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Mariachiara Fortuna

Mariachiara Fortuna

Data Scientist

31 years old
Torino Italia
Freelancer Open to opportunities
As a freelance data scientist I take care of the flow that transforms data into information. In 2019 I have co founded VanLog, a team of data scientists providing data science training and full stack data science solutions using open source techniques. Typically all our projects provide the client with new functionalities embodied in private new R packages, and are accompanied with training on the job sessions.
All the tools that are needed to understand and communicate data are part of our business, from statistical modeling to DevOps techniques, from report automation to creation of data applications and integration via API.

I have a wide experience in R and statistics training, especially teaching to a non technical audience. I have developed and taught academic frontal lessons as well as corporate training classes.
Finally, I am the organizer of several R related events (workshops, meetings, learnathons). In 2020 I was the chair of e-Rum2020, the main European R conference, planned in Milano and turned into the larger virtual R conference ever, with 2.000 attendees and ~150 speakers from all around the world.
Resume created on DoYouBuzz
  • Media Italia - Armando Testa group:
    Development of Marketing Mix models in order to optimize advertising mix and media planning with respect to sales revenue
  • J.K. Dagsvik (research support):
    Development of a stated preferences survey for testing the hypothesis underlying the stated preferences models in the job market field
  • CWS:
    Machine Learning frontal lessons (80 hours class)
  • Mopar FCA via Reply:
    Time series analysis and KPI modeling for marketing effect models
  • Comune di Milano e Torino:
    Data science training: data manipulation and analysis with R
  • IGP Decaux via CGnal:
    Geomarketing algorithms development
Company Description
VanLog is a team of data scientists with the focus of bringing full stack data science solutions to small and medium enterprises.
Company website
  • Chair of the 2020 European R Users Meeting, on-site conference turned into virtual event: a 4 day international R conference with 2.000 attendees and ~150 speakers. See
  • Content editor of the MilanoR blog (over 250k users/year) + MilanoR social channels (~4k subscribers)
  • Events organizer: R workshops, R learnathons and R users meetings. The events involved the participation, between the others, of Microsoft, RStudio, H2O, Comune di Milano.
Detailed Description
  • I have co-founded the R-Labs, monthly group meetings where users work on a problem related to data science, which would have occurred in our territory and proposed by a company or university or organization.The goal of each meeting is to develop a feasible solution for the problem, and publish the developed code through Github. The R-Lab Github: (projects with EarthCloud, Comune di Milano, INGM)
Company website

Lecturer of Machine Learning & Big Data

Master in Data Science, Turin University
May 2019
  • Frontal lessons. The class was an introduction to big data and related machine learning methods using R
  • Data Scientist: supporting data science project for national and international brands, with a special focus on automatic reporting and modelling strategies. All the projects provided the client with new functionalities embodied in private new R packages
  • R Training management: content planning and training organization. Courses range from R programming to data visualization, from machine learning to R with big data.
  • Technical communication management: communication planning; partnerships and sponsorships management.
Detailed Description
  • Technologies: R, Wordpress, MailUp, Eventbrite
  • As data scientist I am involved in projects aimed at enhancing customers data and communicating them, especially through automated reports. Projects included companies as Energy Team, Tetra Pak, Cuebiq
  • More details about R courses here:
  • As communication manager, I represented the company in international conferences, events and hackathons (as mentor).
Company Description
Quantide is a provider of consulting services and training courses about Data Science and Big Data. It’s specialized in R, the open source software for statistical computing.
Company website
  • Development of functions and tools for stable and self-similar distributions; application in the field of temperature time series and income time series
Detailed Description
  • Technology: R
  • This collaboration started as an internship in Statistics Norway, that led to the Master thesis "Temperature fluctuation: the use of a probabilistic fractal model to investigate climate change"
  • Part of the work is contained in the paper "How Does the Temperature Vary over Time? Evidence on the Stationary and Fractal Nature of Temperature Fluctuations". The paper has been widely debated in the Norwegian press, expecially in the newspapers Dag og Tid and Aftenposten
Company Description
Norway's central institution for producing official statistics. SSB is an independent institution under the Ministry of Finance
  • Frontal lessons. The class was an introduction to regression and classification methods, and to the use of R for data analysis and data modelling
Detailed Description
  • The full and original material is available in Github at: mariachiarafortuna/machineLearningClass
Company Description
I and II level Master from the "Università per Stranieri Dante Alighieri"
  • Data Mining for Ikea Italia loyalty program: customers profiling and next best offer as support for CRM actions
  • Advanced Analytics supporting national and international corporates' loyalty programs, including Samsung, Philip Morris, Enel, Eni
  • Senior Advanced Analytics supporting Genius System, a system of intelligent couponing based on the analysis of loyalty program transactional data
Detailed Description
Company Description
Seri Jakala is the top firm in Italy and one of the top 5 in Europe in marketing services.
Company website
  • Teaching support in the PLS project (2016): teaching data analysis with R to high school students
  • Teaching support for the discipline of Environmental Statistics (2012): drafted exercises about biodiversity indexes and evolution models
  • Teaching support for the discipline of Multivariate Statistical Analysis (2011-2012): use of SPSS for the implementation of linear and logistic regression, cluster analysis, principal components and factor analysis
Detailed Description
  • Technologies: R, SPSS
Company Description
The University of Milano-Bicocca was founded as autonomous organization on June, 10th 1998. In the Times Higher Education rankings 2015 dedicated to the best hundred universities with less than 50 years, the University was ranked 24th in the world, 1st in Italy
  • Analysed data on property confiscation through organized crime, with particular reference to the confiscated companies and their subsequent management by the government
Detailed Description
  • Technologies: R, SAS
Company Description
Government agency aimed at the administration of the mafia confiscated properties