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Lecia Blumenthal


About Me
"On the way back into the clubhouse I met Bill. He was pissing on one of the gardenia bushes. I snuck up and said, 'Hey sailor, want a good time?' I thought he was going to shit himself. But his cock stood back up as soon as I started stroking him.

"Before he could come, I wanted some action because even though the kid was a dick wad, it gave me the taste for some dick. So Bill and I went away from the clubhouse a little ways and stopped behind some bushes and I bent down and grabbed my ankles, he flipped up my dress and then asked how I would like it. I told him his choice. So he spit on his hand and started to lube my ass up. He kept spitting and pretty soon he had two fingers working in and out stretching my sphincter. I was a moaning mess when he finally slid his cock into me."

Just then a head bent down into frame and kissed Cindy on the top of her head. Fucking sonnofabitch!!! It was Bill. Yeah, sure, he was golfing. I looked at Candy she just sat with her mouth open as Bill lifted my wife up and sat her on the edge of the bed. She was as naked as he was. She reached for his cock, but he shook his head. I could see his lips move but no sound came out, so they must be on mute. At that point, I realized that they had been watching on mute for a while and with their video off. One of them must have accidently turned their camera on without realizing it so we could watch. I held up the "Keep Talking" sign and Candy nodded.

Starting back up, she said, "Sorry I hope you don't mind, but remembering this has gotten me horny as hell and I need to play with myself."

"Please do," I said. "I hope you won't mind if I stroke myself."

She stood up and put one leg up on her chair and zoomed her camera in on her crotch. I could see the glistening trails of pussy juice on her legs and a fresh one that that started and rolled down the inside of her thigh as I watched. She waved at me to stand up, so I decided what the hell and stood up in front of my camera. I started to stroke my cock as she slid two fingers into herself.

"Where was I?" she asked.

"Bill just slid his dick into your ass at the golf Christmas party."

"Oh yes. When he slid that cock of his into me I almost screamed it felt so good. It was a good thing I didn't because right after he pushed the head in, we heard voices. So he stopped. Oh, god that was torture. Sitting there having his cock into me and not moving. I started pushing back until I had all of it inside me. Then I began rocking it in and out."

I looked at the other screen and was shocked. My wife was flat on her back with her legs up in the air and her butt on a pillow while Bill was slowly sliding his index finger into and out of her ass. Now, granted, I had done that a couple of times when she was really drunk but that was as far as I got. When I brought my cock up, she screamed, "NO!" So it was quite a shock as I saw him slide a second finger in.

"The voices got louder," Candy had been continuing while my attention wandered. "Suddenly they were right on the other side of the bushes from us. Bill was standing up so they stopped to talk to him, but I was hidden so I kept rocking his cock in and out of my ass. I don't know how he managed to keep from losing it, but eventually they left and as soon as they did, he grabbed my hips and started to fuck my ass like it was on fire. His balls were slapping my clit so hard I think I had bruises. When he came, I was already coming so hard my legs gave out and I spun around to land on my butt. He had popped out of me of course and ended up spraying my face with his cum. His legs gave out too right after that and he fell down on his butt. I had to ask for his handkerchief to wipe my face. When I handed it back he laughed and said we can't go back though the clubhouse. I asked why and he said his jiz had made a total mess out of my makeup, so we walked around the outside. Thank god Bill was cheap and we hadn't used the valet."

I looked at the Bill and Cindy show and he had produced a butt plug and was working it into her tight little ass. She was having trouble taking it, so I saw him pull it back out and slid his thumb in. With his other hand, he coated the butt plug with lube and then he switched it with his thumb. This time, she took it and it slid in with a little snap. He bent down and started to lick her shaved pussy. Wait! SHAVED PUSSY!

When did she do that? I don't remember her being shaved but then it's been at least a week since I saw her naked.

Motion on the other screen caught my attention and I saw Candy with two fingers up her snatch leaning back and pulling her butt plug in and out.

All of a sudden she burst out with, "Oh god I wish you were here to be doing this to me with your cock instead of this rubber plug."

I couldn't have agreed more. I was getting close and I almost lost it when I saw her pick up the rabbit and bury it in her cunt. I could hear the rabbit humming and her moaning.

I grabbed for a tissue and came in great heaving spurts. Candy licked her lips and began to shake. She sat down suddenly.

"Was it good for you?" I asked.

"UhhHuuh," was the exhausted reply.

I quickly scribbled on the back of the sign and showed her. The new sign said 'Turn camera off and mute. We watch them now.'

She smiled a wicked little smile and nodded.

I spoke up, "Thanks doll. We will have to do this more often when Bill is golfing and Cindy is out."

"Definitely," she replied.

We both flicked our cameras off and muted the microphones. My phone pinged. Her message was: 'Next time, your dick, my ass'

That was when I noticed the other messages except the first were gone and then it struck me. I went up a level and sure enough, I had replied to the first message on the four way group chat that went to Bill and Cindy as well as Candy. So they saw all but the first and last messages. Fuck me.

Bill was slowly teasing the butt plug in and out of Cindy's ass while he licked her pussy. Despite the situation of watching my wife with somebody else, I started to get hard again. Without thinking, I texted Candy back: 'Think we have time to consummate today?'

Seconds later, the response: 'Fuck yeah. My place or yours?'

I texted her: 'Sunrise Motel'

'On my way' was her response.

The Sunrise Motel was a little motel about half way between us. It was a bit rundown, but the owners kept it clean. Cindy and I had stayed there a couple of times when we had gone to her company's parties and we were too drunk to drive the rest of the way home. It was about 25 minutes from us and probably 20 minutes for Candy. Despite the time difference, I got there first and flagged her down. I had switched to watching Bill and Cindy on my phone. Not much had changed. They were taking a break. She was slowly stroking his cock and apparently when he got too close he would take her hand away. They had been drinking as well. When I watched the playback later, they had been gone for about 15 minutes and came back with a bottle of wine and a bottle of scotch. They were drinking out of those little clear plastic cups from the motel bathroom. I was shocked when Cindy stripped and I could see the red butt plug still in her. She went out like that with just a t-shirt and pair of shorts and a butt plug up her ass!!?!! I was learning a lot about my little girl.

I was standing in front of room 107 when Candy drove up. She flashed me a megawatt smile and carried a small bag with her. I held the door open and she gave me a kiss as she walked in. I closed the door and went over and closed the blinds and the drapes. When I turned around my fantasy was complete. Candy was standing there naked bent over the bed and I could see the handle of the black butt plug wedged in the crack of her ass. I pulled the polo shirt off and didn't bother with my belt I just slid my pants down and I was naked.

I walked over to Candy and ran my hands over her back and down her ass. She shivered and then I buried my face in her pussy. The smell was intoxicating. The taste was divine. I stuck my tongue as deep as I could go into her love tunnel and licked for all I was worth. She moaned and said, "Oh god I have needed this. I have wanted you to touch me there for years."

I licked my thumb and began to trace circles around her clit. She vibrated. She started to breath shallower and then whispered, "I wasn't going to let you make me come this fast, but I can't stop it now. Taste me. Eat my pussy. Oh god, oh god oh, oh, oh, oohhhh."

With the last she fell on the bed and her legs lay there trembling. I stood up and wiped my cock on her pussy lips and started to push into her. Her hand came back and she rolled over. "I'm not that easy. You can't just come in here and lick my pussy until I come and then expect to have your way with me. I want one of your back massages."

Blinking, I looked at this naked vision and thought about just flipping those legs up and pounding my cock into her. Instead, I said, "Sure. Climb up on the bed. I'll go see if they have any lotion in the bathroom."

When I came back, she was lying face down on the bed. I saw the bag open on the floor with a number of toys, lubes and what not inside. I propped my phone on the pillow so we could watch our spouses. They were done drinking and Cindy was sucking Bill's cock. No, actually she was deep throating Bill's cock. I could see her lips working like they were eating his cock until he was all the way inside her. Since his cock is about the same length as mine and I hit the back of her mouth before I am all the way in, he had to be getting past her tongue and into her throat. I saw Candy watching as well.

"I have never had her take my cock all the way down like that," I said somewhat jealously.

"Really?" Candy said. "Well Bill is a pretty good teacher on full contact cock sucking. He taught me and at least six other women that I know of."

"Wait. Six other women?" I asked.

"Yeah. We used to swing a little and one of the groups we would hang with had a bunch of young wives that couldn't get a cock past the back of their tongue. Bill taught them how to deep throat. Are you going to massage or sit there with your dick waving in the air?"

I shook my head and went down and started massaging her legs as I watched my wife apparently choke and pull off Bill's dick. He kissed her long and slow as I moved up her legs. She spread her thighs. "Oh baby, Cindy is right. You have got the magic touch."

I watched as Bill laid my wife back on the bed and had her lift her legs up by her head. This made that red butt plug really stand out. And he reached down and began teasing it in and out while he used the thumb of his other hand to slide deep into her pussy. I really wished they had turned the microphone on along with the camera.

By now I was kneeling between Candy's thighs working on the middle of her back. She was moaning and telling me where it was tight and I was relaxing her back muscles. As I moved up my cock brushed her pussy and she said, "Not yet. You still have my neck and shoulders to go. But since you are doing such a good job, put a little lube on the butt plug and you can play with it a little bit."

I grunted my acquiescence as I watched Bill squirt more lube on my wife's ass and begin to pull the butt plug out. Candy handed me a small bottle of anal lube and I followed Bill's lead. First squirting some lube around the stem that was sticking out of Candy's ass. Then pulling it slowly out.

Bill had Cindy roll over and for a minute I couldn't see what was going on. Then Bill sat up a little higher and I could see Cindy was getting the butt plug pushed in and out apparently with no problem now and Bill finally took it out and set it aside. I started to do the same and Candy began to moan. When I started, I thought this was the little butt plug I saw her put in at her house. As I started pulling I was shocked to see that it was two or maybe three inches in diameter. Way thicker than my cock. But Candy was taking it and moaning.

I was watching the phone as Bill pulled the butt plug all the way out of my Cindy and slid the head of his cock into her. From the look on her face I could tell she did not like that. He must have asked her something because she nodded her head. He did something and then tried it again.

I had the plug out of Candy's ass and she said, "Fill me up with your cock. Please. I need your cock now."

I dropped the butt plug on the bed and wiped some lube of the end of my cock and slipped the head into the pulsing hole that was Candy's ass. Bill was about half way in and I could see Cindy nodding her head. Whatever Bill had done made all the difference. He was pushing almost half way into Cindy's formerly forbidden hole and pulling almost out. I didn't encounter any resistance as my cock slid smoothly into Candy's so I just kept pushing until I was balls beep in her ass. I didn't realize it at first but somewhere in the process I had closed my eyes and focused my whole being on those 8 and a half inches of meat. It was transcendent. I felt like I was having an out of body experience. In the 20 years or so since I first found anal porn, my cock was buried in a beautiful woman's ass.

"Hi honey, how is it going?" Those six little words spoken by Bill snapped my awareness back to reality. I looked down to see Candy holding a tablet with four screens up on it. Her face and my torso behind her were in one little box. Cindy's face with a look of bliss and Bill's head next to it looking down at a camera were in another window. A porn-worthy shot of my cock buried into Candy's ass was in a third and the view we had been watching of Bill's cock in my wife's ass was in the last.

"It is awesome. Have you been able to watch us?" Candy asked.

"The whole time," Bill replied as Cindy got a puzzled look on her face. "We're in 111. What room are you in?"

"107, we'll be right down." Candy replied as I turned around and spotted Candy's phone propped up on a book and the TV behind us.

I was starting to feel set up but I couldn't put all the pieces together yet. I rolled over and stood up as Candy rolled underneath me. She leaned over the edge of the bed and pulled up a silky robe and threw it at me.

"Sorry, it was the longest robe I had. You'll just have to go floral," she said as she slid off the bed and stood up putting on another silky robe, this one with dragons on it. She didn't do the sash so it fell open and I was treated to her naked boobs hanging down as she did something, which turned out to be the small case she was zipping up. I had the floral robe on. It reached to my knees, but there wasn't a sash so I just held it together.

We walked out the door and past 109 to 111 which opened before we had a chance to knock. The door opened and was held by Bill. A naked Bill. With his shiny slimy dick pointing straight out. Candy slipped through the door and gave him a big wet kiss and stoked his cock before moving aside and letting me in. Cindy was on the bed sitting up with a totally bewildered look on her face. I am pretty sure I had the same look on my face.

Bill went over to Cindy and kissed her, then sat on the bed next to her. Candy patted the recliner and on autopilot I went over and sat down. She sat on my lap letting her robe fall open.

Finally Cindy shook her head and looked at Candy and said, "What in hell is going on here?"

Candy looked at Bill and counting on her fingers to three, both of them yelled, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" simultaneously. I looked first at Bill then Cindy and finally at Candy, who grabbed my face in her hands and kissed me. When we finally broke, I asked again, "What in hell is going on here? I thought we were having a little bit of harmless flirting that was getting out of hand and then started watching Bill and Cindy and then we started and oh hell I don't even know what question to ask anymore." During that little tirade my voice got more and more hysterical until the words just stopped coming out.

"Oh poor baby," said Candy as she pulled my head to her cheek.

Across the room Bill's calm voice intruded with, "Maybe we should start at the beginning."

I nodded my head vigorously. Cindy later said my eyes were as wild as a cornered animal.

With Candy caressing my head and whispering things like, "Shhh. It will be alright," and, "It's ok. It will all make sense."

Bill started off with, "Candy and I are swingers. We started about six years ago swapping partners with a couple down the street from us and then we found a swinger's group and we have been doing it ever since."

Candy picked up the story, "Six months ago during one of our girl talks when Cindy came over, she mentioned that you," at this point she bopped my nose lightly with her forefinger, "had the hots for me. This was enormously flattering for this old lady. She also said that you were still pestering her about anal and she wouldn't admit it to you, but she was curious. So I pulled an all anal DVD out and we watched it."

Cindy was blushing when Candy mentioned the last item.

Bill took over, "Candy told me about the conversation and we decided it was perfect. She is the Queen of Anal—"

"And Bill is a card carrying Ass Master," Candy interjected. "When any of the new girls in the group start asking about anal, everybody points them to Bill."

"And nobody has ever had a complaint about Candy's ass," Bill finished.

Cindy spoke up softly, "I was really scared but Bill was so gentle. I couldn't believe he could get his whole dick into my butt."

I nodded and said, "I had given up. I thought I would never get my dick into Cindy's ass; or for that matter anyone's ass."

Suddenly all the pieces seemed to fit together and I looked up at Candy, "So you and Bill concocted this whole crazy video chat double anal seduction."

"As your birthday surprise," Candy said. "I know your birthday was last week and Cindy's birthday is next week, so it was perfect. We met in the middle."

"So how much did you guys see?" asked Cindy.

"Well," said Candy, "We saw you give Bill a blowjob here in the hotel."

"Wait, I don't understand that part. How did you end up here in the hotel with Bill?" I asked looking at Cindy.

"You don't know?" she said hotly. "It was payback for last weekend."

I went blank. I mowed the lawn and cleaned the pool and played poker with Jeff and the boys. "You were mad about me playing poker with Jeff and the boys?" I asked lamely.

If looks could kill, I was dead meat. Fortunately I was saved when Bill and Candy broke up laughing. Her glare now pointed at Bill and I felt the temperature drop by 50 degrees.

Candy recovered first and said, "Bill set you up darling. That audio you were listening to was really the soundtrack from a porn DVD and he added my voice saying things. We tried recording Bob, but we couldn't get him to say the right things, so he was a silent participant."

"But, but, but it was his phone. I saw it on my screen," Cindy sputtered.

"Bill used one of our spare phones and spoofed the phone number and name. Then Bill played the doctored porn sound track into that phone to make it sound like Bob was fucking me", explained Cindy calmly.

"Wait, you had a video chat last weekend?" I asked.

Cindy responded, "Yes. Bill called me and asked if I knew where Candy was. I said no and then Bob's phone joined in, but with audio only and we listened to you and Candy fucking for like 10 minutes until that connection dropped. When it dropped, we looked at each other for a minute and Bill looked at me and asked if I wanted revenge. Of course I wanted revenge, but I didn't want to do actually do anything about it until you and Candy began sexting each other this afternoon."

I groaned.

Candy said, "Oh my gawd yes. That was perfect. Bill and I hadn't thought of that but when you accidently replied on the group chat, I knew I had to take advantage of that. So that is when I sent the picture of my tits and the wine glass--"
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