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Luciano De Vries


34 years old
Gorinchem (4206 CE) Netherlands
Professional Status
About Me
Luciano de Vries is a serial entrepreneur, tax lawyer, and business executive who has found success across a wide variety of industries in both the United States and Europe.

Born in the Netherlands, de Vries began work at an early age. By the age of 12, he was spending his spare time working a minimum salary job at the local supermarket. When he wasn’t at school or work, he could be found on the soccer field. When it came to leaving for college, he had a highly developed work ethic that would serve him well throughout the subsequent years.

While earning a degree in tax law at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, he started a side job promoting parties and events. His precocious understanding of business and his naturally social personality was the perfect for the job. After two years of promoting and organizing social mixers for the university’s football and student clubs, he made a career leap by relocating to Spain during summer break.

In Spain, he was quickly hired to do a similar job selling tickets to social gatherings. But this time, instead of earning an hourly wage, he was paid by the commission. The different pay structure was a revelation for de Vries, who found extra inspiration to work harder than ever.

His efforts caught the attention of his boss, who tasked de Vries with reading business books and reporting back on them. For the next several years, de Vries complemented his university education with his unofficial side studies in business. All the while, his work continued to improve. It wasn’t long before he started a subsidiary business in his boss’ organization. When he co-founded his first company was when his passion for entrepreneurship began to blossom.

Almost overnight, his business took off. In a short time, it expanded from five people to more than 200. As de Vries’ business grew, he discovered that he possessed a natural gift for identifying inefficiencies in the market. Whenever he saw an industry in need, he formed a company to fill the gap.

In the span of two decades, he founded companies in real estate, transportation, event planning and promotion, and more all across Europe and the United States. Today, he still serves as Director of Bayswater Capital and the CEO of Gaet Holding.

When he’s not at work, de Vries focuses his efforts on philanthropy. He’s done extensive work for the people of Ukraine—in addition to spearheading relief efforts, his company in Poland is composed of 50 percent Ukrainian —as well as animal welfare, a cause very close to his heart. Most recently, he lent his tax expertise and business acumen to a local animal shelter. He also fosters two dogs, taking in seven over the last few months.

Currently, de Vries lives in Portugal with his girlfriend and canine companions. He has recently opened up new ventures in the United States, and has plans to expand his businesses into South America, Africa, and Australia.

Founder and owner

World Wide Trading Company Bv; WWTC bv
Since April 2018
vaart 2 Gorinchem
  • WWTC bv, vaart 2 Gorinchem
  • Business in the trading of gasses in the Netherlands.

Founder and owner

VOF Living Better Global Trade, Living Better Global Trade, vaart 2
Since January 2018
  • Living Better Global Trade, vaart 2, Gorinchem
  • Business in the trading of gasses in the Netherlands.

Founder and owner of General Partnership Costa Events

Costa Events
May 2014 to October 2019
Holland and Spain
  • Costa Events, Holland and Spain
  • Doing the preparation of the summer season in Spain, hiring/training people and setting out plans ew ideas and scenarios for the summer.


June 2011 to 2018
Summer Rockz, Spain
  • Summer Rockz, Spain
  • Organization that gives big parties through different cities in Europe. My tasks is the administration of 12.500 people and the intake of money round about € 500.000. Administration can be seen as making guest lists, intake of money and writing out tickets, contact with the bus organizations and he discotheques.

Team leader

Super de Boer
November 2006 to September 2009
  • Super de Boer, Lochem
  • Responsible for the filling up of the stocks in the store, giving people the orders to do this and give a short training how to.


Poelier 't Vöske
November 2006 to September 2009
  • Poelier 't Vöske, Lochem
  • After school work for the local butcher.

Vice President and responsible for events

Board member of the Alumni of G.S.A.V.V. Forward
Since September 2016
G.S.A.V.V. Forward, Netherlands

President of football club G.S.A.V.V. Forward

G.S.A.V.V. Forward
July 2013 to July 2014
  • G.S.A.V.V. Forward, Groningen
  • My tasks were everything there is in keeping a football club of 300 members going and playing with a board of six people.


G.S.A.V.V. Forward
November 2011 to May 2012
  • G.S.A.V.V. Forward, Groningen
  • Keeping track of the costs and income with a budget for the one day event of € 10.000,-.

Member Promote Team Vindicat Atque Polit

Vindicat Atque Polit sub committee
November 2009 to 2012
  • Vindicat Atque Polit sub committee, Groningen
  • Helping with different activities during the year.
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Spanish

Master Fiscal Law

University of Erasmus Rotterdam

July 2016 to July 2018

Bachelor fiscal law

University of Groningen

September 2009 to July 2016


GAET investment Holding LTD

Since July 2018

Pre-university education

Staring College Lochem

September 2002 to September 2009
  • Travelling
  • Football
  • Marathons
  • Cooking