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Shaha Turki Alotaibi, PhD

Assistant Professor

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Cyber Security
Data Analytics
Data Mining
Bio-inspired computing
Big data applications
Employed Available
Nationality: Saudi - Status: Married
  • Providing an effective leadership in all academic and administrative activities of the department.
  • Managing and mentoring all the teaching and learning processes in the department such as delivery of courses, designing contents for new courses, program assessment and supervision of the department’s committees that related to teaching and learning activities.
  • Supporting faculty members through mentoring and coaching them while they are teaching and performing their assigned tasks.
  • The highlight of my academic leadership was the successful accreditation of the IS program by Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET), which is the most prestigious accreditation in the field of computing.
  • Managing the relation with the labor market to handle an internship and prepare IS graduate for employment.
  • Establishing partnership with IT entities and prepare IS students to get professional certificates.
  • Lead the reviewing and updating of the IS program curricula.
  • Reviewing IS courses specifications and contents.
  • Prepare Scientific studies and administrative reports
  • Teach and/or support learning through delivering courses or supervising the graduation projects.
  • Participate in many committees in the department, college, and university levels.
  • 2004 – 2016 Lecturer in Information Systems department, College of Computer and Information Sciences, PNU.
  • Taught many courses: Programming Languages like C++,, ASP.Net, Data Base, Using Computer in Libraries, etc.
  • Joined many committees related to academic process.
  • Participated in developing curriculum courses.
  • Presented many training courses for Education College’s faculties.
  • Designed and developed several projects using many programming languages and software like VB, C++, SQL server, etc.: Student Registration system for Education College, Grading system for Education College.
  • Handled different maintenance operations of computer’s labs and offices.
  • Responsible for performing different management tasks related to prepare computers’ labs and software’s installation.
  • Worked in Computer center as a technical support.
  • Analyzed and designed different systems
  • Developed some projects: Employees’ Training System and Communication system.
  • Cyber Security Master program establishment committee -CCIS.
  • ABET Accreditation Committee – IS program.
  • Supervisory committee for university website.
  • College board - Computer and Information Sciences College at PNU.
  • Quality assurance board – CCIS.
  • Information Systems department.
  • Human resources committee in Information System department.
  • Information Systems program committee.
  • Journal of Advanced Database Management & Systems (eISSN-2393-8730)
  • Journal of Web Engineering & Technology (eISSN-2455-1880)
  • Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research & Advances (eISSN-2395-6720)

Ph.D. Degree


Since 2016
Doctor of philosophy in Computer and Information Sciences - Information Systems (Artificial Intelligence) THESIS TITLE: “Metaheuristic Optimization Approach for Job Recommender Systems”
RESEARCH AREAS: Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Natural Language Processing.
M.SC. DISSERTATION’S TITLE: “Building a general Arabic Lexicon”.
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- Al-Otaibi, S.T.,& Ykhlef, M.,Hybrid Immunizing Solution for Job Recommender System. Frontiers of Computer Science, 2017,11(3):511–527, Springer
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  • Curriculum development & Courses management
  • People leadership, leads more than 60 persons
  • Resources management
  • Manage the educational cycle
  • Mange the stakeholders
  • Vision & objectives determination
  • Vision realization
  • Faculty and staff steering
  • Progress reporting
  • Build partnership
  • Quality assurance
  • ABET Accreditation
  • Courses review
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Communication and presentation skills.
  • Different OSs: Windows, UNIX and LINUX.
  • Many programming languages: C++, Java, C#, Python, ASP, PHP,
  • Many technical libraries and packages such as: Weka, LIBREC, Orange Lib., NIMFA, MyMediaLite, etc.
  • Different DBMS: Access, SQL Server, and Oracle. • Many other software: Mendeley, Joomla, EndNote, Latex, etc.
  • IEEE Membership
  • Saudi Computer Society
  • Arabic native
  • English professional proficiency