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Luis Horta e Costa

Co-Founder, Square View

Luis Horta e Costa
Professional Status
About Me
Based in Lisbon, Portugal, Luis Horta e Costa is a founding partner of SquareView - a property development capital firm that has been in operation since 2016.

Prior to his time with SquareView, Luis Horta e Costa spent more than three decades of his career with Espirito Santo Group. His relationship with that organization began in Brazil before he eventually relocated to Angola. All throughout this time, he personally had a hand in the development of more than 250,000 square meters of real estate projects.
Also during this time he co-founded Habitat Investment - an investment firm based in Lisbon.

He exited his relationship with that company by selling his shares back to shareholders in 2008.
During his career he was a notable shareholder of Vale do Lobo Resort. He participated in that organization's activities in a non-executive role before again selling his shares - this time to the ECS investment fund.

Today, Luis Horta e Costa focuses the majority of his time on SquareView - an organization dedicated to both prime and emerging markets in both Lisbon and the surrounding areas.

SquareView offers clients not only decades of combined experience in real estate, but also a level of in-depth market knowledge and the type of networking that allows Luis Horta e Costa and his colleagues to quickly identify and propose the most significant properties in the area.

In 2016, SquareView was able to use a significant capital investment from several high net-worth individuals to expand its presence into Cascals.
Luis Horta e Costa and his colleagues are notable for their extensive experience in not only real estate development bot also investment banking, project management and more.

Above all else, the team at SquareView believes that the element that separates them from so many other companies in the industry comes down to the strength of the local network they've developed over the years. This, coupled with the fact that they tailor all of their investment recommendations to the individual needs of each client, serve as their major competitive advantage.

When he's not hard at work, Luis Horta e Costa enjoys playing tennis.
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Habitat Investment
2004 to 2008