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About Me
I first came across this gentleman, who shall remain nameless because, if I'm being honest, I don't know his name, on the popular gay hookup site, Squirt. I don't consider myself to be gay, but I've struggled to find men to explore my kinks with me through other dating or hookup sites/apps. I figured I'd give it a shot and create an account to see if I'd have better luck finding some likeminded men. Once my account was created and my profile was completed to my liking, I started to get some messages. Nothing spectacular. I had very low expectations anyway.

I spent a week or so actively chatting with men on the site. Responding to messages, reaching out to some people who had interesting profiles, and browsing profiles for inspiration in general is what I spent most of my evenings doing. I had a free trial to the paid features for Squirt that was running out in a couple of days when I received a message from the man mentioned earlier.

I don't remember the initial message itself, but it included a well-written introduction of himself and what he liked about my profile. He thought that we may be compatible and decided to reach out to me to get the ball rolling.

In my response, I asked that we find an alternate communication method as I was losing interest in Squirt, but would like to continue chatting with him. This is how our email thread began.

In the email thread, I told him that I don't really have an attraction to men, which is why I don't consider myself to be gay, but I do have an attraction to being made to feel sexually inferior by a man. I then elaborated on this by telling him I get turned on when I think about being forcefully taken and used for another man's sexual pleasure. He seemed to be interested in these things that I shared with him.

He told me that he wanted to establish a mutual understanding between the two of us. He wanted to come to an arrangement that would benefit the both of us. In order to do this, he said that he'd be interested in helping my explore some of my kinks, but in return he wanted to take charge. This meant that he wanted me to tell him all about my sexual fantasies and desires. He wanted to know what turned me on, what I jerked off to, what I have experience doing, and what I think I might enjoy. From here, he said that he'd use this information to formulate a plan for what our first encounter would include.

I really appreciated this approach. This is the first time that I've ever had such an in-depth conversation with a potential daddy. In my past experience, we'd just exchange some pics, set the minimum limits and we'd meet. We wouldn't chat after it was all said and done. They'd use me and then they'd leave. That'd be fine if the encounter we had lived up to any of my expectations, but they didn't. Because of this, I haven't bothered to put any effort into exploring this kink.

He was different though. He was definitely interested in fucking me, that's for sure, but he also expressed an interest in having control over someone like me that he could use to relieve himself of stress. He liked to take on the role of an authoritative figure. He wanted someone that he could mould into his own. The conditions that he set out for me for our eventual first meeting are that when I arrive I'm to strip naked once the door is closed. I will leave my belongings at the door, place my hands at my side, and stand still for his inspection. Prior to the meeting, I'm not to shave at all. He wants to get a good look at me before any alterations to my appearance are made. My body is to be his canvas.

The only other piece of information he's given me at this point in our conversation is that once I present myself to me, he will signal the start of our session by tying a pink bow around my cock and balls. This will effectively act as my collar. I am to wear it at all times when in his presence. I will not be allowed to touch it. We'll start every session the exact same way. I will present myself, nude, and he will tie the bow around me.

The way that he got his point across really turned me on. I responded to him by divulging all of my dirty secrets. I loved the fact that a complete stranger, knew all about my naughty kinks. I told him how much I love the idea of consensual non-consent. I wanted to meet a man that, upon inspection, would deem me to be unworthy of presenting as a man when with him. I wanted to see what it would be like to have him pick out my outfit for me, to dress me in what he wanted to see me in. With this as the driving force behind all of my fantasies, I told him about how I'd like to be trained and broken in by a man against my will. I wanted him to train me to physically enjoy having his cock up my ass even though mentally I know it's not what a man who presents as straight would enjoy.
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