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Data Architect, Application Developer and Project Manager in a wide variety of business applications including SAP, Salesforce, Dynamics, MFG/Pro regional data warehouses and business intelligence.

Designer of solutions to improve productivity and efficiency.

Responsible for identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems. Solutions often include a systems development component, process improvement or organizational change or strategic planning and policy development.

Gabriel Capparelli


  • Capture the moment (CTM) 2013 award as IT data developer in migrating HR legacy systems data to SAP in the GPT R8 project.
  • CTM 2010 award as IT project leader in migrating and consolidating all Latin America MFGPRO servers to HQ server clusters, 2010.
  • CTM 2010 award as designer and developer of CAOTM events registration, control, follow up automated application, 2010.
  • Green Belt for Integrated Architecture, 2nd best score. 2004.
  • Latin America MFG/PRO eB upgrade implementation award, 2002.
  • Outstanding Teamwork awards Country Web Site Project, 2001.
  • Outstanding Teamwork awards Global Logistics Y2K, 2000.
  • Outstanding Teamwork awards Country Web Site Project, 2001.
  • Award of achievement for the successful implementation of the Windows 2000 project in the Andean Region, 2001.
  • Win Team award for the considerable savings in the implementation of the MFG/PRO ERP in Venezuela, 1998.
  • Best New Unitary Price Analysis software in EXPOINGENIERIA '93
  • 20 Years Experience in IT. Management, budgets, procurement, hiring, technology implementation. Responsible for the Andean Region IT overall strategy, organization and budget.
  • 18 Years experience working in multi-national, multi-cultural environments
  • 10 Years in Project Management. 18 in Database & Applications design and implementation. Successfully managed IT application projects in Latin America.
  • 10+ years of MFG/Pro ERP versions 7.4 & 9 experience. Advanced knowledge of table structure, processes and Progress GL programming.
  • Designed regional Datawarehouses and Business Intelligence solutions. SQL server, Oracle and MySQL backend & COGNOS front end solutions.
  • Advanced Unix (HP-UX / Linux) skills. Server sizing, installation, configuration, hardening, shell scripts, cron jobs.
  • Expert SQL programming. SQL Server, ORACLE, MySQL.
  • Advanced backend data delivery API services skills. PHP (Slim) and Python (Flask).
  • Proven ETL knowledge. Vast experience processing data between different applications. MFG/Pro, SAP, flat files, JSON, XML.
  • Excellent problem-solving capabilities and critical thinking skills.
  • Distinctive analysis skills. Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Deep interest and aptitude in data, metrics, analysis and trends. Applied knowledge of measurement, statistics and program evaluation.
  • Microsoft Certified System Administrator, Microsoft License 2910472 March 2003
  • Practical experience in machine learning solutions. Neural networks, random forest, k-Means, TensorFlow, collaborative filters.
  • Spanish
  • English