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International Trade Agent & Events Organization Specialist

Professional Status
Project initiator
About Me

To apply my experience in international trade and events organization to improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of the company’s productivity.


I have experience in advertising spaces selling and running marketing projects in various international locations. I am a young and determined professional who values honesty, integrity and courage.
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Double Degree ESCE/UEM. Spanish Licence of Business Management.

UEM (Universidad Europea de Madrid)

September 2009
Speciality: Communication / Advertising.
International Business/Trade/Commerce

Licence LEA

Université Paris III La Sorbonne Nouvelle.

September 2005
Langues Etrangères Appliquées
  • Reed MIDEM organises high-quality international professional markets, in Cannes (France) and worldwide, across three distinct sectors: Audiovisual Content, International Property and Music.
  • Key responsibilities:
  • Management of the speakers and organization of the conferences on site at “Palais des festivals de Cannes”.
  • Online Updates of the conferences programs, speakers’ list and their relatives’ informations on the Website.
  • Collect of the relative informations concerning the reception of the speakers MIPTV, MIPFormats, MIPDoc and MIPCube.
  • Follow-up of the logistic files of the Entertainment events in place with the persons in charge of conferences.
  • Key achievements:
  • New design of the “At a glance” Programme of Conferences for MIPCube 2012.
  • Creation of the first Speakers’ List Drama CoproXchange Summit for MIPTV 2012.

Marketing Project Manager

September 2011 to December 2011
  • Kymoa is a small and young company created in 2010 by 2 passionate people for adventures and survival in extremes’ conditions. High Quality Products and Kits for climatic catastrophes have been realized for preparing sportive projects.
  • Key responsibilities:
  • Definition and implementation of a database allowing the identification of strategic prospects for the commercial development of Kymoa.
  • Management of the relations with associations, clubs and federations.
  • Identification, collection and analysis of the information on our environments (the sporting followers, the sponsors, the media) to accompany the strategic reflection of the company.
  • Key achievements:
  • Creation of a new database (400 prospects)
  • More than 500 items’ pictures uploaded on the Website.

Advertising Manager

18 Editions
April 2011 to August 2011
  • 18 Editions is a small Publishing Firm and a Print Advertising Agency based in a fret zone and specialised in advertising spaces selling for Inflight Magazines.
  • Key responsibilities:
  • Print Advertising spaces Selling for 4 INFLIGHT Magazines: Corsairfly, XL Airways & Air Méditerranée, Air Caraïbes.
  • Professional Interviews with International Media Agencies for developing business offers and packages.
  • Responsible for all the Hispanics and Anglo-Saxons geographic zones.
  • In charge of developing new clients portfolio & Statistics Analyst of Market.
  • Key achievements:
  • International Businesses developed in USA (Luxury Hotels in Las Vegas)
  • 15 new Media Agencies in the company’s portfolio.

International Web Manager

Reed Midem
October 2010 to March 2011
  • Reed MIDEM organises high-quality international professional markets, in Cannes (France) and worldwide, across three distinct sectors: Audiovisual Content, International Property and Music.
  • Key responsibilities:
  • Online Advertising VISIBILITY Packages Selling for the world’s largest music industry trade fair: MIDEM & for the world’s premier real estate event for professionals: MIPIM.
  • Calling First Timers (helping new clients with organization of first visit) & Statistics Analyst of Market.
  • Up selling of additional services: Advanced Company Profile, Midem Networking Lunch, MIDEM Net+.
  • Key achievements:
  • Successfully developed the Visitors’ Business by signing 12 new contracts for MIDEM 2011.
  • Increased the volume of sales by 8% compared to the precedent financial year for MIPIM 2011.

E-Marketing Assistant

Liquid Vision
July 2008 to December 2008
  • Liquid Vision is an interactive digital media agency specialising in developing effective e-business and e-marketing solutions. Liquid Vision helps clients to develop and manage their on line businesses and e-marketing.
  • Key responsibilities:
  • Studies E-Marketing: analysis of the Return on investment, Pay per click, CRM, rate of conversion.
  • Organization and management of the projects: coordination with the teams: Marketing / Designers / programmers.
  • Binding and respect for Deadlines, control of the evolution and the efficiency of the current projects.
  • Identification of the competitors in a geographical zone and Benchmarking.
  • Key achievements:
  • Interviews with 2 French companies established in Sydney interested by the company’s e-solutions.
  • Regional Report on the Web marketing sector: analysis of the company’s competitors.

Sales Assistant

Casa GIMENO (Cave à Cigars)
July 2007 to September 2007
  • Founded in 1920, GIMENO offers the world’s best tobaccos (Cuban, Dominican and Canary Island cigars) as well as a broad variety of articles for smokers and books on the world of tobacco. Excellent cellar and a unique sommelier service that can recommend the best combinations of liqueurs and coffees for your favourite tobacco, documenting its advice with technical tasting files.
  • Key responsibilities:
  • In charge of Cuban Cigars Selling for Visitors and Regular Clients.
  • Tobacco Association with Liqueurs, Wines and Coffees advises.
  • Responsible of the stocks (daily orders and commands for the cellar).
  • Key achievement:
  • Special Sale for an International Client: more than 10.000 € of cigars selling and articles for smokers.

Street Marketing Agent & Receptionist

January 2005 to June 2007
  • 2 years and half casual work/missions:
  • Operational on events: Windows Live Messenger Promotion on Microsoft Buildings, Ben & Jerry’s Advertising on Concerts, SFR special Wireless Offers…
  • International Trade
  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • Advertising
  • Events Organization
  • Judo: Since 1990. High level, Regional & National competitions, black belt 2nd Dan. Preparing the 3rd Dan. Teaching for the last 5 years in the club JPC (Judo Paris Center).
  • Diving: Mediterranean Sea, Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Pacific Ocean (Great Barrier Reef), Caribbean Sea, South China Sea. CMAS International Certificate obtained in 2001 in Propriano, Corsica.
  • Travelling: - Living Experience Abroad:
  • Spain: 3 months in Barcelona, 6 months in Valladolid, 1 year in Madrid.
  • Australia: 6 months in Sydney.
  • Visited Countries: Europe, Africa (Kenya/Egypt), Asia (Thailand/Malaysia), USA, Dominican Republic, Mexico.