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Mohamed Oussama Laribi

Data Scientist

Professional Status
About Me
Adaptable Data Scientist with knowledge of application development, configuration management, and database design. Aiming to leverage my abilities to successfully fill the vacancy on your team. Frequently praised for communication by my peers, I can be relied upon to help your team achieve its goals.
Resume created on DoYouBuzz
  • • Extracted and analyzed data from diverse websites using web scraping techniques and leveraged data visualization tools to generate interactive dashboards; supplied actionable insights that perfected marketing campaigns and increased customer acquisition by 30%.
    • Developed and deployed automated bots using Selenium to streamline repetitive tasks across 10+ websites; saved an average of 15 hours per week and refined overall team productivity by 40%.
    • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple tasks while remaining adaptable and flexible.
    • Developed automated scripts to cleanse data prior to analysis.
Company website
  • • Engineered an innovative OCR (Optical Character Recognition) solution, leveraging deep learning algorithms to achieve 95% accuracy in character recognition, cutting errors and saving 300+ hours annually.
    • Deployed advanced OCR engine to automate extraction of accounting data from scanned invoices and expense reports from distinct types, resulting in an 80% reduction in manual data entry time and revamped accuracy by 95%.
    • Performed feature engineering on high dimensional datasets in order to improve accuracy of predictive models.
    • Utilized natural language processing algorithms to extract insights from unstructured text data sets.
    • Performed feature engineering by transforming raw data into features that can be used by ML algorithms.