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Louis Korczowski

PhD Candidate

Biomedical Engineering
System Engineering
Embedded Systems
Louis Korczowski
Grenoble (38000) France
Professional Status
Open to opportunities
About Me
Always dynamic and cheerful, I am passionate about new technologies. Taking my inspiration from science-fiction literature and from both my parents artists, it was a natural way for me to study engineering.
Furthermore, in the work of engineer, it is magic to use actual technologies, new theory and imagination to create new possibilities.

I chose the way of brain signal processing to:
-improve the lives of people with disabilities through more agile and effective prostheses
-improve the interface between human and machine

I am a PhD Candidate (ERC grant CHESS) at GIPSA-lab, Grenoble. I am working on signal processing methodologies for EEG hyperscanning. PhD advisors: Christian Jutten & Marco Congedo.
  • Statistical Signal Processing
    Wiener Filter, (Extended) Kalman Filtering, ...
  • Multidimensional Signal Analysis from one or several modality(ies)
    Methods for high dimension signals, PCA, CCA, ICA, JBSS, fast algorithms, …
  • Machine learning
    LDA, ANN, SVM, MDM, ...
  • Modeling of Dynamic System
    linear/non linear model, AR, ARMA, ...
  • System Identification
    Black Box Model Design, Estimation, Verification, …
  • Knowledge in Anatomy and Physiology of the human body
  • Bioelectrical Signal Processing in Cardiac and Neurological Applications (EEG, EMG, EP, EV, …)
  • Knowledge in Biosensor technology
  • Medical Imaging (MRI, Computer Topography, Image Processing for Quality, Automatic Pattern Recognition, Classification …)
  • Neural Networks & Learning Systems
  • Thesis : "Electroencephalography on more than one Individual simultaneously; theoretical aspects of data signal processing" Doctoral Advisors: Christian Jutten & Marco Congedo
  • Design a fully adaptive multi-users Brain-Computer system including several interaction paradigms (collaboration, cooperation, competition). Software, Classification methods, Experiment (more than 80 subjects)
  • Event-Related Potential Analysis and classification (adaptive common spatio-temporal pattern, hyperscanning and multi-user classifiers)
  • Joint Analysis (Joint Blind Source Separation, Brain Synchronization, Connectivity, ...)
  • Teaching Assistant at ENSE3 (2x64h). Automatic and Signal Processing
  • Subject : "Optimization of BCI algorithms for ECoG signal obtained by wireless transmission using WIMAGINE® implant"
  • Decoding ECoG data for prediction of a 3D arm movement. Methods: wavelett, tensor decomposition, tensor regression.
  • Algorithms robustness in presence of NaN. I proposed a solution which is implemented in the last version of the WIMAGINE®
  • Prototyping in Matlab. Implementation in C++
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  • Optimization of the control of a robotic arm by EEG.
  • Artifacts cancellation (EMG, EOG) using online adaptive algorithm
  • Optimization of the discrimination of the mental tasks (SVM, LDA, Neural Network,...)
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  • Design a ultra high frequency receiver for Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology sensor.
  • Use of a new method developed in the research unit.
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  • Help the students organizations of 10 schools (about 5000 students)
  • Contact with elected students
  • Good behaviors of the students parties
  • Administrative Advice
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  • Responsible of external communication
  • Responsible of sponsorships
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  • Chairman of the organizing committee
  • Partnership with companies and associations
  • Management of a team of 12 volunteers during two years
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  • Trainee at the Laboratory of Physic of Materials (LPM)
  • Working on nanopillars submitted to a strong magnetic field
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PhD Signal Processing

Univ. Grenoble-Alpes

Since October 2013
Doctorate School EEATS (Electronic - Automatic - Signal Processing)

LABEL (minor specialization): Entrepreneurship

M.Eng System Engineering (2013) - Option Systems Control

ESSTIN - Ecole Supérieure des Sciences et Technologies de l'Ingénieur de Nancy

September 2007 to October 2013
ESSTIN is a Grande Ecole that provides a multidisciplinary engineer diploma in 5 years equivalent to a master degree. I chose the option System Control and Supervisory.
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ERASMUS - System Engineering and Biomedical Engineering

Linköping University (Sweden)

August 2011 to July 2012
With a year abroad at the department of electrical and biomedical engineering of Linköping University, I chose several courses relevant for my professional project that are different from my initial education.
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B.Eng Engineering Sciences

Université de Lorraine

September 2007 to June 2011
Multidisciplinary bachelor degree of Engineering Sciences "Licence Science pour l'Ingénieur".
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M.Sc Embedded Systems and Energy

Université de Lorraine

September 2012 to September 2013
Dual diploma at the Université de Lorraine
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