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Jesús Morales Morcillo

Jesús Morales Morcillo

Industrial Engineer with strong Automotive, IT, Testing, and Management knowledge. 106 km/h Bicycle Developed.

QA Technical Project Manager
System/SW Validation and Services
V Model
High Voltage Batteries
36 años
Permiso de conducir
Cieza (30530) España
Iniciador de proyecto Disponible
I consider myself a confident person, demanding and disciplined as qualities to achieve success at professional level. I am passionate about new challenges and I also have great self-learning skills.
CV creado en DoYouBuzz
    • ● Project management for large clients in the automotive industry. KPI definition. Management in test generation for functional and architectural tests, V model.
    • ● System and Software testing area Technical Project Leader, coordinating 10 people team.
    • ● Design, creation, programming, and supervision of CAPL programmed panels in Vector CANoe.
    • ● Creation and execution of manual / automatic tests in Robot Framework, based on requirements / architecture.
    • ● Ticket opening / management in Jira, Confluence / Sourcetree / PyCharm / Enterprise Architecture / Fidelia management, among others.
  • ● Safety verification and consignment in high voltage batteries.
    ● Analysis of errors during the analysis process, R&D. Support
    ● actions to keep all resources in order and updated.
    ● Status report to management and communication with Volkswagen Group counterparts.
  • ● Validation of the correct operation of connectivity and vehicle authentication (CSC, CSA, AuthenticTime) between Frontend and Backend.
    ● Reporting of errors during the validation process and investigation of new errors that have arisen during the tests.
    ● Support actions to keep all resources updated and in order.
    ● Report on the status of the function and communication with counterparts of the VW Group Consortium.
  • Industrial Maintenance Engineering administration and development.
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • CMMS tools, Rosmiman.
  • Control units reprogramming, VAG and PSA group via CAN bus, injection maps, turbo pressures, among others.

    Diagnosis through EOBD.

    General mechanical and electrical maintenance, door panels, electric window systems, lubricants and filters, lighting, always under brand's manual.
  • • Preparation of annual business plan development and objectives definition in line with Managers.
    • Market prospecting and Monitoring of new clients: Private Hospital Groups and / or Public Health.
    • Offer preparation for both Public and Private sectors and agreements negotiation.
    • Nutshell CRM management. Strategic alliances with sector partners.
    • Training for users (Doctors).
  • Testing electronic devices (Tablets, Phablets, and Smartphones), Principles 2015 - Current.
  • Testing development by device and country: local problems, app, radio, function test, dual sim and navigation test, redial / wait, sms / mms, apn checking, interworking, among others. Discovering bugs, operating system failures, and taking diagnostics logs of each of the different bugs on DUT (Device Under Test).
  • Direct relationship with asian managers.
  • Self-learning in different types and financial instruments. Amateur investor with own funds.
  • 6th position in international trading competition through more than 2000 participants from countries all around the world such as United States, Russia and China, 1802% profit in less than a month.
  • Technical sales support, internal network management and customer consolidation.

Support teacher for high school students

Septiembre 2010 a julio 2014
  • Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English subjects.