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Mohamed Hamoud

GIS Expert

Mohamed Hamoud
46 years old
Driving License
GIS, IT, Digital Twin, Map, Geo, BIM, GISP, PMP, Spatial
Contact +971 50 5783145
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
About Me
I have more than 20 years of experience in various kinds of GIS (Geographic Information System) and IT (Information Technology) Projects. I have Master in IT and Bachelor in Civil Engineering.
I am also certified as PMP (Project Management Professional), GISP (GIS Professional), CSQE (Certified Software Quality Engineer), and MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional).
I worked for known organizations in United Arab Emirates including Dubai Municipality, Dubai Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), Ajman Municipality & Planning Department, and Abu Dhabi city Municipality.
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  • Project Manager for Dubai SDI Project.
  • Project Manager for Dubai 3D Map Project.
  • Project Manager for Dubai BIM Roadmap for Building Construction Project.
  • Coordinator with Esri regarding ELA and EEAP agreements with Dubai GIS Center.
  • Licensed pilot of remotely piloted aircraft (Drones).
  • Led the team to accomplish many successful customized geo-spatial systems that supported operational efficiency and decision making. Those systems focused on various business domains such as town planning, survey, census, utilities, construction, 3D city modeling, real-estate, cemetery management, and assets management.
  • Participated in preparing strategic and operational plans.
  • Participated in re-engineering of geo-spatial related processes and in defining and monitoring KPIs.
  • Studied all received geo-spatial applications development requests and did the needed feasibility studies, requirements analysis, system analysis, database design, and development/integration plans.
  • Followed-up the entire software development life cycle (SDLC).
  • Conducted training on GIS concepts and applications.
  • Represented the municipality in many GIS conferences as a speaker.
  • Participated in preparing the municipality nomination forms for known geo-spatial awards, which resulted in receiving awards such as "Smart Municipality" award (2016), "Geo-spatial Innovation" award (2015), "Maturity in GIS Achievement" award (2015).
  • Participated in preparing RFPs for outsourced GIS projects, and in evaluating the tenderers.
  • Established and managed a GIS enterprise system for the municipality.
  • Managed the Ajman base-map project which included setting up a GPS network, conducting an aerial survey, generating DEM, ortho-photos, 3D mapping, and cadastral maps.
  • Implemented a GIS based Land Information System that includes daily updating process to the cadastral data.
  • Developed Ajman government mapping portal.
  • Developed Ajman E-Map application.
  • Participated in preparing RFPs for out-sourced GIS projects, and in evaluating the tenderers.
  • Administrated the SQL Server based geo-database.
  • Represented the municipality in many GIS conferences as a speaker.
  • Participated in preparing the municipality nomination forms for known geo-spatial awards, which resulted in receiving awards such as "Geospatial Excellence" award (2009) and "Excellence in GIS Implementation" award (2008).
  • Received the "Best Technical Employee" award (2010).
  • Participated in designing a geo-database for roads, traffic, and pavement management applications.
  • Developed a GIS-based traffic count management system using .Net and ESRI technologies.
  • Participated in creating a traffic accidents geo-database for collision analysis applications.
  • Participated in reviewing Dubai's navigable roads network and the integration with traffic messaging channel (TMC).
  • Prepared maps and reports using roads and traffic spatial information to support road design engineers and traffic safety engineers in their daily operations.
  • Developed "CGIS" application which is used by the municipality's employees to browse and query the various available GIS layers in the municipality including land parcels, roads, addresses, buildings, POIs, aerial images, etc…
  • Developed "Demarcation" application that is used by survey section to manage the land parcel demarcation process using GIS maps.
  • Developed "QC" application which contains a workflow engine and used to register GIS and survey related requests and to follow-up the execution of tasks. The application has been later integrated with the interactive voice response (IVR) and the e-government portal.
  • Participated in developing "DUGIS" web portal which was used to browse and query maps within the entire Dubai government entities using the governmental network.
  • Developed other various desktop and WEB GIS applications using Visual Basic.NET, Visual Basic 6.0, ASP.NET, ASP 3.0, ESRI Map Objects, ESRI Arc Objects, ESRI ArcIMS, ESRI ArcGIS, and Intergraph Geomedia.
  • Developed the "Civil Designer®" software which solves various kinds of civil engineering design problems such as foundations, trusses, beams, frames, slabs, using Visual Basic 5.0 and AutoCAD 14.

Master, IT

Preston University

2007 to 2009
Master of Sience in Information Technology

B.Sc. in Civil Engineering

Damascus University

1993 to 1998

Project Management & Quality

  • Project Plans creation
  • Operational Plans creation
  • Report Writing
  • Presentation Skills
  • Work breaking down and scheduling
  • Processes Reengineering
  • KPIs Defining
  • S.M.A.R.T. goals setting

Geospatial Software Development

  • System Analysis
  • Database Modeling
  • Entire Software Development LifeCycle (SDLC)
  • Microsoft .Net
  • HTML 5 & Java Script


  • ArcGIS for Desktop
  • ArcGIS Enterprise
  • ArcGIS for Engine
  • ESRI Java Script API
  • ArcGIS Pro
  • QGIS
  • AutoCAD


  • Cinema
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Cultures

Receiving an excellence award from H.E. the general manager of Abu Dhabi City Municipality

Receiving an appreciation certificate from H.E the executive director of town planning at Abu Dhabi City Municipality

Building's Data Management System

An in-house developed Geospatial system for creating a 2D/3D geodatabase for buildings including internal details, through a transactionl update process.

Takhteet (Planning)

An in-house developed Geospatil system for automatically preparing and printing affection plans for land parcels.

Cemetery Management System

An in-house developed Geospatial system for managing cemeteries using maps.

ARDI (my land)

An in-house developed Geospatial application that runs on touch-enabled kiosk for querying land parcel's locations.
Creation date
01 Jan 2011
Resume created on DoYouBuzz
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