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Eduardo Sonoda

Eduardo Sonoda - Marketing Advisor

Eduardo Sonoda
Professional Status
About Me
Eduardo Sonoda is the CEO and Founder of Eduardo Sonoda Advisory, a leading marketing advisory firm. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Sonoda worked for some of the biggest marketing companies in the UK. Sonoda had developed a keen interest in marketing during his higher education. His experience of working with top marketing companies allowed him to polish his skills in marketing strategy.
Sonoda was born and raised in Hackney located in East London. He studied at the London Marketing Academy where he was able to specialize in marketing. After finishing his education, Sonoda joined a marketing firm in London. Over the next 6 years, Sonoda worked for a couple of other leading marketing firms in the region, gaining experience, skills, and contacts that allowed him to launch his own company in 1995 named Eduardo Sonoda Advisory.
Starting with a small operation of only 7 employees, Eduardo Sonoda Advisory has now grown to over 700 employees. The client base of Eduardo Sonoda Advisory includes a firm of all sizes including small startups to Inc. 5000 firms. A renowned expert in marketing strategy, Sonoda has been able to build an extensive business network that includes some of the leading business executives and industry experts.
In addition to leading his advisory firm, Sonoda also writes for several business publications. The articles that are written by Sonoda reflect his no-nonsense approach to marketing, which is what Sonoda is renowned for. Through his writing, Sonoda has been able to reach a wider audience that has helped him expand his business network.
As a philanthropist, Sonoda has partnered with several charitable organizations around the globe to help the needy. Some of his charitable work includes providing school supplies to children and offering disaster relief to several countries around the world.
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