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It is predicted that 4K will replace HD as the mainstream resolution in the next few years. 4K, of course, stands for 4,000 and refers to a horizontal pixel count of about that number. Currently, there are two standards for 4K resolution, namely "DCI 4K" and "UHD 4K".

4K displays for current PCs primarily have the UHD 4K resolution like 4K TVs. However, there are some products that have adopted the DCI 4K standard, such as the ColorEdge CG318-4K color management monitor.

The number of device pixels that make up a CSS pixel in one direction is its Device Pixel Ratio (DPR).
High-density monitors or Retina monitors sold by Apple are generally recognized as having a physical pixel density greater than 200 pixels per inch.
transition to higher resolution and higher definition will continue at a rapid pace. In standalone monitors, super-high pixel density 4K monitors in 24- to 27-inch screen sizes have been a hot topic lately. Originally, this genre attracted the attention of only some top consumers, but in 2014, cheap products gradually appeared on the shelves, so that the interest of ordinary users increased.
Computer monitors are designed on the assumption that OS and applications have a fixed screen density (96 ppi for Windows). Behind this assumption is the 96-dpi standard, and the screen size increased with the higher resolution of the LCD panel (higher pixel count), so it was easy to assume that the higher the resolution (pixel count), the larger the work area.
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