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Jesús Morales Morcillo

Jesús Morales Morcillo

Industrial Engineer with strong Automotive, IT, Testing, and Management knowledge. 106 km/h Bicycle Developed.

QA Technical Project Manager
System/SW Validation and Services
V Model
High Voltage Batteries
36 años
Permiso de conducir
Cieza (30530) España
Iniciador de proyecto Disponible
I consider myself a confident person, demanding and disciplined as qualities to achieve success at professional level. I am passionate about new challenges and I also have great self-learning skills.
CV creado en DoYouBuzz
  • ● Multidisciplinary instrumentalist: guitar at a professional level as first instrument, bass, drums, synthesizers (sound design) and vocals, mixing and mastering.
    ● Great fan of astronomy and photography: member of the AstroCieza Board of Directors.
    ● Ham (radio): Callsign: EA5JAJ. Antenna design with Mmana Gal software. VHF/ UHF/ HF communications. Cooperating with CECOP, Murcia, Delegación del Gobierno (30T335).