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Logistics / Import-export / Entertainment media

Foreign languages
28 years old
Driving License
ANGERS (49000) France
Professional Status
About Me
I'm now looking for a "VIE" contract to experience another international business opportunity. Preferably in logistics / international trade. Immediately available.
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The NTCI Master's Degree focuses on both technical and practical skills in terms of international trade. The first part of the program insists on contracts law (how to settle international disputes), international transports (incoterms and trade barriers), business law (how to build up your own company), intercultural negotiation (how to behave and conclude deals abroad), finance (sources of international payments) and a fiscal course (how to deal with taxation). Classes are essentially given whether in English or Spanish. We also had to team-up to achieve several group projects all along the year (international marketing for instance). And finally, to give more accuracy to the multitask profile we have, we needed to find a 6 months internship starting from May, that led to the writing and the assessment of a professional report and a second thesis (my first thesis was about Barcelona, its port and exportations).