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Daniel Poussart

Resume of Daniel Poussart

Human Resource Manager
Daniel Poussart
Driving License
Hoboken (07030) United States (New Jersey)
Professional Status
Open to opportunities
About Me
Daniel Poussart is an accomplished human resource professional recognized for his expertise in workplace development, training, and safety. Certified by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Daniel holds a profound understanding of the HR field, always adhering to the highest ethical standards in his work.

From an early age, Daniel was driven by a desire to help others, which led him to pursue a career in education. He focused on development strategies and design concepts, consistently working to raise educational standards. After completing his bachelor's degree at New York University, he embarked on a successful career in Human Resources.

Daniel's HR career is distinguished by his development of comprehensive onboarding programs that streamline the training process, allowing new hires to become influential members of their teams more quickly. He has created various instructional materials, including job aids, training guides, and handbooks, designed to be user-friendly and informative.

Throughout his career, Daniel has showcased his talents in various HR domains, including employee onboarding, rewards programs, and records management. He developed a paperless filing system that helped companies organize documents and reduce office clutter. His initiatives in payroll management have helped businesses maintain accurate records and comply with regulatory standards, thus improving employee satisfaction and retention.

Moreover, Daniel has crafted training programs for both new hires and ongoing employee education, ensuring that staff stays current with industry developments. He also has expertise in developing risk management strategies and general liability claims programs, which are crucial for reducing companies' exposure to regulatory penalties and litigation.

Daniel's commitment to professional development is ongoing. He earned a master's certificate in human resource management from Colorado State University Global and is pursuing a Master's Degree focusing on Organizational Learning and Performance. He believes that continual learning enhances his ability to support his employers and clients effectively.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Daniel dedicates time to community service. He is an active volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House and Operation Yellow Ribbon, and he works with organizations like JFCS, Bancroft, and the NJ Commission for the Blind to provide employment opportunities for individuals with special needs.

An ardent music and Disney enthusiast, Daniel is particularly fond of Star Wars and Disney movies. He was married at a Disney venue in 2012, reflecting his deep connection to the brand. Daniel also enjoys playing Billy Joel's music on the piano, a hobby that allows him to share his musical talents with others. For Daniel, community engagement and sharing his passions bring immense fulfillment, continually inspiring him to seek new ways to make a positive impact.
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HR Manager

Ravitz Family Markets
Since 2010
  • Human resources specialist Daniel Poussart has a strong background in success. He has extensive expertise in workplace development, training, and safety and holds the SHRM certification. In addition, he is committed to doing the finest job possible for his clients and his organization, upholding high ethical standards in all aspects of his work.

Bachelor's degree

New York University

He graduated from high school and New York University with a bachelor's degree. His career in human resources took off after that. He has designed, planned, and carried out a comprehensive onboarding procedure for new workers. Everywhere he has gone, he has experienced great success and worked with people of all ages.
  • Daniel Poussart also has a strong interest in Disney and music. Dan follows all of the newest Disney films and is a huge lover of both Star Wars and Disney. Since he got blissfully wedded at Disney in 2012, the company will always have a special place in his heart. He also takes pleasure in entertaining others with his musical prowess.