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Professional Status


About Me

cisco CCNA certified.
better manage optimizing its communication certified.

License Applies degree holder "administration of computer networks" at the Higher Institute of Computer and communication techniques h.sousse.

senior technician computer network within the company TABARKA BEACH TABARKA
senior technician computer network within the company "Rwan Solution" monplaisir Tunis.
Head of IT and networks within the company "IEA TECH" monplaisir Tunis.
Final project study within the travel agency MAXIMA Travel.
technician internship within the company SERGAZ.
worker training within the company Tunisie Telecom.


  • Wireless SOLUTIONS
  • WiFi hospitality solution
  • HotSpot
  • Switching
  • Routing and Security
  • access to WAN
  • installation and configuration LAN, WLAN, WAN
  • windows
  • linux
  • desktop (ppt, word, excel, Photoshop, ...)
  • TCP/IPv4 and IPv6
  • firewall
  • antivirus (e-scan)


technical Manager

Since July 2015
  • manage projects and installations
    network administration
    wireless indoor and outdoor solutions
    network infrastructure
    data transmissions (switching, routing, and security)
    Electronic security (burglar alarm system, cameras ...)
    DSLAM IP solutions 'digital subscriber line access multiplexer'

IT Director

February 2015 to July 2015
  • CPS company offers and integrates a range of services and solutions that cover all the IT needs of businesses today.

    my role is to manage teams, projects and installations

senior technician computer network

July 2013 to February 2015
  • - configure and Monitoring CISCO switching system
    configure redundancy link, VSS, VLAN, VTP, spanning-tree, multicast, firewall service module, TVIP, VOIP (voice VLAN) ...
    switch cisco Catalyst 6500, 4500, 3750X inter connected by fiber link

    - installation and Monitoring IP Telephony AVAYA system
    configure telephonic hosts to connect to the systems
    configure systems to connect to network and function in the dedicated VLAN

    - installation and monitoring zyxel WiFi hospitality solutions
    install zyxel wifi controller nxc5200
    install zyxel Hotspot Gateway VSG1200
    install zyxel AP NWA5160N for internal coverage
    install zyxel AP NWA-3550-N for external coverage
    => configure and function systems

    Monitoring the new cam IP installation
    ACTI Cam IP

senior technician computer network

rwan solution
April 2012 to May 2013
  • Installation and function of a hotel network infrastructure (LAN Switching, firewalling and routing protocol ...) and WLAN (WLAN gateway, WLAN controller, ...).
    Installing and configuring cisco switch 3000 series, 4000 and 6000
    Installation and function of the solution IP-DSLAM.
    Wi-Fi connection and long distance communication between buildings.
    Turning on IP surveillance cameras (local and remote control).
    Fiber optic installation and welding.
    Escan antivirus installation and administration.
    installation and function IPTV technology

Head of IT and networks

October 2011 to April 2012
  • technical Advisor
    maintenance and repair system
    Construction of cables RS232
    Installing and configuring LAN and WLAN
    Installing and configuring IP cameras

Final project study

maxima travel
February 2011 to June 2011
  • Final project study: Implementation of a dynamic website to the travel agency Travel Maxima
    and Service.
    - Practicing In web development languages (HTML5, PHP5 , MySQL, SQLite, Java Script, XML, CSS, ...).
    - Should practice the design method Merise.
    - Let's Practice SQL.


Tunisie Télécom
August 2010
  • Tunisia TELECOM: center for digital transmission
    notion of basic telecom networks
    techniques used for effective communication between the subscriber and the equipment used.


SERGAZ (Eni group)
July 2010
  • SERGAZ: Unit ICT (Information Communication Technology)
  • - Technology transfer of data between stations respectful SERGAZ in use
    subsidiary networks (fiber optic, copper cables, ...) file without (satellite, terrestrial bundles, ...)

    => Routing data and telecoms.


better manage optimizing its communication

November 2013 to December 2013

optimizing its communication


Since December 2012

CISCO CCNA, computer networks

Basics networks
routers and routing
switching and routing intermediate
WAN Technology

License Applies

September 2007 to June 2011

License Applies, administration of computer networks