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Ludovic Wagner

Engineer in Structural Mechanics

Mobile Hydraulics
Numerical Simulation
Mechanical Design
Ludovic Wagner
31 years old
Driving License
Blagnac (31700) France
Professional Status
About Me
Graduate of a Master of Sciences, I’m an engineer specialised in Structural Mechanics such as the ones found in aeronautics.

I've gained a overall understanding of the industry and applied research. I studied material shaping processes and stepped in mechanical design. I also developed transverse skills when I sold electrohydraulic systems for British and Irish customers during my previous position.
  • Simulated tyre axisymetric inflation.
  • Validated Python scripts to post-process local landmark element on Abaqus/Explicit.
  • Simulated compression of orthotropic rubber samples reinforced with metal rods on Abaqus/Standard.
Detailed Description
  • Provided expertise in numerical simulation using Abaqus.
Company Description
MFP Michelin are a worldwide leader in tyre manufacturing. The project took place on their Research and Development centre based near their test tracks where experiments are conducted.

MFP Michelin develop their own numerical solving algorithm to simulate complex tyre mechanisms. They also perform specific simulations thanks to the explicit solver integrated to Abaqus for:
■ Dynamic solicitations.
■ Finite strain deformations (hyper-elastic behaviour of the rubber).
■ Advanced contact modelling.
Company website