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Hanae Salmi

Full Stack Developer

Professional Status
About Me
Hello, I am an experienced full-stack developer specializing in .NET Angular, Java and AWS Cloud, with over 8 years of experience, and I am excited to offer my services as a freelancer.

My expertise in .NET and Angular allows me to develop efficient, scalable and high-performance applications that meet specific client needs. My project experience covers web development, database management and systems integration.

My Java expertise allows me to create robust and scalable applications.

My expertise in AWS allows me to design and deploy cloud solutions, improving scalability, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Not only do I have strong technical skills, but also excellent communication and problem-solving skills. I had the opportunity to work with clients from various sectors such as Banking, Audiovisual and Energy.

As a passionate developer, I continually update my skills and stay informed with the latest industry trends in order to provide top-notch service to my clients.
Resume created on DoYouBuzz
  • Mission : Development of an E-commerce Platform on AWS

    Team : A team of 10 developers, 1 Product Owner, 1 Scrum Master, and 1 tester.

    Objective :
    Design and deploy a robust and scalable e-commerce platform capable of managing a large number of customers, products and transactions, using modern cloud architecture and AWS services.

    Main tasks :
    • Configuring the AWS IAM Environment
    • Creation of the AWS Services Architecture (Amazon EC2, RDS, S3 Dynamo DB)
    • Development and Deployment :
      => Backend and API: Develop Node.js microservices for user authentication, course management
      => Frontend: Develop a React or Angular web application for the learning platform frontend.
    • Content and Media Management : I used Amazon S3 for secure storage and distribution of lesson videos, course materials, and instructional files.
  • Mission : Design and implementation of an application for managing customer reservations for marketed real estate programs

    Team : A team of 3 Developers, 1 Tech Lead, 1 Product Owner

    Front-end tasks :

    • User interface development
      Design and develop intuitive and responsive user interfaces for reservation management to create booking forms, interactive calendars, and dashboards.
      technologies used : React, Angular, Vue.js, JAVA

    • Validation of forms
      Implement form validations to ensure the integrity of user-entered reservation data.

    Back-End Tasks :

    • API design
      Develop RESTful APIs to manage reservation operations (creation, update, deletion, consultation).
      Ensure smooth communication between the front-end and back-end.

    • Database management
      Design and manage database schemas to store information related to reservations, users, bookable resources, etc.
      database used : PostgreSQL.
  • Mission : Deploy a web application on AWS using AWS services.

    Main tasks :
    • Create an AWS account or use an existing one with access to the AWS Management Console.
    • Configure AWS access keys and IAM roles necessary for managing services.
    • Creation of a web application using a frontend framework like React.js or Angular.
    • Develop a backend API using Node.js with Express, which interacts with a database like DynamoDB.
    • Use Amazon S3 for storing static media such as images, videos, and downloadable files.
    • Implementing IAM policies to manage user permissions and roles
  • Mission : Development of an inventory management application

    Front-End :

    Structure & Design of the application : HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript/
    Frameworks Used : Reacts.js & Angular

    Back-End :

    Datebase used : MySQL
  • Main mission :
    Web development, database management and systems integration.
    Technologies : HTML, CSS, React.js, jQuery,
  • French
  • Arabic
    Native language
  • English

Online Certificate of achievement


March 2024 to May 2024
Salesforce Developer

Master in Computer Science


September 2018 to June 2020
AWS Cloud, JAVA, .NET, Angular, SEO, SGBD Architectures, Information Systems Management, Decentralized architecture

Bachelor in Software Engineering


September 2015 to June 2018
Telecom networks, Java, C++, Visual Basic, Electronics, English,
  • PHP, JavaScript, Json, Ajax
  • Langage C, JAVA, J2E
  • VB.NET, C#
  • Hibernate
  • ReactJS
  • Bootstrap
  • PostgreSQL
  • AmazonRDS
  • MySQL
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • XML
  • jQuery
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Theater
  • Gymnastics
  • Swimming