the common materials are brass and iron nickel alloy, often using nickel plating, tin, silver, gold and so on as a protective layer. Rotating shaft, slide handle, screw rotating shaft is a rotating potentiometer into rotating motion components; The slide handle is a component of the straight slide potentiometer. Screw is a component of screw - driven potentiometer which leads to many rotatory movements. They are combined with other sliding contact members or rotating members to form a driving mechanism.

Driving mechanism is a general term for the component that drives the moving contact (brush) to slide along the resistance body by introducing mechanical motion from the outside. It is called rotating system in rotating potentiometer.

In the straight slide type potentiometer is called sliding system. Potentiometer rotating shaft has high dimensional accuracy and finish, to ensure smooth rotation or sliding, feel good, small noise; It should also have a certain mechanical strength, to ensure that there is no deformation and fracture in the transfer of force. These components are assembled in the potentiometer towel with all electrical components absolutely forever.