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Poppy Wagoner


About Me
All complete fiction. None is real. Nor probable. That's the point. Porn is a dimension as vast as the expanding internet and as timeless as a firm spank on the ass to make her jump. It's the naughty ground between mind and words but never deeds. Between a world that sucks with many horny men and one that looks like our own. It's comes from between the summit of man's imagination and the pit of his perversions. This is the dimension of meaningless imagination. Welcome to The Fuck Her Zone. Dun Tun Dun! Aria is the Company's Piece of Ass Chapter 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ They want to hire you! They told me to tell you that they liked your background in familiar work and you did great on the computer test. And also they mostly hired you because you have killer body and a fat ass Aria. Aria's eyes grew big and she almost stood up right then and there. But then Jason passed a slip with big digits on it. Hmmmmmmm. What's this now? She squats her cheeks back down. Aria I know it sounds strange but they run everything legit. This money is for real. You will get paid. What you are doing is indeed important for the company. I mean again, they really liked your assets. "My assets! You mean my ass!" Aria snaps back. She was feeling confused and a little flushed. this was a sudden brash move. She was a modest girl, despite having a well toned tummy and a Latina ass that was round for days. Giving her a sweet perky full curvy bottom. "What the fuck Jason! This is crazy! I don't know. I mean, what do you mean that they want me to play dumb at work? Jason went on to explain that the reason they paying her so much is this extra assignment. To play their ditzy bimbo secretary. To behave like a clumsy sexy secretary. To act naive and make sweet poses. Jason also mention that wiggling the ass is a no brainer. She looked down. And thought to herself and what to make of all this. What a crazy opportunity for her. It was a lot of money. But this job task was wild. She didn't know if she was up for that kind of stuff. She looks up at Jason, and softly says "Will they spank me too?" Jason took a breath and said "I would say definitely." Aria felt like the decision should be the job. She had nothing else going for her. Aria was American born and now living in Germany. She graduated college and came here. Her money went tight real quick and now she was desperate. Jason spotted her beautiful face at a cafe shop and inquired if she was looking for work with the promise of big money. Aria met with two older men and turned in her resume. And now she was scribbling away with her signature agreeing to this job. Dumb naive Aria signed away without looking at the papers she signed. She thought she heard it all. Be their sexy secretary, got it. She signed away her name in the Fuck Her Zone. ...commercial break... ... .. . One Week Later Aria's white heels hit the doormat in front of the building. She looks up at 4 story building and breathes. "okay Aria, let's see what they want from me. I guess they're going to be pervy. I allow it i guess. But nothing funny here. They aint getting in Aria. Nope not today." She takes her inflated confidence and walks in. Aria flows into the room with her light blowy summer dress. It cups and pushes her tits together. and it still hints at the big bump of an ass she has. Her legs were covered in white thigh high stockings to match her white high heels. Her hair was done in curls and bouncy. She was standing in the front office of her new work building. She was greeted by the same two old men that interviewed her. She was immediately then given this long paper to read. Her red lips was muttering the list of demands for her role and she was shocked to read it. It started of like a basic secretary. Then it mentioned more her interactions and protocols with the staff. Aria's Latina mouth was jaw dropped. Her outfits will be chosen for her. Her ass is available for squeezes, gropes, grabs, pats, and always spanks. She must visit every board member on Mondays for head relief. Punishments and consequences will be decided by the party members involved. Aria's noncooperation will bring more severe punishments and termination. She must take minutes at meetings. She must be ready to serve any of the board members needs. She must assist special meetings as Performance Executive. She must commit three hours a week to a planned workout that will take place in the office gym. More may be added with unanimous board decision. Her ass is open for feedback. Aria's behavior as secretary must appear as such: (Failure to comply after warnings results in severe punishment and possible termination.) A naive ditzy behavior. Strikes sexy poses with out realizing. Bends over a lot. Pouts, moans, and squeals. Jumps and reacts to smacks on her ass. Humiliates easily Clumsy on command Timid to touch but takes it. Walks sexy. Seeks to please. Makes mistakes. Titles include: Morale Regulator Performance Executive Customer Support Office Repair/Cleaning Assistance Company's Piece of Ass (CPA) Aria looks up at the men. She's starts thinking about heading out the door. "Is this serious?" She asks. "Very much so, now lets get a look at you!" they grab her arms and pull Aria to bend over the desk in this front office. Aria's shock leaves her pinned down. She feels her light flowy dress flipped over back. Her ass exposed to these men suddenly. "Hey what the fuck! Stop!" The men immediately slap a firm spank and firmly grab and squeeze her buttocks. With each old man on each side. Each cheek was getting highly molested. Aria squeals and shakes her ass in response. They stand her up. But they force the dress to cover her head and eyes. Someone's holding Aria's hands behind her back. She feels suddenly disorientated and now she can't see. She's reminded her ass is exposed when she feels another strong hand grab and slap her butt. She squeals and kicks a foot back. The hand palms and jiggles her vulnerable ass. Aria has difficulty catching her breath while the man rubs her behind. "You know seeing you like this reminds me of when we used to play a game with the new secretary. and this feels like the perfect time to bring it back. Come on sweet cheeks." Then Aria felt pushed by the old men. Aria could sense they were moving into another room. "Hey what the fuck! Let me go!" Aria said once more. "Hurraaaay!" More voices rang out at the sight of Aria's distress. With a yellow sun dress over her head. Aria's lace panties were completely exposed. The white stockings were hot on her thighs. The men suddenly wedgied the poor girls panties up her ass and the voices roared with laughter. Aria didn't find anything funny. The wedgie up her ass really hurt. Her cheeks were exposed for all these voices. She had no clue how many people were looking at her. She felt so flushed with humiliation. At that point she heard a loud click click click and feels her wrist let go. She was handcuffed. Aria gulped and tried to understand how she was suddenly blindfolded and flashing her employers in such distress. Guys its time to play "Greet the new girl!" "Nice to meet you!" She hears someone say and then feels hands grab and spank her butt. "Hey don't be a rude bitch! Greet yourself as the new girl!" Someone else nudges the squealing damsel with the dress stuck over her head. "um Hi! I'm the new girl! SPANK ow! hey stop!" Aria spoke to the command but she was still confused. Aria was told to do this over and over for the strangers in the room. Aria had no clue how many men were in there with her. She knew she greeted herself many times to these grabby hands. She felt like she had no other choice. "um Hey! I'm the new girl! Nice to meet you! SPANK ow! hey!" She felt so ashamed, everyone is seeing her body and she can't see them. She can't see it coming either when hands are rearing for her exposed butt. And so many smacks to her ass made her feel so vulnerable. Her ass was getting redder and warmer. Aria never felt this much attention on her booty before. She was definitely flustered but committed like a champ the elders thought. Meanwhile, during Aria's poor humiliating exposure, the board members were taking notes. First of all, they were filming the young babe with her dress over her head and hands cuffed behind getting her juicy ass pinched and spanked. And they were studying here attitude and body. She offered some fight but not over the top. She sounds just innocent enough and they loved her squeal. They also loved her round mound ass. They noticed how it rippled to each smack. How much ass cheeks Aria really had. How perky her bottom was. They enjoyed her exotic Latina skin color and ass glowing bright red. Her nice toned legs and taunt stomach a plus. The white stockings were great contrast on her. They were so glad she was gullible enough to take the job. They really loved the jiggle in her young vulnerable butt cheeks. Aria was sweaty under her skirt over her head. So many men's hands have touched her booty she thought. Her ass felt so warm. Suddenly she yelps as her behind the back handcuffed hands are yanked up causing her to bend over. Aria bends over and thrusts her ass out to keep balance. "Oh oh. ow ow. what you doing! what you doing! ow. ow! stop! hey!" Aria grimaces, as she is held in position. Suddenly, Aria feels many heavy spanks to her cheeky bottom and cries out many moans. Then her lace panties are suddenly yanked down. And before Aria could even worry about the panties at her ankles, she felt a sudden cold press of something at her asshole. It left and she relaxed. Then Aria squealed when it returned with a pop in her anus and a grunt from her mouth. "Whoa! Hey! My ass! ow ow ow! no! not there! ayyye" Her asshole swallowed whatever was just shoved up her butt. The poor girl could barely understand what was in her ass while at the same time the dress skirt was brought back down and showed her face. "oh fuck. oh fuck. Did boss just shove a metal object up my ass?! ow ow" Aria thought to herself as she raised herself from bending over. Aria's eyes adjust in a frantic stare. She clenches her ass as she feels the awkward intruder up her backdoor. Her cuffed hands rub her dress covered sore ass. Her hair is a mess now. She is so flushed in the face. Her eyes start to focus on the room and sees six elder men looking at her. She stands up straight on her heels and once again feels the terrible piece inside her butt. She hates how it feels and it shows on her face. "Hey we're your bosses Aria. Thanks for being our Company's Piece of Ass."
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