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Définir la stratégie graphique et digitale de la marque, inventer de nouvelles pistes de création et communication,
à l’aide des nouveaux médias ; toujours à la recherche du sens et de l’efficacité publicitaire grâce à mes (+ de) 12 ans d’expérience.

"A very resourceful and confident creative who has a sharp sense on tastes and desires of different markets. Being an interesting person with interests covering a wide spectrum, Didier is always highly informed of top trends and new development in technology. His ideas are always delightfully surprising bringing new focus and fresh air to the clients and audience. He seems to be always able to come up with a portfolio of options and ideas that offers flexibility, and often leading to more ideas. Didier is ambitious and is very passionate of his profession. I always hear of the projects he would like to work on in building creativity in the community. He is certainly the professional to partner with if your organization aims for breakthroughs."



Design school
Septembre 1994

Design, graphics


  • Made with iPhone + iPad:


  • ❵ Global communication and management of teams and projects.
    ❵ Branded consumer goods > advertising campaigns
    ❵ Srength in making proposals and giving advice
    ❵ Contribution to development
  • strategy thinking.
    ❵ Securing commercial relationships and ensuring the satisfaction of customers.
    ❵ Analysis of the management of institutional budget and deployment of projects.
    ❵ French Design Touch
    ❵ WordPress installer
  • Un directeur de création, stratège doué et créatif au service de la marque,

    Une expérience significative a l’international au sein d’un groupe numéro 4 mondial ;

    Un gestionnaire de projets de communication ;
    Specialiste de la conquète et re-conquète de clientèle ;

    Un connaisseur pointu des nouveaux outils/tendances de communication et un
    passionné de nouvelles technologies ;

    Un formidable «team-player» communicatif et intuitif ;

    Un «problem-solver» ;

    Un don inné pour des campagnes de communication créatives et impactantes ;

    Une pluri-compétences en multimedia.
  • Campagne
  • Reco
  • Identité Visuelle
  • Videos motion
  • Design sonore
  • Blogs
  • Plan Marketing
  • Stratégie
  • Management d'équipe créas
  • Rapport Annuel
  • Revues, magazines
  • Catalogues
  • Lettre d'entreprise
  • Identite


Creative ❯ Freelance

Depuis septembre 2007

Artistic Director-Creative Director

Septembre 2006 à août 2007
  • 4th architecture company in the world. (source: BD World Architecture)
    My mission was to transform the Graphics Team into a business unit with a target to become an advertising agency/branding consultant as a company of Aedas.
    Synergy was created through proposing concepts on brand creation, marketing and communications to international clients of Aedas as well as to other external clients. Clients worked with included international banks, hotels, property developers, and charitable organizations.

    Prior to becoming a business unit, the Graphics Team under my supervision was in charge of all communication supports of the Hong Kong Headquarters. The team worked closely with the architects and Communications on sponsored and international events and exhibitions in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.
    The team had also presented concept proposals on rejuvenating the global image of the Group.
    Cultural sensitivity was crucial in visual design integration and branding of the Group.

Artistic Director * Communications Manager

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Avril 2006 à juin 2007