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  • Driver's License
  • Québec (G1V) Canada (Québec)



Professional Status

Open to opportunities

About Me

Artificial Intelligence addict and Computer Science teacher, I love solving problems and propagating that love. Currently teaching algorithmic and software design in Cégep de Sainte-Foy in Quebec, I would love to have opportunities to challenge myself with new problems to solve/analyse.


Computer Science PhD

Laval University, Quebec, QC
October 2005 to September 2010

Thesis: Constraints and Observability in Markov Decision Processes.

Research Master in Artificial Intelligence

Toulouse University 3, France
September 2004 to August 2005

Artificial Intelligence Basics including machine learning, multi agent systems, Bayes inference, etc.

Professional Master in Intelligent Systems

Toulouse University 3, France
September 2003 to August 2004

Engineering and pragmatical aspects of artifical intelligence of AI and its applications. Includes language processing, human machine interaction, mobile robotics, etc.

Engineering Bachelor in Intelligent Systems

Toulouse University 3, France
September 2001 to August 2003

Control and programming of robotics and intelligent software.


Research Professional - Data Scientist

Laval University - CRDM
Since May 2018
  • Defining CS IA pro Master Internships
  • Managing Master and PhD Students
  • Managing Research Projects
  • Subvention proposals
  • Fundamental Research

Computer Science teacher

Cégep de Sainte-Foy
Since September 2011
  • Algorithmics
  • Data Structures and Memory management
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Project Management
  • System Design
  • Interns placements

Postdoctoral Internship

Laval University
September 2010 to December 2013
  • Hidden Markos Processes & NGrams researching
  • Machine learning researching
  • Managing Master and PhD students
  • Writing research articles


Laval University
January 2013 to December 2013
  • Introduction to Programming (Python/C)

Research Associate

Laval University
October 2005 to September 2011
  • Markov Decision Processes researching
  • Machine Learning researching
  • Organizing various seminars
  • Managing Master students
  • Writing Research Articles
  • Presenting research in various international conferences

Salsa Teacher

Dos Con Dos
Since September 2009
  • Advanced Rueda de Casino

Research Intern

IRIT, Toulouse 3
September 2004 to September 2005
  • Machine Learning Algorithm for BioInformatics
  • Article Writing and Presentations

Research Intern

Collecte Localisation Satellite
March 2004 to August 2004
  • Machine Learning for Leatherback Turtles migration trajectories study

Camp Monitor

Ville de Toulouse
1998 to 2005
  • Organizing, animating and managing indoors and outdoors activities for children of age 6 to 18
  • Working in team, leading activities
  • Qick adaptation and management of social and psychological issues
  • Transmission of social and citizenship values


  • Sci-Fi
  • Heroic-Fantasy
  • Science and Technology news
  • Judo (Black Belt 1st Dan)
  • Salsa and Rueda de Casino
  • Kiting
  • Sailing
  • Diving


  • Problem Solving
  • Team Work
  • Project lead and organization
  • Mediation
  • Proactive
  • Machine Learning
    Unsupervised and supervised, Gaussian Processes
  • Agile Project Management
    Kanban, Scrum and XP
  • Quantitative Methods
    Probabilities, Combinatorics, Bayes Inference, Statistical Inference, ...
  • Maths for Robots
    Linear and Spectral Algebra
  • Java
  • C/C++
  • C#/ASP.Net
  • Python
  • SQL
  • Caml
  • Prolog
  • OpenGL
  • V+
  • Eclipse
  • Visual Studio
  • Matlab/Simulink


  • Windows
  • Unix/Linux
  • Office Suite
  • French
  • English
  • Spanish
  • German