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Mihai Gatman

Full Stack Web Developer

Mihai Gatman
32 years old
Driving License
Chisinau (MD2026) Moldova
Professional Status
About Me
I'm a senior in programming languages as: PHP, JavaScript, Ruby. Also have good skills in HTML, CSS.

Have big experience in working with frameworks for PHP: Yii, Yii2, Symfony 1.4, Symfony2+, Codeigniter, Laravel and Zend.

Developed some bundles for Symfony and a small library for Angular. Check out on my github

Have good knowledge in Angular2+ and AdgularMaterial. Developed a couple of apps on it.

Version Control: worked with GIT and SVN.

I’m doing good in teamwork. Can quickly understand code written by someone else.
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Web Developer

Since 2013
  • Developed Redmine plugins on RubyOnRails
  • Migrated a PHP based webapp to Ruby. RubyOnRails framework was used for this. Main purpose of the app was sending sms-es. Beside frontend, there also was a backend part for administration and statistics for the users.
  • Started and developed the project till it start. Then I quit but remained in support for very exceptional situations
  • Developer for Project was written on Symfony2
  • Developer for written on Symfony 1.4
  • This project was developed by me with a friend on a private framework. When project was live, we quit. Client decided to hire a local developer for support
  • Developed a Payment Gateway for WordPress for that is accepting payments through
    App was developed with Symfony3 framework. Later migrated to Symfony 4
  • was developed with Symfony3 framework. Later migrated to Symfony 4
  • Was responsible for developing an App based on Angular6 as Frontend and Symfony4 in backand as an API. Was used AngularMaterial to achieve a Mobile friendly UI/UX
  • 4Suites Project - working as a full stack developer / team lead. Responsible for integrating new technologies.
  • System architect. Working on migrating old monolith applicatoion to a new Microservice based architecture.
  • Developing 2 Apps: Frontend based on Angular and backend as API on Symfony 3.4
  • Support of legacy app developed on Symfony1 framework
  • Developing from scratch an API based on existing features from legacy application. API is based on Symfony3 framework
  • Migrating from old application to new API, with new DB structure. Migration should be done step by step, by creating services that can be used in legacy app.
  • Integration / code review of new employees
  • My main responsibility was to be a Main Developer for project Project was implemented with Symfony2 framework.
  • My responsability also was to convert PSD to HTML5+CSS3+JS for
  • Developed API that allow communicating between client desktop application (Windows|Mac) with MyVPN application.
  • Billing part of the project is using WHMCS. Developed for it a theme and some plugins
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Team Lead

Optimum Web Moldova
November 2013 to August 2014

Web Developer

June 2013 to October 2013
  • Started the work in this company by developing a small application on jQuery Mobile and Codeigniter framework in backend
  • Main Developer and Team Lead for Project was developed on Prestashop 1.5
  • In free time, the company was giving to me training on Project Management

Web Developer

Avantaj Prim
February 2013 to May 2013
  • Web Developer for financial projects. One of them is . Projects were developed on a private framework

Web Developer

January 2011 to March 2013
  • Team-Lead and Main Developer for We used here a private framework that was based on Codeigniter and RubyOnRails. My main responsibility was to maintain and to support this framework.
  • Main Developer of developed on Codeigniter. Later this project was rewritten on RubyOnRails
  • In free time was teaching the team about new features in PHP5 or best practices in web development
  • Also I was integrating new employers in our team

Web Developer

December 2009 to 2010

Bachelor's Information Technologies

Technical University of Moldova

September 2006 to June 2011
  • Symfony
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Angular
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • English